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    HELP! my 4 week old kitten may have sprained his spine!!
    anizabenzie posted:
    yesterday night i realized that he was dragging his bag legs behind him. i thought he was constipated. but i dont think he is now. what do i do? how much would it cost to bring him to the vets see whats wrong with his legs? he can move where his legs are attached to the torso but not the actual legs themselves. and he cant move his tail either. please, any advice is greatly apreciated. my mom is calling the vet tomorrow and hopefully they can take us in. the thing is, is that i have a low income family and i was wondering (if any vets are reading this) will they let me do a payment plan? please help asap.
    NerdyTortise responded:
    no vet here but use a heating pad on his back near the rear and very lightly massage him. every once in a while. thats what i do to my dog......
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi anizabenzie,

    Contact your local animal shelter as they may be able to help you with finding a low cost vet in your area.

    Please realize that our vets cannot diagnose or treat pets over the internet and in a pet emergency when a pet is unable to move properly please contact a vet or vet emergency clinic for help.

    Let your vet's office know that you have a limited income to see what they suggest.

    Please write back and let us know how your kitten is doing once he's been seen by a vet.

    - Annie
    anizabenzie replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    thank you both for your answers! my mom has called the vet and we are bringing him soon. ill let you know what happens..
    anizabenzie replied to NerdyTortise's response:
    thank you for your advice! i did it right away. he seems a little better, like more comfortable. but we are bringing him to the vets at 230 when my mom gets out of work. unfortunately the vet we are bringing him to doesnt have a payment plan. but they said theyll evaluate him, see whats wrong, and then we can sign him over to them so he can get the help he needs and he can find a good home. because when he could walk he was the most loveable kitten!!!!!! just like his dad is. so im gonna sign him over becasue i want the VERY BEST for him.... i love him.
    anizabenzie replied to anizabenzie's response:
    i would just like to update all of you on how cinnabis(the kitten) is. today i brought him to the vet. they evaluated him. and they said his red blood cell count was 9 percent out of about 20 percent. and his temperature was low. they said that might have caused him loosing control of his legs. i signed custody "i guess thats what i call it" over to the vet and they said they will heal him and fix his legs and find him a great home! it warms my heart to hear that!!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to anizabenzie's response:
    Hi anizabenzie,

    I'm glad that you've updated us with your little cinnabis kitten and I think you've done the right thing! No doubt your vet will heal him and find him a good home!

    I know that this has been a difficult decision for you to surrender your kitten so I just want to give you some (gentle hugs)!

    - Annie

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