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    Includes Expert Content
    Vectra 3D caused my dog to be VERY restless & fidgety!
    Survivor4Ever posted:
    Has anyone else had this problem with the newest Flea & Tick medication Vectra 3D for Dogs??? This is the third month we have used it on Harley, our 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier and each month the restlessness gets worse.

    We plan on going back what we were using prior to this (K-9 Advantix) but are wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what did you do to help calm your dog down?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Ernie Ward, DVM responded:
    Vectra 3d is a permethrin-based flea/tick preventive. Some dogs are particularly sensitive to these compounds and they can prove deadly to cats. Listen to what your dog's body is telling you - don't use it anymore! Also, tell your vet so they can report it. Without conscientious vets and pet owners, we'll never learn if there's a problem with any product or medication.

    Good luck and keep us posted here at WebMD Pets. Dr. Ernie
    Survivor4Ever replied to Ernie Ward, DVM's response:
    Thank you Dr. Ward ("Dr. Ernie") for finally responding. I felt like my discussion was being ignored. (I thought it was a pretty important subject!)
    As I mentioned in my post, we had already made up our minds to NEVER apply VECTRA 3D again to our little guy! We felt so helpless. And, it being a holiday weekend, made it even worse since our vet wasn't opened of course. We kept a very close eye on him and if he had gotten any worse, we would have taken him to the Emergency Vet Hospital we have here but fortunately as the day worn on, the restlessness and anxiety wore off slowly. I might add that he had very soft stools as well. And the next day the poor little guy was exhausted; probably from being so hyper the day before. He is doing fine now thankfully!
    Our veterinarian has been alerted to the problem and I assume they will report it since this is the first flea & tick season that they have used that product. However, I believe most of their patients use preventatives year-round, as does our Harley!
    Again, thank you for your response Dr. Ernie!! I truly appreciate your time. Best wishes to you!
    Ernie Ward, DVM replied to Survivor4Ever's response:
    No problem. I'd also recommend you call the toll-free number on the product and report the problem yourself. Drug companies will log these issues and if enough complaints are reported, they can (must) take action. This is really the only way we find out problems with meds once they're approved. (And follow-up with your vet to make sure they reported it as well).

    Thanks again for posting this potential issue on WebMd Pets.

    Dr. Ernie
    JBean73 replied to Survivor4Ever's response:
    I am so glad to hear that someone else is having the same issue with loose stool. I feel bad for our furkids, but at least I know I am not alone. I think I am going to go back to using K9 Advantix. I will also take Dr Ward's advice to report the issue to Vectra. My dogs had a big issue last month where I had to take them to the Vet for medication for diahrea. While this month isn't as bad, it's still very very soft. I am guessing this is why they are drinking more water than usual, if they are dehydrated.
    bearbernie responded:
    I also used this my dog who is 20 months. The third month I used it I put it on him late in the evening. He didn't sleep that night. The next night he didn't and the third day he woke up shaking and jerking. I took him to the vet immediately and they bathed him and gave him IV's and Valium. He was Ok after that. I called the company to demand they pay my vet bill. They said they would but I haven't heard anything yet. I am going to call again tomorrow.

    I am going back to Frontline. It worked before.
    deaniecole replied to Survivor4Ever's response:
    I used Vectra 3D last night on my 5 lb yorkie, I have used this product several times with sucess. But last night my 10month pup was extremely restless, ridden with anxiety, and manic / hyper .this morning she is lethargic, she is eating some and drinking water. she is very low energy. I call my vet and reported this. I will also call Vectra and report this myself.. its a hard thing to watch. I agree she is so very low energy from last night. I will not use this product again I'm waiting to hear back from my vet as to other complaints to this matter. I will request my vet to call and reports this as well. what other products would you reccomend?? .
    Deanie in Maine
    Survivor4Ever replied to deaniecole's response:
    So sorry this happened to you. After it happened to our Jack Russell Terrier we switched back to using K-9 Advantix and he has had absolutely NO problems with it. I highly recommend it. I hope your pup recovers with no ill effects and you find a product such as K-9 Advantix that works for you. Take Care Deanie!!!!


    P.S. (Note that I am also in Maine!!! What part are you in?)
    judia1962 responded:
    My Coton was very agitated. My Vet told me to call the800# on the package. My dog was breathing very hard.They told me to wash him three times with a mild soap like dawn or joy. they also said never to give it to him again.
    quibble replied to judia1962's response:
    My Havanese had an extremely itchy episide for approximately 3 30-45 minutes after applying Vectra 3D. I will check with the Vet on Tuesday.
    Ubetrsmile replied to quibble's response:
    I gave Vectra 3D to my 4 month old Bichon this morning for the very first time. Her breathing is very rapid and she's very restless. It's not like her to be all over me but today she followed me everywhere I went and I had to hold her. It's now 3 am and she is pacing up and down the bed for me to hold her and pet her. We're both freaking out right now because no one is getting any rest.
    judia1962 replied to Ubetrsmile's response:
    It took three days for my dog to feel better.I had to bathe himthree times, and give him benedryl.My grromer said 7 of her clients had bad reactions. I called the ASPCA to rport it.
    smile225 replied to judia1962's response:
    I had the same experience as bearbernie. Used Vectra 3d on my pup last night, and was up all night with her. Had to give her Benadryl to get her settled. It was like she was on some sort of drug. Felt so sorry for her. I've used this on her before with a similar yet milder reaction, but won't use it again. I'm getting ready to call my vet right now. What a nightmare!
    MollyJones917 responded:
    We applied Vectra3D to our 12 year old Lhasa Apso at 3:00 one afternoon. By 8pm she was running around the yard like she was on steroids. She did not sleep at all that night, and was pacing, twitching, and seemingly upset all night. Her heart was racing and she her body felt too warm.
    I called our vet in the morning, and they told us to wash her with Dawn dishwashing soap, as it is a good de-greaser, and remove as much of the product as we could.
    I will NOT be using this product again, and will look for a natural alternative for killing ticks and fleas. I have heard that brewer's yeast can be helpful, and will investigate.

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