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    Should Michael Vick be allowed to own a dog?
    Will Draper, DVM posted:
    So - Michael Vick said, in a recent video interview, that he "would love to get another dog in the future". For those who don't know (or were trapped in a hole for the last 3 years) Vick, the present Eagles quarterback and serious NFL MVP contender, served 18 months in prison after being convicted in 2007 on animal cruelty charges (based on his involvement in a Virginia dog-fighting ring). I guarantee you that there are many people, after seeing the interview, who will be buying cardboard posters with paint and markers?ready to picket in front of the Vick household(s) and Eagles stadium in staunch protest. Some, however, will feel that he's paid his debt and should be given another chance to prove that he does love dogs, as he has claimed many times.

    What do YOU think?
    Dr. Will
    kathykatt responded:
    NO, THIS would be like putting a child molester with children, you don't do it. Animals have rights too!!!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    No. No. No. It's time to stop giving athlete's a pass for bad behavior.

    I believe one of the conditions that the court set was that he is not allowed to own dogs again. So he should not be allowed to own a dog.
    Hebuckz responded:
    I live in Tunisia and am limited to many news stories. I am however, an avid watcher of Animal Planet where I have seen cases related to this. Why was this man not banned for life from owning any animal. It is tragic that animals have to suffer at the hands of humans. They give so much but are so frequently abused and in this case for monetary gain and 'so called' pleasure.
    choclabowner responded:
    think he should be allowed to prove himself like anyone else who has made bad choices in life , i don`t think he should be allowed to own a pit bull though ,
    adanl responded:
    Should people who have killed another human being allowed to be around other people? Can a person learn and change? Should a new pet in Michael's life have protections? Personally, if a panel of animal experts feel that Michael is sincere in his wish to ethically raise a dog or any other pet, then, under an initial probation like period, with reviews and visits as needed, then he should have a chance to show he's changed.
    starsky81 responded:
    No way should he be able to get another dog!!
    If he actually loved his previous dogs (and I'm sure there are more he has hurt) he would never have used it to fight, that's a disgusting and vile way to treat an animal that looks up to you and adores you and wants to be loved..
    If he wants a fight he should go join a fight club himself or be a boxer and he doesn't because he's gutless and inconsiderate of other beings... damn low life!
    Jackingup responded:
    While we have certainly become more socially conscious, why would you not allow it? Because he knew the fighting was happening (and financed it to some degree) doesn't mean he can't like (love?) animals. I agree with those on the thread that suggest people can change and that Mr. Vick paid the price for his error.
    ponyrun2 responded:
    I still don't think Vick is sorry for what he did... only that he got caught... he has has "apologized" to everyone except the animals he hurt and killed.... While I have not heard any of the "talks" he gives I don't think he's sincere... he's only doing it to better his image (I'm sure at the urging of his lawyers and team)...

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where 22 of his dogs were placed for rehab and adoption, has stated that NOT ONCE has Vick attempted to contact them regarding the health and well being of his dogs... they were, however, contacted by some agency wanting an interview with Best Friends regarding the matter... all they were looking for were statements praising Vick so they could boost his public image... As Best Friends had nothing good to say about this "man" they declined the interview....

    Granted he may treat a pet better than his "fighters" but why take the chance... people who have done less have been forbidden to ever own another pet... why should Vick be any different ? Oh, that's right... he's a big sports star who supposedly has paid his debt to society just because he was sent to prison...

    He may have paid his debt to society... but what about his debt to those animals he abused and tortured ? He's not sorry for what he did, just that he got caught....
    Wsilva responded:
    While I do believe that people do pay their debt to society and should be given a second chance, I also believe in setting guidelines or condition.Why not treat this like a case of child endangerment. Let Michael Vick foster an a dog. Then have a certified person drop by for random inspection. Let's say the pet version of the Department of Child Welfare. If Michael did not appreciate having his freedom taken away from him for 18 months I sincerely believe he won;t like someone dropping by unannounced to check up on him and how he is caring for a dog. Maybe that way it will prove if he truly is a changed person who loves dogs.
    rockjdog responded:
    No, like pony2run has said he never tried to work with bestfriends, he has never done any work on behalf of animal causes. He crossed a line because of the torture he commited on animals.
    One of the ways he killed dogs sticks with me to this day.

    He would attach a car battery to the dogs ears and then throw it in the pool. The dog would drown slowly as it spasmed from the shocks. There were claws left imbeded in the side of the pool from dogs trying to grasp the sides.

    I think there is a certain point where a human can cross far over the line to the point of it being true evil. I just do not see any redemption for him and I can't imagine him being able to come back from the dark place he has lived and own a pet.
    susanroliver responded:
    Sure, if the dog is Cujo.
    tshaw28105 responded:
    Michael Vick abused animals. Confessed to it. And this month december 2010 bought a 90K porsche after filing bankruptcy. He might as well have abused a child, an elderly person or a mentally handicapped person. And he comes out smelling like a rose. They gave janet jackson so much grief for showing her nipple in the super bowl preshow but michael vick can abuse animals and again be an nfl star, and be an example for our children. he is disgusting. he will probably go to the superbowl since he sold his soul to the devil or is the devil. The only thing i know is God will take care of him in the end.
    djk6277 responded:
    Absolutely NOT!!! I have a APB who is the sweetest pup ever! I always imagine what could have happened if a heartless monster like Vick got him before we rescued him. It makes me sick! I don't think there is hope for people who harm children or animals!
    beanie_gene responded:
    Absolutely Not!!!!!! I mean, come on already. Too much temptation to do exactly what he was already punished for. Not to mention that he is getting media attention again.

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