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    Daughter with ear problems for 9 years now!
    chavnar posted:
    my daughter has had problems with ear infection, she has had tubes put in 3 to 4 times, toncils and adnoids removed, and reconstrictive surgery done on both ears. now she is having bad ear infections again, we now have a new dr. , i was told the reconstructive surgery should fix things. we have been dealing with this for 9 years now, she is almost 10.I sugested that they place permanent tubes this time because every time the tubes fall out we are right back to ear infections, but the ENT. dr. keep telling me she still may grow out of all these ear problems.So how long do i wait to see if she will grow out of this. the less surgerys the better.
    Andrew Adesman, MD responded:
    This is a tough one.
    • Have the doctors tried giving your child a once-daily antibiotic as a preventative treatment for ear infections?
    • Is it possible to get a third opinion from a different ENT?
    • Are these ENT doctors pediatric specialists? If not, I would go to the trouble to see a pediatric ENT.
    Boyzmomee replied to Andrew Adesman, MD's response:
    My older son had the once daily antibiotic and it helped a great deal.
    neverendingforme responded:
    I'm not a parent but I was googling help for me and I came across this. I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering with ear problems since I was born. I'm in the same place with tonsils and adnoids removed. I go to an allergist to try to make my allergies better to make the fluid not build up. I've had my ear drums replaced countless amounts of times. I've only had my eardrums replaced 3 times but I was just told I need to get it done every 3 years for the rest of my life. I trust my ENT and he told me that from what studies show and what he has experienced the permanent tubes don't actually work. I have the long term ones in now and they last 3 years but they are still trying to come out with long term ones. A lot of people do grow out of the ear problems but I know how your daughter feels and it can be really frusterating. After 20 years of this and another hole in my eardrum just months after getting tubes tubes aren't always the answer they just help. One thing that I've started is going to a chiropracter. I've only been going for a short time but from what I've been told it can help. The nerves may be getting squished and out of place so messages aren't being sent the way they should be. What my chiropracter told me is one of the bones in my neck is on the wrong slant and it could be digging into a nerve for my ear. I suggest looking into that because since your daughters still young it will be easier to change and you'll know whether or not it could have made a difference since she does still go through times without tubes. Good luck with everything and if I think of anything else that might help I'll let you know. Just remember always be supportive of your daughter and sensitive to everything because it is horrible feeling like your the only one going through something like this for so long, and its really scary. I hope she grows out of the ear problems. Remember always use ear plugs when swimming and even in the shower because any fluid at all touching your middle ear can cause an infection. Good luck!

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