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    noise sensitivity
    jazzyrkj posted:
    I've noticed that I am more sensitive to loud tv, road noise in the car, people talking etc. Makes my ears ring.
    lovedogs1955 responded:
    I am in Stage 3 I believe, and have noticed that i am over sensitive to all kinds of things, like noise, walking into a dept. store and being overwhelmed with too many things to look at...things like that. I think it's pretty "normal" for those of us with PD.
    kabenn responded:
    too much sensory input,,,noise, crowds, multitasking are all difficult for me. Overwhelming situation triggers anxiety attack and I can panic and become a quivering mass of jello. No visible avenue of exit terrifies me ( but it always has). The loss of control of the environment.
    lovedogs1955 responded:
    Since I posted the last time with this question, I have been put on 3 anti-anxiety meds and they have helped quite a bit. I am also sleeping better. Parkinson's Anxiety is another part of this disease process. Seems like every week I find out something else. OH, I am NOT happy with my "buddy", Parkinson's.
    njladyluck responded:
    This just started for me. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. If someone walks up on me, my husband walks in the front door, or a loud noise I really overdo it in my response. I jump up and am terrified. It must be all part of the anxiety which for me was brought on by the PD. It is upsetting for me but when it involves another person I do not know that well, it is very embarrassing. Oh well!
    justhinkin responded:
    Oh my, yes. Wish I had time to tell all. Just last two days I had a PK attack, like i have been occasionally for more than 10 years: extreme congestion of all facial/nasal sinuses, swelling of submandibular salivary glands bilaterally (like mumps), neck stiffness, unable to stay awake, headaches, sound sensitivity, etc. Had to stay in bed and sleep for nearly all of 36 hours, just get up to eat and back to bed.

    Also, as for others, I have been (for 2.5 years, until a recent change) virtually disabled by being overwhelmed by visual sensory input. It turns out this tendency was being made horrifically worse by something I was taking for the colon/dysmotility problem: "Miralax" or PEG 3350.

    I was advised to take this daily (off label use). Does work very well to overcome nonfunctional colon, BUT it took me 2.5 years (because I was assured that it doesn't even get absorbed by the body) to discover (recently) that it was making very many of my other PK sx horribly worse, plus adding some of its own. I lost my "stream of consciousness" and actually had to consciously force my mind to "update" my view of the world (especially when forced to drive). This seems to be at the root of feeling overwhelmed by visual input.

    I know many are being told to use "PEG 3350" for this purpose, and for some of us it may make us VERY much worse, I believe because of the nature of our colon disorders. I am 75% better having quit it (except back to the constant battle of the colon).

    I am going to try Lactulose if my doctor can ever remember to call in the prescription.

    Good luck to all.

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