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    Simply Thick (Free)
    MopStick77 posted:
    Hi All, Does anyone need "Simply Thick" thickening gel (nectar consistency)? My preemie needed it while in the NICU but hasnt needed it for the past 2 1/2 mths. I have a huge carton of 150-175 individual unused/unopened packets if anyone is interested - no charge!!.
    JessBebe responded:
    Hi! My 2 month old son was just taken off of life support and need this thickener. I would greatly appericiate it if I could have it. That is if you still have it. My email is [email protected] Thanks so much!
    MopStick77 responded:
    Hi Jess, Congrats on DS being off life support! Stay strong, it will all work out. I will email you directly to figure out how to get this box to you.
    MopStick77 responded:
    Jess, Did the docs recommend using this thickener? Also, please check to be sure I have the right consistency you need because there are different types.
    lbiser responded:
    Hi I saw your add for the thickening nectar and was hoping you still have it my daughter just had twin boys and along with all the meds this would help her out so much .If you could let me know that would be wonderful...Thank you her boys are Aiden and Brenden she gave birth at 26 weeks both are doing ok its been a long struggle.
    Brenda_Esquivel responded:
    Hello! I live in chicago. I wonder if you still have the box of simply thick you offer. I do not have the resources to purchase it. my baby was born with Goldenhar syndrome and he need the simply thick. he is 2 month 1/2. Please reply me as soon as possible
    npbcbsmn responded:
    Hello I know you posted about the simply thick quite some time ago but I was wondering if you still are willing to donate your left over product? I work for an insurance company as a case manager and I have a member with a premie who needs the Simply Thick product, we currently do not cover it, and she is having a hard time affording it. I was online researching the internet to find the mom some coupons or product samples when I came across your post. Do you have any product left to donate, and if so, would you be willing to let me give your e-mail address to this member in need? It would be much appreciated!!
    MopStick77 responded:
    Hi all, I have been out of commission for a while, I apologize. Unfortunately I found a local mom who needed the thickener so I donated it to her. I hope you all have found a satisfactory alternative since the requests to me. Good luck with your babies, I know how much work it is!
    tennis40 responded:
    Hello: My Dad recently has had a stroke. Would love to take the packets off your hands. Glad your premie twins are doing well. Congrats. Leslie Addadi 913-963-5231
    momjulz responded:
    My daughter has been on Simply thick for almost a year now. If you still have it we would definately be interested.
    loveingmommy responded:
    hello my name is laura hood and my 4 month old daughter was just put on the simply thick nectar gel due to asporating how would i be able to get your suply? i am having a hard time getting it for her. thankyou for haveing this offer
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear (laura) loveingmommy,

    I'm sorry to day, but if you check the thread carefully, Mopstick gave it away June 2009. I hope you are able to find some locally.

    Best wishes,

    toneesbride responded:
    I know this is OLD posting but can you please tell me where you purchased the nectar? I am urgently needing this supply. Thanks, toneesbride
    loganmross responded:
    hello ladies i had to put my Lo on Simply Thick too and i got it from my location Wal-Mart Pharmacy. I had to oder it. It came in about a few days later.
    shannon123456789 responded:
    Do u still have thickner I live in Kingman az

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