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    When is it okay to take my preemie old out in public?
    An_221768 posted:
    My daughter was born at 36 weeks. She weighed 4lbs 6oz and spent two weeks in the NICU. Her only issues were eating too slow, regulating her temperature, and jaundice. She's eating just fine now, her body temp is stable now, and her jaundice is cleared up. She did have a winter cold last week, but that's better too. I want to take her to visit people, but my mother-in-law is freaking out about germs.

    My pediatrician hasn't said anything to me about this. She seems to be doing really good. She's 6 weeks old now and weighs 6lbs 5oz, so what's ok? Can I take her to my 5 year old nieces birthday party? Can I take her out apartment hunting? What about restaurants, target, friends homes. I have a lot of friends who smoke, but they wouldn't smoke when we visit, are those homes safe? What's everyone's advice for me?????
    simerlm responded:
    My daughter was born at 31 weeks, so the information I have may be a little bit stricter than what you have to follow. My doctors in the NICU said that I should plan to stay home for at least a month after I brought her home. I would think that a niece's birthday party would be okay. I'm not sure if I would take her out apartment hunting if it is still cold in your area. Whenever I went out in public with my daughter, I carried her or put her in a carrier that was strapped to me, like a baby bjorn. That keeps people from walking up and touching your baby and keeps the germs away. I would not bring my daughter anywhere that people have been smoking inside. Whether or not they smoke while you are there doesn't matter. If they smoke inside, then the smoke is still in the air for her to breathe. Anyway, that's my opinion on all your questions. You could call your doctor's office and ask what they think if you are worried. Congrats on your little girl!
    j9ween2 responded:
    I think she's fine to go out now. I would not go to any friend's house where there is a smoker though.

    I took my 32 weeker to my niece's b-day party when she would have been 37 weeks. I kept her off to the side in her carseat. People looked at her and then walked away.
    TwinsMommy2 responded:
    I know Im a little late joining this group.... but just wanted to comment on your question. My twins Ped. said that as long as the weather is atleast high 60s they should be OK. I had my twins unexpectedly at 28 wks. I have a son and a daughter and they are now 8 wks corrected age. They are the loves of my life and, like your mother in law, I am so worried about germs and them getting sick. My son is recovering from bronchopulmonary displaysia and the last thing I want is for him to get sick. I have kept them inside for the past 3 months waiting for spring to get here, and even then, I only go where necessary until later spring when flu season is completely gone. With preemies it seems like everything changes as compared to a full term baby and unless you have gone through the rollercoaster of preemie hood, no one really knows what we go through to keep them healthy. However, spring or no spring- i would not take my babies anywhere where there was people smoking. Thats just me though. Second hand smoke is just as bad.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to TwinsMommy2's response:
    Here's a post from the WebMD Parenting Community about this topic with comments from our expert:

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