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    Includes Expert Content
    Spanking Gets You Nowhere
    Exchange_Blogs_Admin posted:
    Think twice before resorting to spanking to discipline your child. There are several effective non-physical, non-violent ways to teach your child self-control. And spanking can lead to worse behavior. See what Dr. Ari Brown has to say about it on her latest blog post . Then come back here to share your comments.
    staceyj0709 responded:
    I'm really glad that this is starting to get attention. I was shocked to read how many Americans approve of spanking. I can only hope that our society will stop sanctioning the use of disciplinary violence.
    stumped05 responded:
    I have to agree that there are other ways to discipline our children that does not involve spanking but i also believe that spanking...if done correctly is effective and not violent. I believe that if the parent has expired all other means of discipline and is in a calm state of mind, a pop on the bottom can be very effective. Now when spanking is accompanied by anger, then do i believe that it is wrong and cruel.
    Andrew Adesman, MD replied to stumped05's response:
    Although the American Academy of Pediatrics has publicly opposed spanking ("corporal punishment"), it turns out that there was considerbale debate and controversy among its members -- my fellow pediatricians -- regarding this position. Although likely a minority, I presume many pediatricians still approve of spanking. What has been your experience? Has your pediatrician provided you with support for spanking? I am interested to hear from many parents on this! I would also encourage everyone to read Dr. Brown's blog post on the subject as well (by following the link above).
    Indiaguerita replied to Andrew Adesman, MD's response:
    I have never spoken to my pediatrician about spanking my kids.

    If I had to guess, I would say that she would be for spanking. She is a very traditional, older woman from India. I suspect that she would probably approve of spanking.

    I do spank my kids. I don't ask for her opinion because it would not change my opinion!

    Indiaguerita responded:
    That is the most ridiculous and condescending article I have ever read.

    Thanks to that article, I will continue spanking my children as a form of discipline.

    Anyone with brain matter knows when behavior calls for a spanking. "Easily frustrated" and "defiant" are two very different behaviors. If a kid is frustrated, you teach him...not spank him. If a child is my opinion, that warrants a spanking.

    I hate articles like that. They are a waste of space and a waste of my time.
    justsaynoteen replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    phh! who spanks their kids these day! every parent knows(or should) know that spanking never works. The kid gets used to the pain
    Indiaguerita replied to justsaynoteen's response:

    It seems to work for kids merely have to be threatened to get spanked and they shape up.

    If it's not working, you're not spanking hard enough.

    And, like I said, spanking is not for everyone...but I bet you would be surprised to find out that a LOT of parents still spank their kids...

    Most people who spank won't talk about it for fear of being lectured by rude busybodies. The same people that sneer at you for spanking your kids are the same people that have the audacity to ask why you aren't disciplining your child...

    It is absolutely nobodies business how one raises their child. People have way overstepped their boundaries in terms of how we raise our own children. My child was ripped from my stomach, not theirs...why do people feel compelled (or that they have some right) to tell me how to raise/discipline my kids??

    I'll raise my kid however I want...and that includes spanking!

    nnegron1 replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    I really like that you bring up the point that no one will talk of how they discipline their child for fear of being judged by busybodies. It's almost come along to the same lines as people being appalled that you don't feed your child only organic produce and milk. My child came from my body and lives with me, so how dare someone else tell me how to raise her? Especially since said person does not live in the same house or see how she acts the whole day. With my daughter we used to spank her hand when she was younger to tell her no. But now that she is almost 3, we mostly yell (which is not that great but apparently speaking in a normal tone doesn't work), put her in time out, and then talk with her about why she got in trouble. However, if she continues on acting the way she was and not listening after numerous attempts to get her to behave or doing something that will hurt her or her new baby sister, then that warrants a spanking and a time out. We try to avoid spanking whenever possible, but we definitely use it when we need to.
    martinawilliams replied to Indiaguerita's response:
    I totally agree with you! She is my child, i grew her inside my body and gave birth to her, no one should tell me what to and what not to do. However, because I live in Jamaica where it is encouraged to beat children who do not listen and I can say it does work. Sometimes, just lifting your hand turns them straight or even telling them that they will b spanked. I sometimes look at how some American kids behave towards their parents and that behavior would not be tolerated here. I can say as old as I am now (20 yrs) my mom, if im disrespectful, will beat me.

    I plan on spanking my child is she doesnt listen or is disrespectful towards me or her father. Cause if you dont deal with it at home, they will embarrass u when you go out and I want a well behaved child.
    Indiaguerita replied to nnegron1's response:
    Thank you so much for replying!!!

    I knew I wasn't the only person left who still spanks their children.

    I love the parents who give me the evil eye for letting my kid drink soda. I told a parent who was eyeballing me that juice has the same amount of sugar that a soda does...(Which is true...if they took the time to read the label on their juice.)

    People need to focus on their own children and family and quit worrying about how I raise mine.

    Thank you again for replying.

    Indiaguerita replied to martinawilliams's response:
    I definitely agree with you. As an American, I can see that American children and the most spoiled, misbehaved and bratty children in the world.

    My husband is Mexican and still treats his mother with the utmost respect. (She would box his ears if he treated her any other way! And he is almost 38 years old!)

    Thank you for replying. I enjoyed reading your reply....I love hearing from parents that share the same view, that spanking works!
    Boyzmomee replied to stumped05's response:
    How can physically hurting someone else be "non violent?"
    Boyzmomee responded:
    Excellent article. I've always found that people who use physical violence as a disciplinary tool lack parenting skills or likely were abused in the same way as well.

    I feel so sorry for these children.
    Boyzmomee replied to Andrew Adesman, MD's response:
    I have never spoken to my sons pediatrician about it. I'm sure being educated as she is, she would disapprove.

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