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    Starting cereal - opinions please!
    mtnwolf posted:
    My LO was a 32 week baby with 20 days NICU. She will be 5 months on Friday. No complications. EBF. She can finally hold up her head, but doesn't sit up unassisted or roll over yet. My doc mentioned cereal a couple weeks ago, but I was thinking at least 6 months. Any suggestions? TIA :smile:
    Purpledolphin13 responded:
    My doc had us wait until 6months. We started about two weeks before his 6 month appt and it went great. just start it very thin to transition her into it. GL HTH!
    mtnwolf responded:
    Thank you! Congrats on the bfp!
    Jamelita responded:
    I was going to ask this same question..although my pedi told us to wait until 6 months (she's 4 mo. now and definitely not ready).
    bcmom1 responded:
    My pedi wanted us to wait until LO was 6 months adjusted age. I thought that would be a little excessive. We went ahead and started a few weeks ago because she had cut out a meal when she started sleeping through the night (was taking 6 bottles a day and dropped to 5). I was worried she wouldn't be getting enough calories and we couldn't get her to eat more at a time or more often. We started with about 2 tbsp cereal in a 5 oz bottle. We attempted spoon feeding but she is not ready for that. She absolutely loves cereal and is doing really well taking it from the bottle. I would suggest that when you feel the time is right, start giving cereal. I don't specifically know of any advantages or disadvantages to starting cereal early or late. I think if you aren't ready for it, then wait. GL!
    24weekers responded:
    You really should wait. My twins were born at 24 weeks and didn't start any solids until they were 8 months old. Preemie bowels do not have the bacteria yet to break down some foods. Also, the bowels are so thin, thinner than term babies, that it can cause problems. Ruby, my littlest 1.5lb, had many feeding problems to begin with and was in the NICU for 5 months but is now doing well on the bottle as well as cereal... but it took a while to get to that. Noah, the "biggie" at 1.7, took to food like a fish to water but had problems with choking. Even some of preemies have scar tissue in their throats and gut that isn't known. Trust me, you have lots of time to deal with cereal and as you clean up yet another sticky, messy cereal soaked outfit and will wish you had a nice clean bottle instead! :)
    javabean19 responded:
    I'd wait for signs of readiness in your baby more than any age barriers, it can vary in full termbabie when they're ready for cereal and even more in preemies. At this point they should b gauging these sort of things by adjusted age still, and your LO is only 3 months adjusted age-wait at least two months. Our baby will start to be interested in watching you eat, want to open her mouth for a spoon(even if she doens't know what to do with it)SHe should also be able to sit up fairly well(not necessarily completely unassisted)and definitely hold her head very steady on her own and turn it, etc. Usually they'll be rolling over at this point too. There is no reason she needs cereal yet, an per the AMA the only source of nutrition appropriate for a baby up to 6 months is bm or formula(and according to AMA guidelines, your little one's milestones, etc. should be based on Adj. age)I HTH, don't let your dr. push any of that on you-it'll come when it's time and it's a lot less stressful for al when your little one is ready to do it in their own time. :smile: ~Becca
    jjw422 responded:
    Hi! My son was 10 weeks early. We started putting cereal in his bottle when he came home from the NICU at 7 weeks old (to help with reflux). When we began feeding him it was a battle to get him to eat a 2 oz bottle, now at 7 months (4 months corrected) he is eating an three 8 oz bottles w. cereal along with 2 fruits and 2 veggies a day! He is doing great, growing like a champ and wondering where baby food has been all this time! It all depends on your child. If they are hungry, feed them. If they aren't, don't force it. Just listen to your intuition along with your doctor's advice and make a smart decision. Also, remember it is going to take awhile for your baby to get used to eating solid foods. So when you start they may only eat a spoonful at most. Don't get dicouraged, mine was like that and now he carries his own spoon from the kitchen! :) -------------------------------- jwf(25) dwf (30) jcf (7 months)
    stephanieannobrien responded:
    My daughter was 7wks early born at 33wks. She spent exactly 2wks in the NICU and we started cereal in her bottle as soon as she came home due to reflux and spitting up so much. She ended up eating baby foods at 4mths. Every child is different so I would talk to there peditrician and do what they say.
    kellyjgchamp responded:
    If the doc suggested it, you might want to try it. DS was put on in early to help aid his digestion and constipation... mostly due to his formula being mixed to a higher calorie content making it thicker. It also was because his formula had extra iron, which bound him up. It's worth a try. If it causes more problems, stop and try again in a few weeks.
    jaiandkysmommy responded:
    my twins were born at 33 weeks, and they started cereal at 4 months ( not adjusted, 4 months after they were born) and they did fine. I would always follow your heart and your pediatrician. mothers know what their babies can handle generally and all babies are different. if they like it, then why not?
    babymomma_x2 responded:
    my son was born at 35 wks, pedi said we could start cereal anytime between 4 and 6 months. some mothers do not start their full term babies on cereal until around 6 months (when the solid is actually beneficial to their health. nutrition wise) i say do whatever you feel right, and if your instinct is to wait, then wait, because truthfully it is just practice until 6 months anyways....btw, we started at 4 mo (just two weeks ago) by spoon only (advise of pedi) and he seems excited to eat. he watches us eat and sometimes tries to dive at our plates lol
    hannahtravis responded:
    with my baby the doc. said wait until 6 months but i had friends with babies in the NICU that started feeding earlier
    READYTOROXIE responded:
    My girl was 34 weeks and the Dr also said 6 months! She is no where near ready now and is 3 months

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