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    I was born 12 weeks early My story
    crohn_girl posted:
    Hey everyone I am telling the story of me being born 12 weeks early. I was born February 11, 1991. I was supposed to be born in May. I was 1 lb 2 oz when I was born. Then dropped to 15 oz a few days after birth. I am now 20 years old will be 21 February 11

    Effects of me being born early:
    -wear glasses since age 6 months due to being partially blind
    -behavioral issues
    -Crohn's disease even though this doesnt just effect preemies
    -hearing loss can only hear 50% so I wear a hearing aid

    When I was born I needed surgery cuz my stomach was not attached to my esophagus. I was also born with a heart defect and had a heart transplant after going into cardiac arrest. They found out my heart was damaged and underdeveloped due to being born so early. Also I kept getting lung infections for a month I was in NICU developed pneumonia and had to be incubated after birth. They I needed a double lung transplant cuz my lungs collapsed.

    Fast forward until I was about 5 and started Kindergarten. Teachers noted I was unusually shy and isolated around other children. When trying to engage with others I would refuse to look at them and steal their toys hit, bite, scratch, kick, etc them I was taking to a psychologist who tested me for autism. It was found I have Rett syndrome, a type of autism. I didn't have symptoms until I started Kindergarten. They immediately put me in special ed class throughout elementary and middle school and high school. Mentally I function at the level of a 6 of 7 year old. But, I am actually really intelligent. I don't understand basic social cues. I don't understand jokes and sarcasm. I have uncontrollable muscle movements. I put my hands to my chin and flap them like a chicken. It helps calm me down. I also constantly move my neck like a turtle. I wish I could stop them. It's like I have Tourettes. I have stopped speaking. I only commuicate by texting and writing on the computer. I have one of those touch screen things that has words that speak on it, It's helped me a ton in school.

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 15 had symptoms my whole life but always just thought I had a sensitive stomach. I have had 15 surgeries for it. I am currently in remission been in it for 3 years almost.

    So that's my story. Please comment.
    crohn_girl responded:
    Forgot to mention that I have 3 kids. My son is now about a month old he was born early too but only a month and he is healthy. My twin girls were born even earlier 2 months early and they also have autism.but theirs is more severe than mine they are 4 and dont talk yet.
    lovelyladytj responded:
    hi my name is traci my daughter was 15 weeks early and has many of the same problems that you have had as well as many others , she has had over 150 brain surgery's and many others as well .I want you to know that medical marijuana has helped her so much it actually has even made some of her problems disappear so many that is way to much for me to type them all , she has been seizure free since she started she has been on it for two years now and she is out of a wheelchair ,she was also non verbal and now she speaks fluently she jumped 5 grade levels in school her comprehension is amazing now ,she does not smoke pot! she eats it and uses oils ,tinctures and vaporizer. ALL her twitches are gone. i really feel like this will help you and your children , it is legal where we live i hope this can help you ,please read up on it and how it helps you will be so amazed if you have any questions feel free to ask me. It has healed her sooooo much that she will soon be on national geographic to help get this out there for others I HOPE PEOPLE LISTEN ...thank you i wish you the very best!

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