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    Thoughts from a 32 yr old preemie... Looking for others..
    RandomUser posted:
    Hi there Peeps.
    Every now and then I think to look for others like myself, I guess to find a community of sorts.

    As of this writing, I'm 32/F. I was 3 months premature, weighed 2.5 lbs at birth, and was apparently at in an incubator for the first 3 or 4 months of my life.

    Apparently from what I've read, I got off really lucky.
    Healthwise, I'm the only person in my family (well, out of my siblings) that has had to wear glasses. Likely due to the oxygen in the incubator.

    I'm not sure what to say as far as intelligence. lately I'm feeling very frustrated.. I am feeling quite dumb, but I'm not sure that's more of a social issue than a intelligence issue. I am fairly well bilingual, so I never had any problems with language. In fact I'd like to certify for technical writing. I know language "naturally" though rules are a bore. I can vouch for the crappy memory.

    Health wise, I seem to be doing great. The only issue is that I am way overweight, and I'm not sure if that's more due to past emotional issues, or as I just read tied into discipline issues. That there is a serious challenge. I have nearly zero discipline. Those of you with young children, learn/plan NOW how you are going to teach your child to self discipline, set goals, watch milestones, and achieve them..
    I SUCK at math. Though kids in the school system now will likely really benefit from If you don't know it, go check it out ASAP.

    The bits you hear about being sensitive to certain materials.. SO TRUE!!! Do your preemies a favour.. for the younguns, take note of what their fav blankies/animals/whatever are, and note the materials. Try to clothe them in only those (or natural) materials, and make them available. They like silk noil? RUN to a fabric store and buy a nice 4 meters of it for them to wrap them selves in. A nicely textures blanket/sweater/ect... best gift ever! Possibly buy small samples of a few different materials, take them home, and see which one they seem to prefer. If a young child seems to always cry at certain sweaters/ect, check the material, it might be driving them nuts!

    For the love of god, no corduroy or fully synthetic materials, unless they seem to really like them. My fav's have been hospital-soft-cotton sheets, the kind that are mainly white with a colored strip at the top, soft flannel sheets, and bushy water absorbent terry cloth. Oh yea.. there's a dividing factor.. if it's not water absorbent.. I don't want to touch it. They make a lot of towels and bathrobes out of materials now that, although the seem absorbent, they really arent. Certainly not quick absorbent.

    luckytobe responded:
    Hi i was born 3months premature as well im now 27/F im not sure how much i weighed when i was born but i know it wasnt much as i had to get special clothes made for me and iv seen pictures of objects like a urination sample jar next to me and it was bigger then my head.

    un fortunately i experienced a bowel perforation at five days old and had to have a part of my bowel cut out as i was too small to stitch back up i lived with a colostomy bag for the first year or so of my life i also lived that in the hospital in a humidity crib most of the time. the doctors told my mum i should of died and was very lucky that i was born a girl and not a boy because if i was a boy i most likely wouldnt of survived as females naturally have a higher thresh hold of pain and more of a will power to survive so i guess you could say i was born a fighter.

    as for learning difficulties i have Inatentive ADHD i wasnt diagnosed till i was an adult so as i child i thought i was dumb and slow because i couldnt keep up
    when in the actual fact i was actually quiet smart i am actually pretty good at maths and science more then most.

    Other problems i am coming across:
    -i have had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago they say it never worked properly

    -Abdominal pain

    -more then one problem with my knees currently undergoing my 3rd surgery on my left knee and as for my right they keep putting it of and want to as long as possible its going to involve alott.

    -Stress and Anxiety
    -Hyper Flexability over my whole body
    -i am allergic to latex and bandaids both sticky and wrapps

    -my eardrums are unusually close to the out side of my ears but no hearing difficulties.

    -An enlarged Optical nerve though i have perfect vision.

    i dont know if this is a problem but i tend to bruise easily but have no supposed problems with my blood im sure theres more it seems every time theres something wrong the doctors put it down to me being born so early i think there should be a further study into premature babys as adults

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