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    Labetalol while pregnant
    MichelleTripp posted:
    I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have been having some issues, I've asked this same question in many of the other boards but have yet to have any responses on it. Please respond to this if you have any information on Labetalol and pregnancy. I'm a nervous wreck! I have supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) which is a rapid rhythm of the heart which involves an accessory pathway. Without medication my heart has several palpitations that throws the rhythm of my heart off and increases my heart rates from 100-120bpm to 190-200bpm. My OB/GYN and Cardiologist prescribed me Labetalol to decrease my heart rate and bp. I take 100mg twice a day. I have done much research about this medication and the potential risks for my unborn daughter, Malia. I am worried that since I started taking this medicine early in my second trimester that Malia could have complications with growth, heart, bp, and blood sugar. I am placed on this medication because of fear that I will slip in another attack (I've had too many to keep track) and go into heart failure. I've been suffering with this since I was 14yrs old and prescribed Metaprolol when I wasn't pregnant. I am going to have open heart surgery six weeks after Malia is born, and hopefully that will get rid of this for good. My questions are... 1. Have any of you ladies been prescribed Labetalol during pregnancy? If so did you have any complications with your newborn? 2. How early were you prescribed Labetalol in your Pregnancy? 3. Did any of you go into premature labor or had a premature baby? 4. If you know anything about SVT, is there a chance that Malia could develop this as well when she gets older?
    jmwrestler responded:
    My situation is rather different, but I ended up admitted to the hospital at 31w2d for pre-e. While I was in the hospital they gave me Labetalol to try to control my bp. I was also given plenty of magnesium. Ugh. I ended up having an emergency c-section at 31w5d. And they kept me on the Labetalol for another 24 hours after delivery as well. Obviously, I had a preemie, but she seems to be perfectly healthy! Just very tiny! I think the pre-e was the cause for me to have the emergency c-section and not the Labetalol... SVT can be genetic, but it can also be caused by other factors. So technically Malia could develop it when she's older, but it isn't a sure thing that she will. I know it's easier said than done, but put it out of mind as a possibility. I don't have SVT, but that doesn't mean that my daughter couldn't develop it. Basically, it's just one of those types of things that may/may not happen. If we stressed ourselves about every possible thing that could possibly happen to our babies, we'd never get out of bed! :confused: Hope that Helps!
    katieb426 responded:
    I'm totally lurking.... 1. I was on Labetalol during all of my 4 pregnancies. No complications with the babies. However, I'm thinking my dose was much lower than yours. 2. I was usually on it during the entire 3rd trimester due to PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). I hated the side effects it had on me and really resisted being on it, but the OB considered the risks of the meds to be far less than the risks of my sky-rocketing BP 3. No premature labor. #1 was born (induced labor) 2 days before due date. #2 & #3 were both 2 weeks early on their own, but I would have been induced early again anyway. #4 was 3 weeks early on her own also. But again, I would have been induced before my due date anyway because of the high BP 4. I have no information on this for you. Just wish you and your baby lots of good luck and good health!

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