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    Includes Expert Content
    Double Dose of MMR Vaccine
    ASW1002 posted:
    My husband just took our 27 mo old son to the doctor to have something checked out and while he was there the doctor told him our son was due for his MMR & Hep vaccines. They said it appeared he had missed them looking at his shot card. So, my husband went ahead and had him get the shots. In actuality, what happened is when he had those shots the shot card was not updated. So, now he has had these shots twice in 9 mos.

    What is the potential harm in this?
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    No harm done. Though MMR is traditionally given at 15 months and 5 years, it is perfectly acceptable to give the second dose any time 4 weeks or more after the first dose. That's the way it's done if a child is traveling to an high-risk area, or if there has been an outbreak or exposure.

    Your son will NOT need another dose at age 5. The second dose he already received will "count", and he's completed the series.
    Anon_237358 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    My wife and I believe our son has gotten both doses of his MMR shots, although the Dr.s' office only has the 1st dose documented. Is there any harm in my son getting another MMR shot if he indeed has had both?
    Thank you
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to Anon_237358's response:
    There's no special or extra harm in getting an extra dose-- but really, you should be able to confirm from the record whether or not he really already had it. If he has had two doses given at the correct interval (both doses after 12 mos of age and at least 4 weeks apart) then he doesn't need another dose.
    SagarWeb replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    Dear Dr. Benaroch,

    My wife moved to the US from another country 3 years ago. She is 28 years old. She has received several vaccinations as a kid but I am not sure if she has gotten MMR vaccination. So, she is contemplating getting MMR vaccination now because a School that she would be going to requires it.

    Supposing she had originally received the MMR vaccination, is it harmless to get the vaccination again?

    Your response is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to SagarWeb's response:
    Another dose of MMR will not be extra-harmful. That is, every dose of every vaccine has a very small chance of a serious reaction. An extra MMR doesn't increase that chance.
    CJSANT responded:
    This exact thing happened to our daughter, except she received her first MMR shot at 12 months and her second ACCIDENTALLY at 15 months. It has been 4 days since her second vaccine. Tonight she is not able to sleep, waking up scared and inconsolable. I'm very concerned as this is not her usual sleeping behavior, which is consistenly 7:45 pm- 7:00 am.

    I'm not sure of the next step but I'm very worried at this point.
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to CJSANT's response:
    The second dose of MMR can be given any time more than 30 days after the 1st. It's traditionally given at age 4-6 for school entry, but actually can be given safely and effectively early. CJSant, your child getting MMR at 12 and 15 mos fits within the usual guidelines, and means that she will NOT need another dose in the future.

    The sleeplessness you described doesn't really sound like a vaccine reaction, and occurring 4 days later really doesn't make it sound likely that the vaccine is related (though it could be). How'd she do, and how's she doing now?
    sazaheer replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    hi, i ust got back from my baby's 15th month wellness check to realise the nurse had given my baby both doses of mmrv at 12th month wellness check. i honestly dont recall any serious issues but hes just been falling and injuring himself more often, and not sleeping well..i thought it could be because of his teething but pls tell me if there is anything to worry about knowing he got both his mmrv doses on the same day of his 12th month mark
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to sazaheer's response:
    It is traditional to give one dose of MMR and one dose of V (chicken pox) at 12-15 months, and the second dose of each at 4-6 years.

    However, the second dose of MMR can be given safely and effectively any time 4 weeks after the 1st. The second dose of V can be given 3 months after the 1st (for children less then 13 years.)

    So your child got these at 12 and 15 months. That's fine. He's immunized and boosted, and will not need another dose of either one at school entry. Getting them early got them out the way, and got him protected early. Good!
    missy222 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    Me, my husband and our son moved to france october 2011.
    My son missed his MMR injection at 11months and has only just had it done on saturday 8/12/2012 at the age of 2years &3months. Will he be ok? In france providing the children are potty trained they can start pre school at the age of 2. He started yesterday. In england i know they have a booster before starting school and toddlers dont normally go until 3 upwards. Will he need the booster before he goes? Should i take him out of pre school and put him back in once he has had the booster? im really worried. Im really confused!!
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to missy222's response:
    I don't honestly know what the guidelines or typical schedule for MMR administration in France is. I do know that they've had a huge surge of measles in both France and the UK over the last few years-- so I'll bet they're trying to ensure that kids are correctly and completely vaccinated.

    All I can tell you is that in the US, a "complete" MMR series is two doses. The first can be given as early as 12 mos of life, and the second any time at least 4 weeks later. The second dose is traditionally given at age 4-6. but can be given earlier. It's encouraged to give that second dose early if exposure is expected, such as because of travel to Europe.

    Hope that helps-
    CJSANT replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    I wanted to follow up to thank you Dr. Benaroch for your reassurance. It's been 6 months and while there's been some sleeplessness and waking up screaming in the middle of the night, she is doing great.Her sleeplessness appears to be more her than any other influence. She just doesn't require much sleep overnight and her naps are only 1-1.5 hours.

    We did end up leaving the practice.
    Thanks again...your reassurance was just that, very reassuring.
    JerseyMomof3 replied to CJSANT's response:
    Dr. Benaroch,

    I just got back from a doctors visit with my son's 1-year checkup. The nurse accidentally gave him two Rubella shots. I'm so worried right now, but the Pediatrician thinks he'll be fine. Have you ever seen this happen before?

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