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    Hair Dye/Head Lice
    Surgeflash posted:
    I am wondering......Will hair dye kill head lice?
    arabianprincess0708 responded:
    nope.....sorry to tell you that it wont. plus if it is in a childs hair i wouldnt recommend dying it. however behind the pharmacy counter there is really good stuff that u do not have to have a precription for and it is better on the scalp then other otc items. also nits and bugs are becomming ammune to Rid items becasue they have been on the market for too long. Prevention is a good thing especially in children and parents. Using shampoo that has coconut in it seems to ward off lice and prevent them from staying long enough to lay eggs also using olive oil in the hair once a week is even more effective in lice prevention. As for getting the lice and nits out use the lotion to kill the bugs and use olive oil and vinegar to help dissplve the glue to remove the nits easier. also, when you treat the hair you have to treat everyone in the house even if they dont have it. also u have to de-louce your house the sprays do NOTHING you have to sweep everything that cannot be washed and stuffed animals that cannot be washed can be put into the dryer if that is not safe for the stuffed animals then put them in a trash bag close it as tight as possible and it must stay sealed for a least two weeks to make sure that the lice and thier nits have suffocated. as for hair brushes and hair ties that may or maynot have been used during the time of having lice they can be soaked is scalding hot bleach water this will kill the little buggers, or freezing them for about a week. as for the dye, all salons will refuse service if even one nit is spotted and at home usage will still not kill the lice the chemicals in the dye are not poisonous to he bugs or thier eggs.
    kay_kay75 responded:
    Also you MUST clean all bed linens, put your pillows in a black trash bag in the sun will help speed along the process, also make sure that you are checking or getting yourself checked too. Wash anything that gets near the hair including all towels and clothing in HOT water and bleach if you can. Baseball hats, crowns anything that a child may put on their head also needs to be cleaned or gotten rid of to make sure that you get rid of them, Vaccum like crazy as well to get them out of the carpet. They are sneaky HTH
    fcl responded:
    Actually, it might (but it won't kill the nits ...). Lice treatments work in two ways - the chemical ones kill them but also destroy your hair, and the newer ("harmless") ones work by suffocating them. Given that hair dye completely covers your hair for (usually) more than 15 minutes it could well suffocate them. However, as others mentioned, it's not a good idea to use it on children's hair.

    I use coconut oil (or olive oil if I don't have any) - it suffocates the lice and leaves beautiful shiny hair after washing out

    Wash everything you can at over 60?C (that temperature will kill them). Putting things through the dryer afterwards will help. There are sprays that you can buy to treat the things you can't wash (like sofas).

    PS - the one place that everyone forgets to treat is the car! Don't forget the car seats!
    clearlice responded:
    The chemicals in hair dye could possibly kill the live bugs, but it will not kill the nits (lice eggs). I recommend using a natural solution that is specifically designed to treat head lice. ClearLice will kill the lice and the nits in one day.

    I hope this helps
    blon1 replied to kay_kay75's response:
    and don't forget to clean your phone!

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