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    Includes Expert Content
    Losing milk supply
    brjarrett10 posted:
    My daughter is a month and a half and I'm already losing/lost my milk supply. Is there any way I can get it back?
    Olivetre responded:
    Make sure you stay hydrated and eat regularly. If you are stressed out that will lower supply. I sometimes pump after I feed my dd and that will help. Some say that it helps to shower before you pump or place warm wrags over your breast to help with you let down for pumping. You can also try fenugreek or mothers milk tea. If you use them together they usually increase supply...I found them at a health food store.

    If you hadn't posted yet on the breastfeeding community give them a try...they helped me when I had any questions.
    Sarahai responded:
    What caused your supply to go down? Can you give a little more information, from how things started out to now?
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    Milk supply will rise or fall to meet what your baby is demanding. If you're nursing frequently and being emptied completely, your will produce more milk; if you're nursing less frequently and sometimes not completely, your milk supply will drop.

    Stress and many medications (eg allergy meds, blood pressure meds, perhaps antidepressants) will also decrease supply.

    The best way to increase supply is to nurse more frequently and more completely. A few herbal supplements mentioned above may be worth a try-- they're safe, though controlled studies have not confirmed that they work. There are no medicines that safely and effectively increase milk supply.

    Best of luck!
    brjarrett10 replied to Roy Benaroch, MD's response:
    The first month was fabulous but it started when I started getting more and more sleep. The baby and I would sleep for so long to recoup so I would be pumping less. Baby had a hard time latching on and that would leave me with sore and bruised nipples. The hospital suggested pumping so I started that. But ever since I was getting a lot of sleep, the less pumping and nursing which I would assume would be one part of losing my milk supply. I want to keep her on breastmilk because of all the great benefits but I'm just not producing enough. I'm not on any meds and have little stress.
    brjarrett10 responded:
    I barely even produce an ounce from both breasts all together. Should I pump like ever hour, breast feed her every two and then pump every three or four hours (or any other time combination)? I'm really at a loss.
    Olivetre replied to brjarrett10's response:
    Try to pump after she feeds. She is more efficant than a pump and pumping after will let you body know that it needs to produce more. the same thing happen to me when my dd started to sleep more during the night and I gave up. with my 2nd she has only slept once all night. After she fed in the morning i pumped and have not had a problem and was able to pump out an extra 5 ounces. Most of the time I am able to pump out more in the morning than I am during the afternoon. There are times that she will cluster feed in the afternoon but will be in the same routine during the night.

    Be sure you are eating regularly and drinking plenty of fluids. I believe you sould also eat around the same amount of calories as you did while you were pregnant.

    You can use something called lach is by bring out your nipple if it lays flat to help her latch on. I sometimes have to use it. I also use a nipple gard because my let down is forceful and she loses her latch. They come in different sizes 16mm, 20, and 24 and the one I have is by Medela.

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