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    10 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl share a bed
    An_254275 posted:
    My husband and I recently found out that his ex wife is allowing his 11 year old daughter (who is physically very advanced for her age) to sleep in the same bed as new new boyfirends 10 year old son. We were appaulled that both the ex wife and her new boyfriend would put the kids in this type of situation. When we voiced our concerns, she became very defensive and nasty to us. Basically stating, her house, her rules, her business and for us to butt out. We want to call CPS because we feel it is very inappropriate, but wantto see what other opinions are.
    momuv4girls responded:
    I would most definitely call CPS - and not think twice about it !!

    That is NOT ok, and a mother who would think it is ---- needs parenting classes and then some!

    Call today!
    sluggo45692 responded:
    Guess what, the ex is wrong. (imagine that.) Most states have regulation for divorced parents that both parents must have a bed for each child after toddler age. They can share the same room as a blood brother or sister, or same sex non-blood child, but they can't share the room with an oppsite sex non-blood child. Check the divorce papers, then CPS/Family services. If both of those options are a negative, then go back to court and get restraining order for child protection.

    Don't know or care about the reasons for the divorce, but protecting the children are always number one. My ex couldn't even have visitations until she had a bed, not a couch, for my son. I know my son, at 10 he wasn't to interested in girls. but by 11 he was looking and wondering. At 12, I knew he wasn't going to sleep in the same bed as my ex's bf grand daughter of 13. I made that point very clear to ex.

    The difference between a father and a dad: Father is the sperm donor. Dad is the one that there raising and loving the child.

    Good Luck
    fcl responded:
    Call CPS immediately. Yes, it's their house and their rules but there are limits to what they can do. Your first interest is to protect the child.
    freebreezmoma responded:
    tis best not to jump to 10 ,a boy cannot impregnate a female,this would be extremely rare....the mom must make sure that they are NOT having intercourse............we are a nudist family,and me and my 5 sleep in a " family bed " easy for breastfeeding and affection. now if they prefer to sleep nude ,that is very mentally just naturally like to be nude as much as possible We also then,have massage,one of us in the middle,and the other 5 massaging...again very relaxing..Again,if the mom slept with them ,she could keep them from having intercourse ...11 is much to young to conceive.......much too many problems before age 17( at the very earliest)
    Anon_475 replied to freebreezmoma's response:
    This is not a "family bed" situation. This is a bed with two near-teen unrelated opposite sex children. It is wrong on many levels. why should any child have to sleep with an unknown memeber of the opposite sex? They barely know each other. Ever heard of privacy? And all you're worried about is the risk of pregnancy? What kid of a mother are you?

    Also, if you think a 10 yo boy cannot get an erection and ejaculate and that an 11 yo girl can't get pregnant then you are living in a world of your own. However, like I said, there are so many issues to deal with here before you even start to think about the risk of pregnancy.
    sluggo45692 replied to freebreezmoma's response:
    It's not jumping to conclusions. As you stated, your a nudist family. The normal for you is a free and open family bed. People who are not nudist family, this action of having a 10 yr old boy and an 11 yr old girl sleeping together is inappropriate. These are not brother and sister, but are from 2 different families.

    I'm a 50 yr old man and when growing up had cousins and step family who slept over. You may have shared a bed with the same sex child, but never opposite sex children. I know at 10, I was sexually curious and so was my son. The "older" girl would have been something we would want to see. Possible even touch.

    By the way, at 10 yrs old, don't you remember playing "Doctor" with other children. I know I do. Now they call it sexual assult when a kindergardener to kisses another. Oh how far we've come. We have to protect our children from showing good emotions and love.

    Again the ex-wife was WRONG. Legally and morally wrong. Check your state statues for divorces.

    As a nudist family, I believe your family dynamics are fine for you. As a non-nudist family, this is not acceptiable. As I stated before, we have to protect our children. Love, care for and nuture them with everything we've got.

    Good Luck
    fcl replied to sluggo45692's response:
    Not only this but most states have laws stipulating that foster children can only share a bedroom with same sex children and must have their own beds. I would imagine that CPS would extend the same principle to children from different families.
    siremann responded:
    OMG do not call CPS there is nothing wrong there... First are the two children doing anything nasty? Are the parents abusing them? If No then don't call CPS..First off they are still children and it is the same as a child having a nightmare and crawling in bed for the night are you saying that since this may occur that every parent has physically assaulted that child..No they havent...And for an extended period of time that is kinda crazy.Instead of having their kids taken from them and be accused of child neglect and assault maybe talk to the mom and suggest getting a new bed for one of the kids..And further more it is like saying that two kids male and female can't share a room past a certain age because they might have sex is FREAKING DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! And if the children try to do anything you sit them down and you tell them it is wrong..But they are only babies still (I say step off and talk to the mother!!!!!!)
    Anon_475 replied to siremann's response:
    You are living in lah-lah land if you think that it's OK for two unrelated pre-teens to be in bed together (nothing like crawling into bed with their mommy or daddy). How, pray tell me, would you know what goes on under the covers in that bed? They are at an age where they should each be allowed their privacy and not have to sleep with someone they hardly know.

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