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    Includes Expert Content
    Pit Bull question
    An_220939 posted:
    My male pit has a condition where he will break out all over his body with bumps and then he will lose his hair where ever the bumps appear. I take him to the vet and he is always put on antibiotics and I have to bathe him in a certain type of medicated shampoo. But I am never given a name for this or what causes it. It does clear up and his fur comes back but this time it is a little more severe. He itches so bad. Please give me some incite to this problem....PLEASE
    MSettle78 responded:
    My pitbull get red bumps alot ! she is SUPER sensative to anything. I notice the bumps more when she goes outside and plays. Ive always been told its just allergys. Sometimes i give her bendryl. Also she did have Demotatic or something like that its a form of MANGE when she was little. That is a condition where they lose spots of hair, it is VERY common in pitbulls.
    C_Roc replied to MSettle78's response:
    I was already told from the vet that it is not mange. He has had the scraping done to determine that it wasn't that. I have checked with the owners of the other pits from the same liter and neither of them has this problem. His skin is dry and the bumps have no puss in them.
    erozier1984 replied to C_Roc's response:
    I can't offer you a diagnosis, but I can tell you that it sounds like common skin allergies. American Pitbull Terriers are prone to skin allergies with these same symptoms of bumpy skin, itching, and hair loss. I had the same problem with my rescue pit, that was rehabed from a fighting dog, so I just assumed that something in his past caused it because I've never had these problems in the two other pits that I've had. I later found out that he was born with mange, but before that I was told that it was just a common "skin allergy" and given antibiotics, medicated shampoo, and steroids to treat it with and of course that didn't work! Even now, after finally getting rid of the mange, he still has skin problems due to these "skin allergies." My vet said that the heat causes "flare ups" while certain types of deodorants in laundry detergents, household cleaners, and shampoos aren't helpful either. I had to take away the pet bed and only allow him to lay on uncarpeted, thoroughly cleaned areas. In addition, I use a daily skin & coat vitamin and only feed with lamb & rice dog food. I don't know if these remedies would work for every dog but it's worth a shot. A friend of mine uses a monthly flea medicine to treat and prevent his dog's allergies so it really depends on the dog. I hope that you find a helpful solution.
    Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
    Ask your vet if your pet has pyoderma, folliculitis, furunculosis, dermatophytosis, or Demodicosis. Atopy and even hormonal conditions such as Cushing's disease should also be on your list of differentials. Good luck! Dr. Ernie
    C_Roc replied to Ernie Ward, DVM's response:
    Thank you Dr. Ernie. I will make another appt. and ask to check for those diagnosis'.
    C_Roc replied to erozier1984's response:
    Thank you erozier 1984 for your reply to my pit problems. I will take it up with C-Rocs vet.
    Aberdeen18 responded:
    I've been through this same situation with my male pit bull, and my vet has prescribed prednisone and antibiotics, neither of which he does very well on. So I tried Dinovite, which can only be purchased at It is a supplement you add to the dog's food, and though it isn't cheap, it works incredibly fast to clear up the skin conditions and restore the hair growth. The skin conditions disappear in less than a week, and the hair grows back within two weeks. He also stops licking and scratching. His coat becomes smooth and shiny. The Dinovite supplement evidently contains all the vitamins and minerals lacking in commercial dog food. I've been very impressed with the results, and instead of suffering side effects from prescription drugs, my baby looks and feels good.
    ChevyJersey responded:
    My Pitt does the same thing! I am a vet assistant and mine is considered a staph and/or yeast infection.
    C_Roc replied to Aberdeen18's response:
    Thank you for your reply. I am going to the web site to check that out.
    C_Roc replied to ChevyJersey's response:
    thanks for your reply. I will also be asking his vet about this.

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