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    Includes Expert Content
    Does your pet sleep on the bed?
    Annie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hi Everyone!

    Does your pet get to sleep on the bed? My cats have always had the run of the house and that includes sleeping on the bed or under the covers. This spring after my sister's dog went home after I looked after her for 4 months, my dog was really sad so we started to let her sleep on the bed too. Now my cat and dog sleep on the same bed, but not close together. They are best pals though!

    How about your furry friends? Where do they get to sleep?

    - Annie
    suezee52 responded:
    We have 6 cats and only one is allowed to sleep on the bed at night. She belongs to Hubby. The other cats can sleep on the bed or most anywhere during the day, but they are too noisy at night and then we don't get any rest at all. So Hubby's cat gets to sleep with him on his side of the bed. The other cats have nice warm beds in the utiliity room. They also have food, water and litter boxes out there. We don't really call it the utility room anymore. It's called the "Cat Room"!

    britp responded:
    My cat sleeps on the bed, and in the winter he manages to get under the covers. He wakes me a lot during the night but I don't mind, my husband sleeps through it all...
    MandyL1953 responded:
    We have 5 cats. Two usually sleep on the bed with us. Sometimes the others will, but not very often
    mardt316 responded:
    Our Pit Bull Colby is so spoiled. He is the most loving soul, he has to be around either my other half or myself all the time. When we go to bed at night even if he is sleeping soundly in the living room, he gets up and follows us to bed. he jumps up and burrows under the covers and faces downward. either he in between the two of us or on my end and when I have to get up in the middle of the night he will not budge as I climb over him to get out. I have finally broken down and have allowed him to come up on the new couch which makes his "daddy" mad because he's afraid his nails will ruin the couch but if I am laying down and fall asleep, he gets up and lays down right there with me even though there is hardly the room for two. I bought him a huge doggie bed that we keep in the living room and he moves it until it is right up against the couch so he is right there with us. We have to watch what we say because if we let the words o u t or g o or w a l k he thinks it's time to put on the lease and go for a walk. We usually put him on the tether when he sits by the front door and he goes out and then comes back in but he loves his walks even though he can pull me where he wants to go. I have had too many illnesses and surgeries these past 5 years and when I had cancer he was right there in the bed with me and didn't leave my side. During the day Colby will sneak into our bedroom and burrow with the pillows and the extra blanket that I keep on top of the bed and he makes a nest. Sometimes at night he takes his blankie that I put on my side of the bed because I know that if I get up I will not trip on him, he drags his blankie around the bed to his "daddy's " side so when Tom gets up he almost falls flat on his face. It's really funny. The other day I caught him with 2 blankies on the floor on the other side of my bed and when I lifted his back end it was on top of the heat vent. Right now he is curled up against Tom's recliner behind me. That's what he likes is to be right between the both of us no favoritism. When Tom and I first got together almost 2 years ago he said he would never live in a house with a pit bull but then he got to know Colby and he loves him so and says that's his little buddy . Colby follows Tom everywhere, when he gets dressed, when he goes in the bathtub. He has been my buddy since he was 5 weeks old, I picked him out of the litter and when he was big enough to leave his mom I took over. I used to carry him inside my sweatshirt but he's way to big for that now. Dec.11th he will be 10 years old. Happy Birthday Colby and many more!!!!
    ShadowCritter responded:
    Yes! Both of my kitties sleep in the bed with me. The pillow next to mine belongs to my little girl, and they get that whole half of the bed. I also have trouble sleeping because they both feel the need to use the bed as a trampoline as soon as I lay down to go to sleep! My boy cat will go through phases where he won't get in the bed at all though. I think this is probably whenever he doesn't feel good.
    larsstarscanary responded:
    My cats have their own room and their cushy, washable/dryable, individual beds, but they prefer mine. I'm lucky if I have room to sleep at night. Anyway, they start off all three on the bed, then they take shifts. They make great foot warmers! You should hear them purr! One likes to sleep on my feet because she knows when I'm awake and able to feed her...

    jendub25 responded:
    I fortunalty and unfortunatly have a 80lb rottweiler who thinks he is my baby and has to be with me at all times...including when i sleep, so Jaxxon is on my bed at night. Sometimes he will go and sleep on the i think this is when he knows he has done something male
    xring responded:
    My Yellow Lab sleeps on his own bed in front of mine.
    sparx831 responded:
    The dog sleeps in his crate where he belongs and my cat typically sleeps on the couch. Though, periodically we'll leave the bedroom door open and he'll sleep on my feet.
    I_love_prada responded:
    My yorkies are still potty training so the bed is out of the question...The boy was trained on towels by the breeder, so anything soft or cloth-like says to him, "Pee on me!" The girl likes to aggravate him so they would be wrestling all night.
    xtracrispy responded:
    We have two labs. They don't sleep in our bed, we sleep in theirs! Or at least they'd like to think it's their bed!!
    Bernde responded:
    The dogs -- a yellow lab and a russian wolf hound -- sleep on a bigggggggg dog pillow under the upright piano, each one leashed to a piano leg. That way they can sleep, stretch, get up and walk if they want to. Hah, but they can't get comfy on our couches! Where the cats are already sleeping, of course!
    wickedwanda0629 responded:
    Our dog sleeps anywhere he wants, as a puppy he was crate trained ,we still have the crate but we leave the door open and he still goes in there daily it's his space.
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    My thread starter post was from 3 years ago (the old Pet's board has been imported into this new Pet Health Exchange) so I want to update you on my pets.

    My Russian Blue cat Samantha passed away from cancer this past September. We now have a big 7 pound rascal of a kitten named Charlie and he likes to sleep at the end of the bed with Lilly our dog. But only after he calms down from being a crazy cat. Otherwise, he tends to bug Lilly enough for her to jump off the bed and sleep on the floor so Charlie ends up having the whole end of the bed by himself! He doesn't like being under the blankets either! But Charlie thinks Lilly is his mommy dog so he wants to cuddle with her when he's tired.

    - Annie

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