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    13 year old boy with diaper fascinations
    sutoparent posted:
    I've been raising my nephew since he was 11 and since January 2009 he has been demonstrating a strange fascination with diapers. Recently, he purchased adult diapers on his own, used them and hid them in his room. He accidentally left one in his bathroom and that's how I discovered the severity of his interest. I am concerned about this as I don't want this to be a life long issue for him.

    Has anyone heard about this before? What is it called? Is there help available? All sincere/serious responses welcome. Thank you.
    momuv4girls responded:
    I think it would be a good idea to have him seen by a child psychologist.

    Besides the diaper issue (which at his age is unusual), he may have problems understanding/coping with his homelife and whatever has happened up till now.

    A good child psychologist can work with him and teach him coping skills and give you an idea about his over-all mental health.

    Take care,
    sutoparent replied to momuv4girls's response:
    We're actually seeing a child pshchologist and have another meeting with him this week where we will find out the results of ADD/ADHD testing recently completed. The catalyst for seeking help though was the diaper fascination. I've asked my nephew if he has ever been touched inappropriately or sexually abused. He says he has not.

    His home life before coming to live with us was tumultous. Anytime my sister would have drama he would be shipped off. When she worked construction, he spent most of his time with sitters.

    Other then the diaper fascination he is generally a good kid. Very happy, active, friendly, generous, and smart. He does lack focus and is easily distracted but, gets good grades. He does often report being picked on by a couple people in school or not getting along or liking someone.

    I just thought there might be a name for this fascination and if someone has ever been cured of it what type of helf they received. Because, it's not just wearing diapers it's watching videos on the computer or reading stories of others who like the same thing. I've blocked all computer access so, that isn't an issue at home anymore. But that doesn't mean the problem is resolved. Just that a source of information has been removed.

    Thanks for your response. I'll keep looking and doing research. I just really want to help him.
    Boyzmomee replied to sutoparent's response:
    I'm glad you are there to help him and take care of him. This behavior sounds like some type of fetish.
    Tearrae responded:
    does he have a bedwetting issue that he is ashamed or embarrassed to tell you about which could be a simple fix. my oldest son which is 12 wears pullups to bed so he dont wet. it is something we have dealt with since he was potty trained.
    sutoparent replied to Tearrae's response:
    That does not appear to be the issue as he has actually been looking things up on the internet that absolutely do not relate to bed wetting. Thanks for the post and possible problem suggestion.
    God Bless
    justsaynoteen replied to sutoparent's response:
    I've heard of some odd fetishes but this is creepy. you should talk to him about it.
    Seriyu replied to sutoparent's response:
    Hi, I had to make an account just to post this to you because it needs to be clearly explained. I don't know if you have "solved" your problems but it still should get a valid explanation. Your son more than likely has a diaper fetish. It is 100% harm less, there is nothing...wrong with it? It's a fetish, a very very odd one indeed. Your nephew has probably wanted them since age 5 or 6, and now that he is 13, and puberty is kicking in, it will become more of a "turn on" more or less, it all depends on the person though. Taking away diapers and saying this is wrong is easy for you to say, because you don't have to deal with it. If you make him feel bad about it, or wrong, it will get much much worse, trust me I know from experience. You have to try and understand where he is coming from, if he is looking all of this up on the internet, if he is getting good grades, there really is no harm in all of this. He isn't going to come out a crazy psycho pedophile or creep or whatever. Diapers are just his comfort zone. It may seem gross, and it can be, but if you try to accept it and *attempt* to understand it, your nephew will become even more loving and trusting that he can tell someone who understands. It is perverted to say the least, read the definition of pervert and you will understand what I mean. We generally think of pervert as some pedophile, someone who goes and rapes women/men. Fetishes are a rather healthy part of being a human being. I would advise letting him do his thing, if it starts to become a problem (smells, school becoming an issues, etc, REAL problems) I would say to really lay off. Also, just in my opinion, actually, all of this is my opinion, I know a lot of people with this fetish who live very healthy lives, crime free etc. But anyway, if you want him to stop trying to search the web for other people wearing them, let him wear them himself. He will be happier wearing himself than looking at creepy old people and having that strong desire. I should note this will not go away, it doesn't just fade and isn't a phase. Trying to use psychology or any of those professional help places will more than likely not help, unless he wants rid of it himself, if you force it upon him, as I said earlier, things will get worse. I really hope the best of you two.

    God Bless~
    Seriyu replied to Seriyu's response:
    I typed your son, I am really stupid. Sorry
    DannyTheNinja responded:
    Also joined just to reply here.

    I went through this too. I'm a 20 year old male that has had a thing for diapers since I was 6 or 7, going by specific trigger events. I have no history of abuse, just ADD/ADHD. I'm probably the mirror image of your nephew.

    He's fine. My parents never found out that I like diapers (I go by DannyTheNinja for a reason). They still don't know. I've grown up, graduated high school, and am now in an esteemed university about to start my first internship. It's a completely harmless thing. In fact, I think it helps me; when I'm stressed by school or other things, or just on a cold winter night, I'll put on a diaper and blanket sleeper and spend the night nice and cozy. It's strangely comforting. I don't expect you to fully comprehend it; that's OK. Seeing a shrink is optional. The ultimate goal is not to change him, but to help him better understand himself.

    Good that he's looking stuff up on the 'net. There are GOOD (and safe) communities out there for teens who are into this. It can really wear on your self esteem if you don't understand it, so these communities can help him a lot. The ones I can vouch for are TBN and ADISC . Both are heavily guarded against infiltration by those with ulterior motives, and both are full of people I grew up with who helped me understand this aspect of myself.

    Ultimately, if he's getting good grades and not harming himself (and diapers really won't hurt you save for the occasional bout of diaper rash), try to keep your distance, especially if this is a sexual thing for him. It's his private matter to deal with.

    Good luck to you. He sounds like a smart kid, and I think if you treat him with dignity and respect, you will be rewarded.
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:

    Always use online safety before looking at any links.

    An_221679 responded:
    It's called "infantalism" and it's common in men especially who have had disruptive relationships with their mothers. It's a regression that manifests as a fetish, and while not totally normal, is just as healthy as anyone else with an "icky" but harmless fetish, like feet.
    hunter1999 responded:
    its ok i went throuth the same thing hill grow out of by 13 no woory
    JamesArmes responded:
    Well I have to say that from my own teen years I had the same fetish and I now deal with it on my own. My foster parents took the "shrink" route, but to no avail. Despite how troubling this may seem, it's not something that can be "cured" or "shoved away" because it is invariably part of who he is. I've been in this boat and was looked at as "weird, strange and odd" but the fetish never went away. The chances of this being a "phase" are rare because it's like exploring your sexuality. If it were me and, given my connection on this one, I say support it and see how it pans out. Who knows, if you're supportive and willing to help him feel comfortable and not have to hide anything, he just might come to you in other troubling times in his life. There's nothing wrong with the fetish, it's just often misunderstood and misconstrued as something that's not "normal". We all have a fetish, some are just more "outside the box" than others, and this one fits that bill. Hope this helps and May the Lord guide you through this.
    An_254021 responded:
    Hey im 16 and have the same fetish i have a fascination with wearingthem it started when i was about his age nobodys knows i were them thou i know its weird for a teenager wearing diapers but dnt do it in public im doing good in skool got a good job but jus dont know if this issue will last forever i dont want it to good luck with him ik whats he's going thru

    Ps dont be to hard on him

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