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    jimboherron posted:
    My name is James I'm 44yrs old man 285lbs 5'6' and I have been to every doctor in town it seems like. They have not been able to find whats wrong with me. I cant work and I have no insurance anymore. So not able to go to doctors anymore so I'm here. I have high blood pressure and am on bystolic for that . But my problem is when I walk or stand I get pain in my lower back to the point it burns and I get weak and must sit. But if I sit my ribs start to hurt. If I use my arms my shoulder hurts. Just with movement. If I sit or lay in 1 spot more then say 5 min. I start to hurt. Doctor said fybromyalga started med for that nothing it did not help at all. Some times when I stand I get a light headed feeling and my arms jerk. I drive a truck for work so I cant drive if I feel like that they have done mri's and found nothing. When I sleep my neck hurts so bad it wakes me out of dead sleep the only thing that helps is a hot shower it goes away right then. I'm om cyclobenzaprine. The pain is in the muscle it feel like I have been to all kinds of doctors hope some one can help.........
    weltel responded:
    jim it sounds like my story/yes i drove truck you can see.all that comes with it,bad eating habits,no sleep,then comes every pill in the far as the pain you my want to get blood work lay up,you my have lime disease,it from dear tick you our 5/6 =285 lb were you always this heavy you did not say if you smoked.because if this hit you over time as you did your job.your blood pr is due mostly from your weight you need to start droping the pounds,your a walking stoke or better if you don,t start real soon it will not be a happy future for you.your BMI and the other factors .i,m with you i,m a x driver out of work i was 185 and a heavy smoker,i got bad sleep most of the time and after 8 years i was 285 pounds still smoking and almost done for.its been 3years and i,m coming back,i,m at 240lb i,ve almost stoped smoking,i eat heathy,and i go to the gym weekly due to the high gas prices i,ve had to go less,just started walking,i,ll be 56 in oct there is a future ifyou want it.your weight give it your best.every thing is out of tune.good luck
    worn1 responded:
    I just checked out the fybromyalga community and it does have an expert on board who has fibromyalgia. I do not know enough about your disease to be of any help. I think your best source for help would be the fibromyalgia community on web md.

    xperky responded:
    Hi jimboherron - I'd like to invite you to the Fibromyalgia community here at WebMD. I joined last year and have learned a lot about managing the symptoms at home. I've also learned that some FM medicines work for some and not for others. There are lots of good medicines to treat the symptoms though. It is a long process to find the best combo of medicines, rest and exercise.

    Sorry you are in such a troubled place right now. I think you will find support on the site.
    jimboherron replied to weltel's response:
    yes weltel you almost hit my life like a nail on a head. I weighed 305 a month ago now 285 I have been watching what I eat. I work driving flatbed but over it I just got heavier and heavier. My problem is I cant walk more than out to my car then I hurt so bad I cant stand up. At work I would do one strap on my truck then I had to sit for 5 min or so then do another. I have never missed a day of work in ten years. Now because I cant unload or load I cant find work. Have had so much blood work done at one point I thought I might run out of blood. They found nothing wrong. Doctor said my cholesterol was the best he had ever seen. Said liver enzymes were high. That's all he came up with. Yes I smoke how do you quit I have tried everything pills gums and the patches nothing helped.
    jimboherron replied to worn1's response:
    Thank you I will look in to that..
    jimboherron replied to xperky's response:
    Thank you I will go there.
    worn1 replied to xperky's response:
    thank you xperky

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