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    Includes Expert Content
    tampon in mouth
    arisfelicity posted:
    my daughter walked out of the bathroom stall with a tampon applicator in her hand, i am not sure that she did not put it in her mouth i washed her hands and raced home and bathe her in antibacterial soap and drenched her in sanitizer does this require a hospital visit ??? please help i am totally freaking out
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    OK, it's icky... but there's no reason to consider this any kind of horrible disease-causing exposure. Washing her hands was sufficient.
    eliguns841984 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    Dr Benaroch, I think the OP may have been referring to a used tampon applicator out of a public restroom, in the little trash receptacle in the stall. If this is the case, the applicator likely would have been inserted into someone's vagina at some point. I understand there probably wasn't much more that could have been done, but I'm confused as to why this is not a potential exposure to disease since it seems that STD's could be easily transmitted this way if the child put the applicator into her mouth. Could you elaborate more? I don't mean to be difficult, I'm just curious
    An_222146 replied to eliguns841984's response:
    STD transmission requires genital to genital contact. That's why you don't catch them from toilet seats

    Also, STDs do not survive for more than a couple of minutes outside the body.
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to eliguns841984's response:
    Eliguns, you're right-- and that definitely increases the ick factor!

    Still, transmission of STDs can't be through intact skin-- it just doesn't work that way. So holding it in her hand isn't a risk.

    Putting it in her mouth could conceivably transmit at least some STDs, but it would depend on how "fresh" it was. Most of these infections require direct contact, and can't be transmitted though objects, at least not unless there's immediate contact. Transmission risk drops off quickly with time and once the object dries and cools.

    Thinking about this, I now better-understand where the op was coming from, and I hereby officially endorse at least a little bit of freaking out-- at least for the ew factor!
    eliguns841984 replied to An_222146's response:
    oh...maybe I'm a dingbat but I was always under the impression that there were a number of STD's that could be spread via oral sex as well......

    of course in any scenario the tampon would likely be a long shot anyway I guess.
    Roy Benaroch, MD replied to eliguns841984's response:
    Dingbat, no-- you're right, the mouth (and eyes) are "mucus membranes" through which some STDs can be transmitted. Still, it almost always takes direct contact, not secondary contact thru an object.
    eliguns841984 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    ha! Thanks Dr. Benaroch. I think there may be a delay because your post was not there when I typed my "dingbat" response!
    An_267504 responded:

    This recently happened to my daughter where her cousin actually gave it to her thinking it was a toy. I have to know if your child was ok.

    caterina12 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    Something similar happened at home, I was cleaning the bathroom and my son came in and before I could stop him he had grabbed a used tampon applicator out of the trash and in his mouth it went.. I was treated for chlamydia but could still be positive. Could he now have it? I don't know how old the applicator was.

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