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    Includes Expert Content
    How do I stop my dog from eating his poop constantly??!:(
    iviesh posted:
    I would greatly appreciate any ideas? He knows its wrong as he tries to do it behind my back.
    Katherine Snyder, DVM, DACVIM responded:
    Hi iviesh,

    There's actually a good source on this website regarding the unpleasant practice called coprophagia....

    Good luck!
    tedsmom2 responded:
    My Ted also had this bad habit until I changed his food. He was straving on his previous food. now his food meets his nutrional needs and he does not have to supplement with the only thing remotely resembling food his his envoirnment. I do not leave human food lying about. So he sample the smorgasbord on our walks. Now he doesn't even notice the droppings. Give your dog a really nutrious diet and see what happens. Good luck.
    its_deanna7 responded:
    there is a powder you can buy for about 15 bucks that will make their poop less yummy but it wont stop them from eating other dogs poop
    LouieandNitasMommy replied to tedsmom2's response:
    I was wondering what dog food you switched to? Our boxer is having an issue with eating his poop and we aren't sure if the food we are giving him now is the cause or if it's psychological because he gets punished for pooping in the house (which he still does on occasion). Both our dogs are on the same diet and he is the only one who is having an issue.
    MSettle78 replied to LouieandNitasMommy's response:
    My pitbull has been doing this since she was 8 weeks old. I cant even tell you how many times I have switched her food lol. I just think she likes her poop its disgusting. Vet says shes perfectly healthy nothing wrong but he said her whole litter and her mom most likely did it so its all she knows. Recently we are trying putting Meat tendorizer in her food We have heard ALOT of positive reactions to that so we shall see. We need to figure it out thought because we are about to have a baby in July and dont want nasty germs when she kisses her !
    An_220858 replied to LouieandNitasMommy's response:
    please don't ever punish your dog for going to the bathroom inside the house. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad dog. Do you let the dog outside enough. Is it reacting to something in his environment. Please only use positive renforcement for the good things that your boxer does. Our lab periodically eats his poops. We just sprinkle some adolph tenderizer =the one with msg. = on his food, It disintegrates the fat protein which is what must interest him (usually, this takes less than a week.). Lots of luck and give that boxer lots of kisses!
    tedsmom2 replied to LouieandNitasMommy's response:
    To louie and nitas mommy
    Ted was on Science diet when he was starving. I switched him to Blue Buffalo and he has been eating it for the last 4 years without a single incidence of samlping from the street. He gained some weight and stopped eating my favorite quilt as well as droppings. He's happy and well fed and my sensibilities are not offended and my quilts are safe. Ted also had a wheat allergy and science diet has wheat in it. Blue has no wheat. tedsmom2

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