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    Need help - what do I do as parent to enhance reading interest and skills in 8 yr old
    Munmun_b posted:
    Hi, My daughter will readif I ask her to , or she does it to please me sometimes. not that she does not enjoy it once she sits down. Reading is something that is an essential skill to have . My daughetr reads but I am not sure how much she comprehends or undestand. She probably gets 'the jist of it' when she reads the whole story , but misses out on the context paragraph wise.

    Sometimes I sit with her and read to/with her. We enjoy that , but I just get tempted to ask what she undestood say from the last 2 paras that werad , or some work in context etc. Then I explain if she missed out...but continuosly halting and asking questions and explaining takes the 'fun, out ofthe reading! I want her to ally start enjoying reading - both fiction and non-fiction. what do I do. i am ready to do whateverit takes and change my approach aswell.

    I unfortunately have missed out on reading to her daily for the last few years, something that I truly regret... please share all tips andadvice thatyou may have for me... Do I let her read on her own , whether or not she undestands or read to her and explain, or ask her questions to make sure she undestands. I want her to enjoy but also undestand because that is critical.

    I also have a 2 yr old...what should I do so that he gets encouraged also. He is usually someother place in the room or looking elsewhere or doing something else when I try to read to him.

    I dont know if this is a right board to post it in.. If thereis any other related board, please let me know. i am getting desparate and need help

    thanks and have a wonderful long weekend!
    Roy Benaroch, MD responded:
    The single best way to encourage literacy and reading is to set a good example. Read, yourself. All of the adults in the house are an example from which kids learn. If everyone reads, the kids will want read, and they'll get better at it. If the TV is always on, that's what they'll do.

    Keep books and kid-magazines everywhere, easy to see and reach. Cycle thru new ones (or "new" borrowed ones" from the library, along with old favorites.) In my book, any reading is good-- that includes comic books and Calvin and Hobbes and the back of cereal boxes.

    Best of luck!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Munmun_b and Welcome! Thanks for posting these great questions.

    Here are a couple of other suggestions from a mom of an almost 8 year old - me. I am not posting as a professional just as a mom.

    I noticed when my daughter became frustrated with reading more difficult books we took a step back. We changed it up a bit and went back to some very basic books vs chapter books. I think it helped her confidence and made her enjoy reading again instead of it being a challenge.

    Your daughter could read books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Pat the Bunny, The Grouchy Ladybug to your 2 year old. It has been fun revisiting the books I used to read to my daughter, I'm glad I kept them and notice she will pick them up once in awhile to read on her own or to her dolls when she plays house.

    We are also reading the Little House on the Prairie series. We take turns reading a couple pages at a time. I have other friends reading the Harry Potter series to their 7- 8 year olds.

    For your 2 year - try sitting down on the floor and begin reading aloud using very animated voices, expressions and motions. He may just wonder what you are doing and wander over to check out the fun.

    We also like sites like Storyline Online . Celebs read stories and it may make your kids want to read the stories again.The Activity Guides are awesome. These are books you may have in your home or you can pick them up the in library. Another fun site to check out is Book It!

    What is your 8 year old into these days? You may be able to find books or magazines that go along with what she is playing with.

    Hope this his helpful. Be sure to check back in to let us know what you are reading.


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