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    Dog whining at night
    Dasiy79 posted:
    My husband and I have a 7 month old Australian Shepherd. We kennel her in our bedroom at night, and have done this from the day we brought her home. Every night she wakes up multiple times and whines until one of us takes her outside. Our first thought was a UTI or something along those lines because she was also still having occasional potty accidents in the house, but last week the vet couldn't get a urine sample from her, but put her on antibiotics anyways.

    We are at a loss at how to curb her constant whining in the middle of the night. It seems like it's a behavioral issue now, but can anyone give us suggestions on how to make her stop?
    Ponyrun2 responded:
    At 7 months she should be able to "hold it" overnight.... the rule of thumb is one hour per every month of age until adulthood...

    I would try stopping her intake of water 1 or 2 hours prior to going to bed... exercise/play with her for a while to wear her out... take her outside one last time just before going to bed.... ignore her whining.... take her outside the moment you open the crate door in the morning.... check the crate to make sure she didn't have an "accident"...

    The key to this regimen is the exercise/play (you want to wear her out so she is so tired she'll, hopefully, sleep through the night) and ignoring the whining, which will be the hardest part.... worse comes to worse, until this is taken care of, she may have to sleep in another room if you can't put up with the whining...

    Good luck :-)
    marilynk2 responded:

    I have never kenneled mine at night but have a friend who does. They have a light blanket to block out any sort of light and it is a signal that it is night-night as they are moving around getting ready for bed. Their dog knows it's bedtime and no fooling around!

    Your dog sounds like one of my babies years ago. i ended up having to get a piece of sheepskin for her to sleep on. Now, my little peek-a-poo I adopted sleeps on it! Maybe something such as that would work..a blankee!

    Good luck!

    KittyKatJenn responded:
    My puppy is 4 months old today and she sleeps through the night. Granted, about 15 minutes before the alarm goes off in the morning she starts barking, but we don't take her out at night.

    My trainer said to make sure in her crate that she has room to get up and turn around, but not so much that she feels like it is somewhere she can play. Then on a weekend we put her in and when she cried in the middle of the night we ignored her. After a couple days she learned to hold it. Dogs won't go where they sleep unless there is a problem. Blocking out the light is key...I think that is why my puppy gets up when she does. We are getting a cover for her crate this weekend. And the the pp's said, take it up. We go to bed at 10pm and by 8:30 at the latest her water is up. We also play fetch right before bed and she gets a biscuit when she goes to bed.

    Try doing those things. And make sure you ahve a few days where lack of sleep won't hurt to bad. She has you in a routine and knows that if she cries you will get up and take her out. BTW, what kind of dog is it? Usually, the smaller breeds can't hold as long as the larger.
    Dasiy79 replied to KittyKatJenn's response:
    Thanks for all the suggestions! Currently, we only have a sheet or blanket on the top of the kennel, but nothing cover the sides, so I will definitely try that.

    KittyKatJenn: our puppy does have a pretty large crate for her size, and it is big enough for her to think it's a play area, which has led us to take away her toys at night, and just had her rawhide in there with her. She is an Australian Shepherd, and right now weighs about 25lbs, so she's a medium sized dog.

    Thanks again everyon!

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