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    Includes Expert Content
    Parkinsons or P.S.P.
    Anon_157363 posted:
    Is there anyone who can tell me more than what I have found out through the internet about P.S.P and about testing for this and differentiating between the two.I have tremmors mostly in useing my arms and inside tremors not nery much with resting ones.The thing that started up with me first was unexplained joint pain and went to my gp for that and he found out about my balance problem during his exam.

    He thought it maybe Manieres and had me tested for it as well as checking for a stroke or any leasions by means of M.R.I's and CT scans.All showed neg.As time went on My balance and coridination have gotten worse and started haveing problems swollowing food or liquids with out sometimes chokeing, and my vision has gotten blurred and even at times seeing double. And hard to look down or up with out the feeling of being dizzy,and the balance is way worse in doing that as well.

    My neck is so sore and stiff that I find myself tilting my head against my shoulder most of the time just to get relief from the pain because my head feels like a gaint weight and trying to find balance all the time my head bobbels alot. My thinking process is so messed up I find it very hard to stay focused and planning, problem solving is very difficult,and short term memory is very bad. Slurred speach and finding the right words that I want to say is very difficult.

    I have a constant feeling of cotten mouth and no matter how much I drink water I can never keep it from drying out. I have a lot of other things going wrong but they seem to be related more with the Parkinsons Symptoms like ED and lots of numbness in one leg and mucle and joiunt pain and stiffness. I feel like my movements are in slow motion and even sometimes freezing up. I thought I needed new glasses and saw my optomitrist and he found that one of my pupils is bigger than the other and asked if I could feel it being bigger than the other,I didn't, Hummm something new there.and he believes it to be corrilated to what is going on with me and said my perscription hasen't changed and the blurred vision is also related to what is going on.

    All I know is that feeling this way is not normal and something is very wrong and this is progressing very fast. Unlike what I have found out about Parkinsons its self this is not really going in stages but seems to be developing symptoms faster and more agressively than in stages. I know that I maybe jumping the gun and self diagnossing maybe more harm than good but the Doc seems stumped about how this is progressing so fast and the tests are just showing normal for my age he tells me.I know I'm only fifty but I don't think either condition is very discrimitive with how old you are.

    I'm just trying to get a grip on what this could be and with doing alot of research on my own It just keeps comming up in my mind Parkinsons or P.S.P. but I'm no Doc. So all I can do is educate myself and try to better prepare myself .....

    Am I over stepping my bounds here or am I justified in doing this.....
    Mark A Stacy, MD responded:
    Dear Parkinsons or P.S.P.,
    Thank you for your note. I do not think you are overstepping your bounds, when you are trying to learn more about your health. It is often difficult to determine whether a patient has Parkinson's Disease (PD) or Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) or another parkinson syndrome. I think you would be best served by seeing a neurologist to help sort out these symptoms.
    Anon_157363 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
    Thanks Doc....I was beeing seen by my small town Neurologist....Who explained to me that he just don't know what's going on and told me that he wished he was trained better and told me good luck...
    Mark A Stacy, MD replied to Anon_157363's response:
    Dear Anon_157363,
    I would suggest you look at the APDA and NPF websites, and find a "center of excellence" doctor in your area.

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