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    Includes Expert Content
    1800 Pet Meds
    MaryAnne0210 posted:
    As my cocker now has to be on three different meds (all expensive), I asked my vet if they will let me use 1800 Pet Meds. Most of the time, Pet Meds contacts the vet for the Rx but this new vet, I found out today, is part of a corporation which houses about 500 different vets across the country. I've always dealt with small town vets - this is all very new to me. At any rate, they said they would allow me to use Pet Meds but I would have to send them the Rx because they would not deal with Pet Meds directly. Reason being, Pet Meds doesn't get their meds directly from the distributors or the "Black Market'. That's what the tech told me the drug reps have told her. WHAT??????? How does that make any sense???? How could they get away with being as open as they are if they were dealing on the Black Market????

    Can anyone tell me where this info could have come from? I've used Pet Meds w/out incident and certainly would think twice about using them if I thought I wasn't getting proper meds for my dogs. I think this is just something Drug Reps say to discourage vets from their patients using 1-800-Pet-Meds.
    Ponyrun2 responded:
    Not having seen anything in the news about 1800PetMeds recently it sounds like just talk from the drug reps and the vet... both drug reps and your vet make money of selling you the drugs.... many drugs vets use can be purchased (with prescription) from your local pharmacy.... things like certain antibiotics and antihistamines....

    Whenever my dogs needs meds I ask my vet for a written script then I either go to the local pharmacy or I send it to KV Vet Supply.... I prefer to deal with KV personally mostly because I can get things done faster than waiting for either a busy company and/or my busy vet's office to find the time to make the necessary phone calls...
    Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS responded:
    You have some good questions and there are some things about internet pharmacies that are not generally known by the public. I am speaking in general terms and NOT about any one company.

    1) Not all internet pharmacies are above board with how they do business. These companies are supposed to be licensed in any state in which they do business. Some are not. In fact, some are not even located in the United States.

    2) Internet pharmacies can get their drugs in a variety of ways that are not legal. Reputable pharmacies (internet or in your home town) can order from drug companies. Some internet pharmacies have been caught trying to sell drugs not approved for use in the US, apparently getting them from other countries, in which case there is no way of knowing whether the product is really the same drug or just a "sugar pill." Some internet pharmacies will pay a "less than honest" veterinarian to place a large order and have it drop-shipped to the internet pharmacy warehouse.

    3) Internet pharmacies have used one veterinarian's signature on prescriptions that that veterinarian never actually made. (This is a big reason veterinarians do not want to deal with internet pharmacies.)

    4) Some internet pharmacies have a veterinarin on staff who will write a prescription, even though s/he has never actually examined the animal, because the owner wants a prescription.

    5) Medications from internet pharmacies are not always cheaper than those from your veterinarian or local pharmacy.

    6) Some internet pharmacies use false advertising to persuade the public that the veterinarian is trying to rip-them off.

    There certainly are reputable internet pharmacies but it truly is a buyer-be-ware situation. Veterinarians and their clients have had a lot of bad experiences with this type of pharmacy. Yur veterinarian was just trying to help prevent that from happening to you.
    buster219 replied to Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS's response:
    as to what bonnie said i have never heard of that before.
    so i cannot offer proof without seeing it before me. however,that being said consider this as were paying the vets office money for meds. now you want to take that money to someone else to save money. would you be happy with that? not to say that they don't want you to save money...
    MaryAnne0210 replied to Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS's response:
    I completely agree with the issues you brought up. I began using PetMeds when we were stationed in Guam and the vet on base couldn't get some of the items I normally had bought at my local vet prior to moving. They were happy to write prescriptions for me. I started by jut purchasing OTC items prior to Rx b/c I wanted to ensure that I actually got what I ordered. I have had no issues with 1-800-PetMeds and would suggest them to anyone.

    That being said, I've also never dealt with a vet that was part of a 500 hospital corporation. Prices are higher than the local vets - I only went with this vet because they were just down the street vice the 30 min drive ( /- depending on traffic) to the other vet I had been using. There were a few things I questioned when "shopping" around for another vet before deciding to use them but had I known they were part of this I might have thought twice.

    That being said, I am VERY happy with 1-800-PetMeds. I actually asked them myself how they obtain their drugs and this was the response I received:
    • "1-800-PetMeds is "America's Largest Pet Pharmacy" serving over five million customers. Just as you feel comfortable with the medication dispensed to you and members of your family by your own pharmacy, we want you to feel comfortable with the medication we dispense to you for your pet. It is the same exact medication sold to you by your veterinarian. We only dispense U.S. FDA/EPA approved products, which we unconditionally guarantee 100%.

      As with all pharmacies, 1-800-PetMeds' products are inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Since we are located in Florida, we are also inspected by the Florida Department of Health. We are in full compliance with both agencies. Also, we are a public company listed on the NASDAQ (Symbol: PETS), so we are subject to very strict reporting and disclosure requirements.

      1-800-PetMeds is a Vet-VIPPS accredited pharmacy

      Please be assured that you can trust 1-800-PetMeds completely for all of your pet medication needs."
    MaryAnne0210 replied to buster219's response:
    Well, as far as the cost of the meds go - this year alone I have spent over $4000 on two of my dogs alone - this is outside of meds. This past four days I've spent over $1200 alone for tests. One of my dogs is on Metacam - I'm charged $132 at the vet and $99 by PetMeds. When I went to pick of 7 days of meds for ONE pet on Friday and the vet charged me $87.07 I went straight to PetMeds and found that they charged $6.58 for the same meds - that plus $4.99 for shipping, I think is worth it. So, if you can tell me that they want me to save $$ based on that, the I suggest you think again. I'm not rich but I do love my pets and want to give them the best life possible but I don't want to break the bank either.

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