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    Please Help - Baby Home on Oxygen
    BrianaL posted:
    Our son was born at 36 weeks on the dot, he had a very mild case of phuemothorax at the time of delivery. We spent four days in the NICU and were sent home on 1/32 of oxygen. It is the lowest amount. We had the respitory therapist here today to do a pulse ox which he failed, but didn' fail miserably. He stayed around the 90-93 area with a few dips into the mid-high 80s. They don't want to take him off the oxygen just yet. He is eight days old today, gaining weight and everything is looking okay. Can anyone give me a best guess of how long I should expect to remain on the oxygen? Also when they are monitoring the baby they ask that we feed him for part of it, the saturation levels go down when he feeds. He gulps down his feeds like a crazy man, he finishes in about twenty minutes. Is this normal or do they count that against him. Looking for encouragement and support. A little guidance from anyone in this same situation.
    Kaila1976 responded:
    I'm not in the same situation but just wanted to offer support. My LO was born at 35 wks on the dot and came home after 2 wks in the NICU. He wasn't on oxygen or anything when he came home but I was still scared to death cos he was so small! When he was born he weighed 5lb 1 oz and when he came home he was just 5lbs! You are going to do great, I had a home nurse come visit us once a week for those first few weeks we were home to check on his weight gain and growth. Do you have anything like that set up? All the best, Kaila :smile: :smile:
    BrianaL responded:
    We are visiting the pediatrician once a week. He passed his first room air challenge in the hospital that is why we were able to come home with it. He had a second challenge here at home last Friday, which he did not pass (like I said before), we saw the pediatrician today for his circumcision and they put the pulse ox monitor on and he hung out right around 88-90 - which again doesn't pass. That was not our official challenge which we will have this Thursday or Friday. I am so grateful this is the only problem he has, I know so many babies are dealing with so much more. It is just hard for me to imagine him with this tank for so long if his levels are this close to coming off. Why hasn't he made any progress since his last challenge, almost five days ago? How long does it take his lungs to be ready? The docs keep saying he is close, but what does close mean? On a side note we have a friend who had a 32 weeker and she was on oxygen for two months before her parents just took her off. She never passed any of the challenges up to the levels the doctors wanted. She is now over a year old and has been doing perfectly. I am nervous this will happen to us. We live in Denver and have less oxygen because of the altitude, is it unrealalistic for him to pass the test like the doctors want? Thank you so much for you support!
    bcmom1 responded:
    Briana, Congratulations on bringing your son home! My daughter was born at 28 weeks on the dot and she came home on continuous nasal cannula. She only needed it for 2 weeks while at home and then we took her off of it. She had two cases of apnea while on the oxygen where we had to stimulate her and increase her oxygen to get her to start breathing again. My thought on this is if you sent every single baby, preemie or full term, home with a pulse ox, you would find that they all have dips in oxygen, especially while eating. That was my daughter's challenge, breathing and eating. She came off of the oxygen just fine and we did not have to stimulate her anymore after those 2 times. I would focus more on his signs and symptoms than on what the oxygen is doing. If his color is still good and you can see his chest rising while eating, then he is probably just fine. You could also try pacing his feeds, let him suck a little, then give a rest, suck a little, give a rest...... Best of luck to you!
    KimP1014 responded:
    My LO who was born at 27 wks 2 days came home on o2. He was discharged on 2-1, and he was not able to come off the o2 until 5-1. While that may not happen to your LO it is possible. My LO hung out at 85-90% when they did the challenges on him. He still dips as low as 85% at times. Anyway, hang in there, your LO will come off the o2, being on 1/32 he just needs a little extra help for now.

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