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    Potty Training
    MrsGoehle posted:
    My son will be 3 in December and we are expecting a child in April. Potty training has been a no-go for a while now. We'd like him trained by April. Is it too soon? How can I push it further? He has never responded to being wet or soiled since infancy. He does comment that he's wet in the morning. The potty has been in effect since he was 18 months when he started showing interest. Interest has come and gone since. I'm at a total loss! Help! Please!
    sarahann1978 responded:
    My son is just over 2.5 and is 95% potty trained, so it's not too early. Are you keeping him in diapers or pull-ups? If so switch to underpants and don't go back! I found that as long as my son has on a diaper or pull-up he knows it and won't use the toilet. My son did not for one second like the kiddy potty chair so we got seat inserts for our big toilets and that is all he has ever been willing to use. Try to encourage him to potty as often as it seems he needs to go, it varies on the kid. My son is 100% pee trained and only still struggles a little with pooping so we have been offering him a reward of a few M&M's if he poops on the potty.

    In my experience I would say we just had to make the decision to switch to underpants and stick to it. Yes I have cleaned up several accidents, but he is getting the idea and doing much better. We still put him in a nitetime diaper, but it is dry most mornings. I would continue a diaper or pull-up for night and nap times until he stays consistently dry.

    Good luck!
    Olivetre responded:
    I agree with pp. You can also use a plastic cover if you are worried about accidents. I believe Gerber makes some...I found mine at Target.

    Is he in a daycare setting? That helped my dd. Her friends were starting to wear panties so she had to wear them also. Within two weeks she was potty trained with the exeption of pooping. She is now 3.5 and is completely potty trained.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi and Welcome MrsGoehle,

    In addition to the advice Sarahann has given, I wanted pass along the link to our Potty Training Directory .

    Hope this is helpful and please keep us posted.

    MrsGoehle replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Sarahann1978- I really like this idea. He is in Daycare and they offer the potty and I'm getting reports that he "tries". At home it's absolutely no. He wont sit on it he wont do it! He'll stand on it to brush and that's it. We did try once to put him on the big potty, with an insert and he was horrified! So my questions is with the "NO" attitude is it too traumatic for him to go to underpants? (can you tell he's my first!?!)
    MrsGoehle replied to Olivetre's response:
    What do you mean by plastic cover? He is daycare and the "friends" helping him go is not working!
    sarahann1978 replied to MrsGoehle's response:
    I am a first time parent to, so don't worry, it's all about learning as we go!

    My son had that NO attitude and refused to sit on the toilet for a while too. We were just determined that he wasn't going back to diapers, so the alternative was to allow him to have accidents. I know some would say he is not ready and go back to diapers, it just depends on what you are willing to accept and clean up. We really wanted him to continue on at the Learning Center that he goes to, and they don't do diapers. It took a while, but he is mostly accident free now.

    I don't know for sure that these are the plastic covers that Olivetre were talking about, but I got these:
    MrsGoehle replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Thank you! This is sounding like a great move for us, especially since he doesn't recognize wetness with the diaper on. Did you put these plastic covers over regular underwear? School had suggested if we try this to let my son pick out his underwear, i.e. something he likes.
    sarahann1978 replied to MrsGoehle's response:
    I didn't actually end up using the plastic covers much because I didn't care for them. Our local swimming pool required them over swim diapers, so that is mostly what I used them for.

    The type of underwear I liked best for the accident phase was

    They are thick with extra padding in the crotch so if they have a pee accident it does not leave a puddle on the floor. The problem is they don't come in fun characters and styles, they are pretty plain so DS always wanted to wear his character underwear. Now that he is accident free he wears his character underwear. You could put the plastic cover over either of them so their clothes don't get wet. The cover would work well with the thick training pants, but I'm not sure it would contain the pee if he had on regular underwear.
    Olivetre replied to MrsGoehle's response:
    There are two different types. Gerber makes them I believe. There is one style that is only a plastic cover that are plain and there is another style that has padding inside to soak up urine and still has the plastic on the outside. You can go to and type in training pants in the search. They also make underwear that you put the plastic over which I think worked better than the all in one.

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