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    2.5 yr old with many symptoms over a month
    LiLiCurrais posted:
    My 2 1/2 year old has been sick for over a month now. She has had a fever everyday for a month, fevers vary from 100.4 to 103. I take my daughters temp rectally and Dr take temp on head. I never get the same temp Drs do. I don't always use the same thermometer but I always get about the same temp. She complains about her ears and tummy. She lost her appetite barely eats or drinks juice/water. She does manage to drink milk but I thinks that's more like her security blanket. Slight cough and cold symptoms. She gets better for a day or two and then everything comes back again. We have spend the month going to doctor's office, hospital, and ENT. They got blood work done and said everything is ok. That she is very little anemic but for me not to be concerned. Drs & Hospital keep diagnosing her with nothing and I keep getting frustrated because that doesn't explain her symptoms. ENT says ear infections. ENT wants to put 3rd set of tubes in and to remove her adenoids. At this point I don't know what to do. All I know is I see my daughter very out of sorts and I don't see her getting better with antibiotics. Today she has spent the day in bed and doesn't want to do anything. Can someone please help me. I'm sick of taking her to doctors and having them look at me like I'm crazy.
    FCL responded:
    Supposing she's suffering from two different things? Supposing she is suffering from a chronic ear infection plus something else? Is it possible that she might have a food allergy? Or possibly Celiac's?
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    I'm sorry this has been such a rough time for you and your child. Without examining her, I can't give you an answer-- but hopefully I can give you some info that can help you help your doctors focus on the problem to better help your child.

    Since there is a lot going on, it would be a great idea to write down, every day, your daughters symptoms. What exactly is going on? Keep track of your measured temperatures, too. It isn't necessary to do a rectal temperature at this age, but however you do it, write down the number on the thermometer. If your numbers and the doctor's numbers don't seem to match, bring your thermometer with you to the next appointment as see for yourself what's going on by doing your measurement and theirs at the same time.

    It's always best to try to see the same doctor, every time. Going to ERs or other clinics and specialists sometimes prevents any one doctor from taking charge and looking at the big picture. If you do see specialists, make sure they write to your main doctor so all of the information is in one place. If you ever go to ER/urgent cares, etc, bring a copy of the visit information, including their labs or anything else they've done, with you to your next appointment with your "main" doctor.

    Perhaps other parents can join in here-- what's the best way to get doctors to pay attention to complex or chronic problems? Are there other good ways to coordinate care among different places?

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