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    finger tip cut nerve damage pain?
    bradoreilly posted:
    my finger tip was almost severed, it was hanging by skin, its hard to type so forgive me....well it was stiched up almost a week ago and it still hurts. the pain medication hardly works, and its hard to do everyday things. how long untill it goes away? is there a possibility that i will have pain for a long, long time? because of nerve damage? i want to go ask for better pain meds, but if the pain isnt going to last very long than i think i can deal with it. the doc only gave me one bottle with no refill, so it would seem like they think that the pain is going to stop soon, but im almost out and when the pills wear off it hurts like hell. what should i do? am i going to have to deal with pain the rest of my life? my friend told me that her uncle had his finger tip almost cut off too, and no he has nerve damage and he always has to be with pain pills, an if he isnt hes in pain.. i don't want to be like that what are the chances of that happening?!?! please help im freaking out it hurts and i want it to go away.
    Lifes responded:
    Brad, Our fingertips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on the body. With one finger, we can tell the difference between a penny and a piece of paper, between sandpaper and silk, between cotton and polyester. Finger sensitivity and the high communication to the brain that we register our fingertip slightly touching on our cheek, as fast as we register a hammer hitting just the edge of a finger. In addition, the nail beds under each nail are extra rich with nerve endings. Therefore, when we injure a finger, a fingertip, or the nail bed, we hurt like H.... Also, the fingertip and nailbed are notorious for having swelling and even blood pockets form at the site of the injury, even after stitching. If you notice more swelling, or a blood-blister appearance under the skin, or a mushy section, you should see a Dr. You might need a spot drained. But even without complications, the usual swelling that occurs after injury can cause extreme pain in a finger. Swelling, say in a leg has more room to spread out, but in a finger, the swelling is concentrated in a much smaller area. Normal swelling puts normal pressure on a wounded site. The skin is stretched and the nerve endings are super sensitive to these changes. The same nerves that let us know if we are touching a straight pin, by touch, vs. touching a piece of thread, don't like when something has cut those nerves or when tissue swells. First, you should visit your Dr and tell him the pain meds do not last long enough to fight the pain. Ask if there is a longer-lasting type med-- or if there is a stronger med to take for a short time. Emphasize you want only want a short term try of a higher dose. Make sure the Dr looks at the wound for signs of infection or extra swelling. Ask "how long" questions to the Dr (he can only give estimated time). Healing differs from person to person. You already know a simple paper cut can hurt many days. A small cut can hurt a week. So think about it... your fingertip was almost severed so you could have bad pain for possibly a month... and some level of pain for several months. That doesn't mean you'll need pain meds all that time, or that you'll have permanent nerve damage. But just how much the nerve endings will heal is unknown for each person. It's important to REALLY self-monitor. Meaning, if in another week, you don't have as much pain, don't keep medicating just for "what if". Use meds only for what you need. As soon as you are allowed, use -- but don't overuse and aggravate-- the finger. Let the nerve endings calm down. Don't keep doing activities and expect it to not hurt---rest the nerves in between activities. Put a pillow in front of you at night with your hand up, elevated on the pillow, to decrease swelling at night. Once the skin is fully healed, and IF you still have considerable pain, ask the Dr to prescribe Lidocaine cream 2%. You must take care to not rub your face or eyes, and use gloves when applying it-- it numbs skin or mucous membranes. But it can help. It might help your friend's uncle to get a script also. The relief lasts several hours. There are other treatments other than narcotics for pain relief. During the next 10 or so days, don't freak out or worry. If it's hurting, rest, elevate, ice 10-15 minutes (ask Dr if this is okay to do). Take it one day at a time. Follow your Dr's orders. I hope it heals quickly, Lifes
    two2ride responded:
    Did the same thing 10 years ago- my fingernail kept the tip on. My pain subsided after the stitches came out. Ask for a refill on the pain meds- no need to be a hero. I have a very nasty scar and puckering where they sewed it back on but it's fine now. Good luck

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