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    tianasmom posted:
    My daughter 10, has been having major abdominal aches for the past 6 days. She has no fever, no diahrea, no vomiting. pain killers wont kill the pain. She is not constipated. Hurts worse around 30 min to 1 1/2 hours after she eats ANYTHING (we have tried all different things). 2 sets of blood tests and urine tests and x-ray show everything is normal with no inflamation or imbalance. The only thing that makes the pain go away is a HOT bath and a heating pad. She has probably taken 50 baths this week. Gets really really bad around 10:30 at night, comes and goes throughout the day. She explains the pain as not crampy but achy or like so full her stomach will explode. Tender to the touch on both right and left sides and around belly button. She is hungry and tries to eat and then is in pain everytime. Most mornings she feels great and then thinks she is hungry...eats...pain comes in waves. Looking for anyone who might know what is going on?
    tojanaka responded:
    I am having the same problems with my daughter who is 11yrs old. The only difference is hers is around lunch and sometimes at dinner. I give her ginger ale and it seems to help. Is there anything that we can do?
    SabrinaMom responded:
    Have you tried giving her some kind of antacid or anti-gas med to see if that makes any kind of difference? What about food allergy?
    tianasmom responded:
    we have tried some pepto like tablets, but nothing. She is on Prilocsec now but nothing. Her Ulcer test just came back negative. We have to wait until Jan. for a GI appointment. Meanwhile she is in and out of school in pain. I am also giving her Probiotics tablets in case there is bacteria that needs to be flushed. I just read something about functional abdominal pain.....that is the closest that i have gotten... I just read that enteric coated peppermint oil capsules may assist in the intestinal pain. I am gonna try it.. basically I have been left out in the cold by the ped, to just wait for the GI appt. or for it to go away. It sucks, she is frustrated, I am frustrated and she is still in and out of the bath constant. I may take her to the ER again but I dont know if they will do anything else.
    TrudyGERD responded:
    While I don't know for sure what's going on, I'm going to offer a suggestion that may sound strange.

    Cut her diet back to just plain white rice, ripe bananas and unsweetened applesauce. See how she does on just these foods. This is basically a modified BRAT diet where the Toast has been removed. Try it for several days to see if she can get to a point where she can eat without the horrible pain.

    This is the beginning of an elimination diet to see if you can identify any kind of trigger foods. I know you said that you've tried all different things, but most people don't really do a full elimination diet. Foods like milk, gluten (protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats), corn, peanuts and tree nuts are found in so many different foods including those foods that are considered to be the easiest ones on a person when they're suffering GI issues. These foods I listed are the most common trigger foods.

    The blood test for ulcers merely looks for the presence of a bacteria called h pylori. This bacteria is known to cause ulcers. The test does not actually test for the presence of any kind of ulceration so it is still possible that she has some form of inflamation or ulceration in her stomach or duodenum (first part of the small intestine). I'm suspecting duodenum since the pain tends to be worst right around when food would be hitting that area.
    KMolstad responded:
    HI I have 2 suggestions to try, 1. My daughter began having stomache pain each evening and sometimes during the day. Her doctor explained that this common for teenagers as they start takeing more control of their own diet and theier bodies are changeing. She suggested to increase fiber intake and actualy make sure she drinks water. To my daughter takes a fiber tablet every morning and has green salad with dinner each night and drinks plenty of water and her pain is gone it took about a week. 2. Second I cannot say enough about peppermint. My husband suffers from Chrones disease and peppermint is about all that helps him. I heard there is something in it that relax's stomach muscles, whatever, it has been a life saver. It helps with nausia, pain, and some with diareah. We use peppermint teas and peppermints or candys. Also, I think my husband had an MRI ? or maybe CAT scan when they found the leisions on his colon. Have you had those done? Good Luck
    tojanaka responded:
    I will tried that. I think my daughter is nervous when it comes to taking a test. And it reflects in her belly. I have cut back on somethings that she eats. The other problem she is an athletic play basketball and runs track. so its hard to cut back because she is hungry alot. But thanks will get some pepermint candy today.
    WorriedDaddy responded:
    my daughter is also 10 years old. and her abdomonal pains have been on and off for the last two weeks. we are going to try controlling our diets drinking more water and trying out pepperment teas.

    thank you for sharring,made me and my daughter feel more calmer knowing that we are not the only ones,
    status_single responded:
    ....have you tried getting a ultra sound of the gallbladder...sounds a lillte like gallstone...had it once and symptoms her symptoms sound the same as mine did...???? just a thought!!
    CarolannTigerman responded:
    You don't have to wait for a Gastroenterologist appointment. Have your doctor order an Ultra Sound of your childs Gallbladder, to rule out Cholysistitis (gallstones). If the test is negative try using peppermint oil capsules and heat. If the test is positive your family physician can order a HIDA scan. This is a nuclear scan that can see gallbladder, liver and pancreiatic diseases.

    Your child is young so chances are the abdominal pain will resolve on its own with the help of high fiber foods and plently of water. Try staying away from fatty foods and red meat.
    explorac responded:
    Get her tested for Celiac. Definition: Celiac disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats. My friend's daughter had problems with her stomach for years until they determined it was Celiac disease.
    jsrobs1979 responded:
    Since you say it's right after eating, my first thought was gallbladder issues. It might not even been stones, just an inflammed gallbladder. If that checks out, as pp said, get her tested for celiacs. I had stomach problems for years, then after my son, I became very anemic, suffered from depression/aches and pains, and was diagnosed with duodenal ulcers. After 5 years of misdiagnosis, I finally convinced a local doctor to send me to a gastroenterologist. He ordered a tissue transglutaminase (antibody against gluten) test which came back extremely elevated, and confirmed it with a duodenal biopsy. I had already had 2 EGDs with biopsies, but since they were looking for H. pylori, no one ever noticed the flattening of the villi in my intestines. So as one who has dealt with this for years, if everything else comes back negative, then ask her doctor about celiacs. And if she is going to have any testing done for it, don't exclude gluten from her diet before hand - it can cause a false negative. Good luck!
    cplemmons responded:
    My 16 yr. old step daughter is having the exact same problems. I have having trouble getting to look at this whole conversation, can you email me if you find any answers? [email protected]

    Carrie Plemmons
    cplemmons replied to KMolstad's response:
    thank you, Im going to try the peppermint. My husband has Crohn's also, thank you again.
    cplemmons replied to status_single's response:
    Im going to insist on that too, thank you very much!

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