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    Parkinsons and Bladder problems
    monroe63 posted:
    I have parkinsons disease, and here lately I've had bladder infections bback to back. Does parkinsons disease affect the bladder in any way? If so are there any meds that would help me.. Millie
    worn1 responded:
    monroe63 Parkinsons can affect the bladder. I found I had problems with back to back infections for a while. One of the problems I discovered was not going when I had the urge. I would be busy doing something and put it off until I could no longer hold it. Not taking in enough fluids. Just going when I had to go, increasing my water intake and drinking Cranapple juice eliminated the Bladder infections. Maybe some one else has different suggestions.
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    monroe63 replied to worn1's response:
    Thankyou , I will start drinking more fluids.
    lovedogs1955 replied to monroe63's response:
    I didn't realize until a few months ago that I wasn't feeling the urge to urinate during the day. I now make myself go every 2 -3 hours to make sure! Also, I have found that at times I almosst need to bear down to start the flow. Oh, all of these other things with Parkinson's that no one tells us about!
    monroe63 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    Yes, I agree with you . Most of the time I feel like I haven't fully emptied my bladder. Thanks for your response.
    Positive123 responded:
    The best thing to do is to take Cranberry juice. I do everyday for the problem.

    I had bladder infections starting when I was in my 20's. The doctors got so tired of seeing me that they told me to drink Cranberry juice everyday.

    It works!! I very rarely have bladder infections anymore. Only when I forget to drink my Cranberry juice. I am 70 years old now. That was the best advice I ever got from a doctor.
    lovedogs1955 replied to Positive123's response:
    I also drink cranberry juice everyday, which has helped me prevent UTI's. The more research I have done on PD, there are those of us that develop problems with the nerves that are in charge of our bladders becoming affected by PD. I recall having patients in the past with PD and they had become incontinent or had the opposite problem of not knowing when their bladders were full.
    Positive123 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    I have started having a problem with incontinent. Is there anything that I can do for it?
    lovedogs1955 replied to Positive123's response:
    There are a few things you can try. First, make yourself urinate every 2 hours during the day, whether you think you need to or not. Also, try strengthening the muscles "down there" by trying to stop your urine flow and holding it for a few seconds. This exercise has been referred to as Kugel exercises and once you feel how to do it while urinating, you can tighten and release those muscles several times a day.

    Also, try limiting your fluid intake after dinner.

    I hope these tips help some. BTW, I am a Registered Nurse so I have had experience helping women with this problem. I am also noticing the same problem every once in a while. Don't forget, PD can affect every part of our bodies. It's not all about having tremors
    Positive123 replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    Thank you, I will try those suggestions!!
    njladyluck replied to lovedogs1955's response:
    This is all good stuff!!! Thanks everyone for sharing!!! I always put off going to the bathroom at work. Now I won't.

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