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    Includes Expert Content
    PD and Seizures
    SLGrayson posted:
    After having a stroke 2yrs ago, that's when I found out I had PD. I also started to have seizures too. And they were not the nice kinds. I did not pass out. I stay fully awake and aware of what was going on. The fact that my tongue was sticking out and I made terrible faces and sounds and curled up in a ball like a baby (even sounding like one). I feel like crawling into a hole and hiding away. But that would be unlikely in my condition. I even drool, bite my tongue till it is so sore, dig my nails into the palms of my hands and get mirgranes so bad that I throw up till my tailbone hurts. These last for days. I've never read anybody else with both PD and seizures. Can someone help in anyway. My doctor can't seem to give me an answer. Now my seizures are changing again. Help please.
    SLGrayson responded:
    I have just learned on my own, and with the help of my husband and friends. That my own father who passed away years ago before my mother. Was the one who carried the gene for PD. He also had seizures too. Just by talking and discussing my parents and their health problems as I was growing up. I started to realize that my father was the one who showed the symptom of PD and had a different kind of seizure then what I am having, but still a seizure all the same. Yet my family never new it, and was also known for healing our-selves because of lack of insurance (or money) in those days. But I still would like to know if anyone else has both PD and seizures together?
    Mark A Stacy, MD replied to SLGrayson's response:
    Dear SL Grayson
    Seizures are not common in PD, and I do not think they are related to each other. However, a patient may have both of these conditions. I suspect it is very frustrating for you to not have a diagnosis. At the risk of reading between the lines, your neurologist has likely done all the tests that can be done to evaluate a seizure disorder, and there are really not further tests for PD.

    For PD - consider asking whether you have the clinical symptoms of resting tremor, slowness of movement and stiffness of the limbs. If this is the case, ask if you need further treatment for this disorder, and whether you should have genetic testing for PD or a DaTSCAN.

    If you have had a brain imaging study (MRI) and an EEG, and they are normal, I would not be tempted make the diagnosis of a seizure disorder. The descriptions you have provided are not consistent with a grand mal, petit mal or a complex partial seizure, given that you do not lose consciousness. Simple partial seizures are also not likely because you have symptoms on both sides of the body.

    I think you may want to ask your neurologist about these types of seizures and suggest that some question answerer on the internet is worried that these symptoms may be stress related.
    grandmother1n replied to SLGrayson's response:
    I started having seizures in 1962 and was put on all kinds of different meds since then, but have been on Dilantin for innumerable years now, which - according to my doctor - has now caused neuropathy in my feet!!! Now on top of this, I have been diagnosed 3-4 months ago as having PD. The neuropathy started out as severe itching in my feet, and progressed from there. It 'ain't' funny, I know, but if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Now I'm wondering what causes PD? Same thing that causes seizures??? Whatever that is. My sister's 43 y/o son has seizures, but he was/is a drinker. My neurologist has NEVER found a reason for the seizures; my dad was an alcoholic, and I am the only one of four kids with seizures even though I am a twin (brother).

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