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    Includes Expert Content
    HYdrogen Peroxide to help Parkiinsons
    cougar1234 posted:
    I just read an article from a book called "One minute a day" where you take a combination of a few drops of 35 % Hyd peroxide ad water to a 6-8 oz of water 3 times a day to help cure Parkinsons - is this feasible?

    Has anyone tried this?
    Mark A Stacy, MD responded:
    Hi, cougar1234
    I have reviewed some of the videos delivered to my browser after typing in "one minute a day." As a clinical researcher, I am extremely skeptical of any intervention making these claims, and this one is not likely feasible. Hydrogen peroxide is rapidly metabolized to water (H2O) and oxygen (O2), and therefore consumption of a small amount is not likely even measurable. In this situation 2-3 drops in 8 ounces of water is probably negligible - so as safe as the water alone. (I suspect it would not even bleach your hair, but do not recommend that as a test!)

    Sadly, many patients with neurological disease, fall victim of hopes for a cure - that may reach a point of desperation.

    I appreciate you allowing me to say for the record:

    "I believe it is unconscionable for anyone to prey on the desperate hopes of someone with an illness for the purpose of profit."

    If anyone offers these promises. Ask them how they have proven the product works. If they do not say through 2 double blind placebo controlled trials, and FDA or EMA approval, the product has not been assessed for safety and efficacy by government regulatory agencies.
    cougar1234 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
    Thanks for your reply. Is there any natural remedies out there which would help me ? I am getting tired of taking 6 different meds every 3 hrs every day
    managingwell replied to cougar1234's response:
    I am taking a different route and some things are getting easier. I am doing Hatha Yoga, acupunture and taking Chinese herbal remedies for circulation. Let me know if you want to know more.
    Mark A Stacy, MD replied to cougar1234's response:
    Hi cougar1234
    I am sorry that you are not doing well -despite what appears to be 48 pills a day. It may be that adding more to this regimen would not be the answer. Before knowing any detail of your medical regimen, here are some concerns.

    There are different types of parkinson's medicines:
    dopamine agonists: pramipexole, ropinirole
    COMT inhibitors: entacapone, tolcapone
    MAO-B inhibitors: selegiline, rasagiline
    Anticholinergics: benztropine, trihexyphenidyl

    Of these, only levodopa and entacapone should be taken every three hours. However, in some instances taking a dopamine agonist or anticholinergic may be reasonable. Amantadine is at most a four times a day pill, but I prefer to stay at twice daily. Selegiline is a twice daily medication, and rasagiline is once daily.

    So my first concern is that you may be taking too much medication and taking it too often.

    Given that it is not likely that you are taking 6 PD meds every 3 hours, you may be taking other medications to counteract some side effects or other symptoms associated with PD or another illness.

    You may be taking a medication for anxiety - symptoms that can occur with wearing off from medication or from depression.

    You may be taking a medication for low blood pressure - a common side effect from all PD medications.

    I suggest you sit with a trusted friend and family member and go through all of your medications to identify the reasons you are taking each drug. Then asking your doctor to review these medications with you. It is reasonable for you to tell your doctor you are not doing well, and you need some direction. There are a number of other strategies, some surgical, that you may wish to consider. Unfortunately, no natural remedy will be as effective as drugs you are already taking - of the natural remedies, I recommend exercise, plenty of water, and the pursuit of happiness.
    An_221514 replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
    Okay, I have done some research and see what you see regarding hydrogen Peroxider. MY pill regime is as follows:

    >Wake up - 1 - Azilect 1 mg
    2 - sinemet - 25/100
    1 mirapex
    1 comtan
    1 amantidine

    then every 3 hours
    1.5 sinemet
    1 comtan

    every 6 hours
    add 1 mirapex

    no more thann 3 mirapex in a day

    then at night 1.5 Clonastapan (0.5 mg)
    1 amantidience

    How about antioxdants - such as alpha latoic acid
    Mark A Stacy, MD replied to An_221514's response:
    Hi, Anon_46542
    As I review your medical regimen, I am pleased to see that you are on a very rational therapy - and am sorry that you are still not doing well.

    Here is what I would suggest:
    1) Check your blood pressure sitting and standing each morning, and about 1 hour after a dosing of your PD medications. If it is dropping more than 30 points systolic (top number), or below 100 mm Hg systolic, let your doctor know, and drink more water!

    2) If your blood pressure is OK, decide if you may have some underlying depression. If so, discuss with your doctor.

    3) If one and two are both no, it is time to talk with your doctor about more aggressive treatments, such as deep brain stimulation surgery or other experimental surgeries.
    PatrickHenderson replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
    Surely you are joking - a bottle of H2O2 costs about four dollars and sufficient distilled water probably costs in the region of four dollars a gallon and the lot would last you a month!! You do not offer any H2o2 results to prove that it does not work!! Thats for the record by the way...
    helpwithresearch1 replied to cougar1234's response:
    Hello Cougar1234,

    There are other options besides your 48 pills per day. I'm researching solutions for Parkinson's right now. I would dismiss what Mark Stacey wrote, he's not helpful or hopeful.

    I have had grand mal seizures, brain surgery, brain injury, and hand tremors. I recovered by researching the best options. if you see this post you can email me at

    All the best, Julie Kaye
    healthywealthyandwise replied to Mark A Stacy, MD's response:
    If you actually read the book The One Minute Cure, it says that if you are suffering from specific ailments, then you START with 2-3 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide three times a day and gradually increase a drop a day for a month. The fact is, IT CAN'T HURT! Try it, you're only adding an extra molecule of oxygen to your water 3x a day. I got feeling really ill after a couple of days because it was working to kill off the toxins in my body and wasn't pleasant expelling those toxins, but better expelled than in my body. I wish doctors would go back to their oath to do no harm and investigate alternatives to big pharmaceutical remedies more than viewing a few videos on a browser search and dismissing them because no one has invested (and therefore no one really profits from its use) by conducting double blind placebo controlled trials with FDA and EMA approval. Give me a break. How many drugs approved by the FDA after undergoing 2 double blind placebo controlled trials have had to be recalled because it was killing people?

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