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    Seizures / Brain Swelling / Stroke
    tezza105 posted:
    I?m looking for some advice for my father. before this ?stroke? he was on warfarin after having heart bypass 15 years ago. He was healthy / fit and active / non smoking / non drinking At the start of August he collapsed at home / talking nonsense and had 3 seizures ? was put into a coma for one night and came round next morning. Could move / talk / recognize everybody. Cat scan & mri showed swelling of left side of brain (but nothing else) Lumbar ? clear Heart and blood tests all OK Doppler test on neck OK One consultant diagnosed it as ?seizures of unknown origin? while another diagnosed it as Ischemic stroke Prescribed Anti-seizure tablets ? phenytoin aspirin After hospital release Released from hospital after 2 ½ weeks and all appeared ok ? short term memory seems a bit ?funny? at times. On a daily basis, he suffered from numbness and pins and needles on his left thigh. Suffered a lot of headaches. 2nd Time ? 5th September: Was feeling really well and even commented it was the first day he felt good. In the afternoon he started being confused and talking nonsense. He didn?t have any seizures this time (could this be because he was talking anti-seizure tablets) . By the time he arrived at hospital he was conscious but couldn?t get words out ? just able to say um, um, um. Put on oxygen and bp and heart monitor ? all OK. After approx 3 hours we could tell he was improving and was able to get words and sentences out. Next day he had another cat scan ? which showed no change from the one at start of August. Doctors are not able to say what has caused this We are really worried as it has happened again, and we feel after he is released from hospital tomorrow we will be waiting for it to happen again ? only this time we might not be so lucky ? he could have his quality of life reduced or worse!! If he was on warafin could he have had a clot in the first place. Again, he was on aspirin when the 2nd possible stroke occurred ? should this not have prevented something happening? What would have caused the brain swelling, and how long can it take to reduce? Is there anything that can help reduce this brain swelling? Initially ? did the brain swelling cause the fits, or vise versa? I know we owe our dads life to the doctors, but its very hard to get answers to our questions as they are never around during visiting hours, and Dad cant remember what they have said while doing their daily rounds. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.
    zarabia responded:
    If at all possible, get your dad to a neurologist for a 3rd, 4th...whatever opinion. You need clear answers about what is going on with him. Do a little research and find out who the top doctors are in your area. Doctors associated with major teaching hospitals are a good bet. --- As for the swelling, that can be caused by a stroke or mini-stroke, and the swelling in turn can cause seizures. If it was a stroke and he has no others, the swelling should go down and reduce risk of seizure with it. At least that was the thinking when an area of swelling was discovered on my MRI after I had a seizure for the first time a few years ago. But in my case, the "swelling" didn't go away and was later identified as a low grade tumor. Don't panic! It sounds like your dad's doctors ruled that out; I was told early on that it was a possibility.---Anyway, keep asking questions. If you don't get answers from one doctor, find another. Your father has a right to have his questions answered in a way he understands. In the mean time, keep checking this board for input from others. There are people here who know a lot more than I do, but are busy and don't always get a chance to answer every day. All the best to you and your dad :smile:

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