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    Possible HSP or?
    justfiveofus posted:
    I have a 10 year old son. He's always been active, he played football this year, soccer every day at recess for the first two months of school, outside after school playing basketball, etc.

    On November 3rd, he got sick. At first, we thought it was just the flu. He woke up throwing up. I got him some crackers, he was fine until about 4pm when he was sick to his stomach again. He ate though and was fine for about 20 minutes afterwards. He said he was feeling really icky. Within an hour he started running a 103 degree fever.

    The next day he got up and had a rash on his trunk so we went to the pediatrician. He had a mixture of blanching and non-blanching rash. The doctor said it was probably a virus and sent us home. Tuesday he got up and had a different rash, red eyes and every time he would eat within 20 minutes he'd just be doubled over in pain. Went back to the dr, they had him give a urine sample and his urine was brown. They ran tests, told him he was too dehydrated and that if he didn't start drinking that he'd have to go to the hospital. That afternoon, he went home and drank a gallon of fluid (at this point he's still unable to eat solid foods without pain but drinking was fine). The next morning his urine is still brown so I call the dr back and we go back in. They tested his urine, no blood but billirubin and some protein so they run some blood work. He had elevated liver enzymes and slightly elevated bilirubin so they send him for an upper abdominal ultrasound, which showed nothing but one enlarged lymph node.

    By Wednesday (day 4) of this week his fever was gone. By Friday (day 6) he was able to eat again. By Monday after (day 9) his rash was just about cleared up and we thought he was on the mend. By about Monday, (day 16) he was having bad joint pain in his ankles (this may have been a few days earlier, it's been a long month). Dr saw him again, said maybe rheumatoid arthritis and took some tests. His liver and bilirubin was back to normal, his sed rate was fine, his wbc wasn't elevated, RA factor was negative. Last Friday (day 20) he saw an opthamologist who said that there were several layers of blood vessels in his eyes affected but when his eyes were dilated they didn't see any reason for it.

    They said probably HSP, it'll get better. My concern is this, we're in day 27 and his eyes are still really red. There are days that he looks like he has pink eye. I've had people that don't even know us well say he doesn't look well around his eyes (circles) and ask why his eyes are so red. His feet are still peeling as well.

    What I'm not finding about HSP online is the course of the condition. If it was HSP, is it possible for the red eyes to hang on this long? He is still having intermittent joint pain... he especially complained of his knees hurting when he runs.

    While I know no one here can give a diagnosis, I'm just looking for information. Should we be pursuing a second opinion? How long do we wait on his red eyes before it's been too long and we call the doctor back?
    Anon_475 responded:
    Here's a link you might find useful:

    Basically, it says that HSP usually runs its course in a month with no lasting ill effects. It sounds like your son is taking a little longer. I'd give it another week before seeing the doc again.

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