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    Includes Expert Content
    My Dog has been diagnosed with severe anemia
    An_221187 posted:
    My 13 plus year old dog has been diagnosed with severe anemia. The vet was not able to give me an exact diagnosis of what kind of anemia my dog has. But he did say she needs a blood transfusion.I love my hershey but i cannot afford $1000 @ this moment. I would like to know is there any kind of meds i can give her to give her energy.

    Any suggestions about the situation would be greatly appreciated from anyone.
    MyHershey9 responded:
    Oh yeah. Another thing I was also told if my dog doesnt have the transfusion she will not live long. That could mean a few days to a week. Im very confused on what to do.
    Home2strays replied to MyHershey9's response:
    please talk again with your vet, or get a 2nd opinion... theres alot of factors to involve here- why is she anemic? could be cancer, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, or a severe intestinal parasite infection ect. how anemic is she? a few points below normal isnt too serious but judging that your vet said she needs a transfusion Im guessing its way below normal and shes probably lethargic and pale too. Ask your vet what he thinks the CAUSE of her anemia is, that can help you decide whether or not to proceed or how long she may be around. Please dont be afraid to ask your vet question, MOST vets are there for the animals quality of life.
    Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS responded:
    Anemia can be caused by many things. What is important to know is whether the bone marrow is starting to make new blood cells or not. If not, she will slowly use up the remaining blood cells and pass away (transfusions will only prolong that). If she is making new cells, then we like to know if they are getting destroyed before they do good (internal bleeding or blood parasites destroying cells), or they are now slowing increasing the blood count. What this says is we want to know if this is a regenerative anemia or a non-regenerative anemia. $1000 sounds expensive for just a blood transfusion so I think you need to know more about what is going on even if you decide to have the transfusion. A second opinion, especially from a board certified veterinary internist, wouldn't be a bad idea. I hope you can get some good news.
    jbrojennifer responded:
    Could you please let me know what happened to your dog?
    My dog also has severe anemia and enlarged spleeen. Doctor said she needs blood transfusion for $1,000 which i cant afford. Instead of putting her to sleep yesterday, we are giving her antibiotics and predisone and will see if she starts to improve. So far, they do not think it is cancer, and there are no masses. Any input would be appreciated.
    LuVS7x replied to jbrojennifer's response:
    jbrojennifer ,

    How is your dog doing?

    My dog is sick too. I didnt want to put her down because...I feel that I cannot give up onher life. She is anemic and I have been trying to feed her home remedies recipes. Blood transfussuion is expensive and Vets dont seem that they want to do it. Did she make it? I hope so. Please tell me what you gave her and did for her.

    jbrojennifer replied to LuVS7x's response:
    My dog Allie, may have just turned a corner because her blood count is up to 30 now. When we first took her in her red blood cell count was only 6. She has been on prednisone and doxycyline. After one month we added 3 other different antibiotics: ampicillion, baytril, and flagyl. I also added milk thistle to help her liver. She is not out of the woods yet but I am feeling hopeful that she will pull through.

    If your dog is anemic too, I believe that prednisone is the key to keeping her alive.

    Let me know how she is doing. I will pray for your dog too!!!
    vizal123 replied to jbrojennifer's response:
    My dog is very sick. We took her to vet and the vet ran some tests and said her red blood count was down to 23, and also she said that it was not too bad and that she would be ok.... Now I'm upset because she is still laying around and want eat! Please can somebody help me understand what I need to do.
    123beck replied to vizal123's response:
    Our dog was at 26 and then would not eat either. Vet said to feed her whatever she would eat but that can cause loose stools and vomiting. So we boiled chicken breasts or whole chip boiled and remove skin. and cut them up and mixed a jar of meat baby food in with the chix. She turned it down till I sat on floor and hand fed her. And she ate! Not a problem to hand feed to get her to eat. Try mixing a handful of kibble in. We did put in a few pieces of hot dog or liverwurst. Not much though. Did this for a couple days and today she ate on her own. I don't care if she isn't eating her premium kibble. She just needs to eat. Lola has thyroid condition too which makes them lose their appetite. We tried rice mixed in but she refused it. She has become instantly picky! Her blood went up to 34 within a few days but that is the thyroid and antibiotics. She is on thyroid meds too. Enlarged spleen too but one thing at a time. I read steroids can help along with supplements but dogs aren't like humans needing iron. Beef liver is good for them in small amounts. Lola is sensitive to rich foods now. So their tummies need to rest with bland foods. Vet said bland food for a while helps them heal more quickly. It's slow to build the blood up so be patient. They act so sad and depressed. We did take her on short walks going slow. That perked her up. She is a 6 yr old chocolate lab. We also tried just the babyfood at first because she can lick it up. As long as they eat something! Let me know how this goes. So scary when they don't eat. Sending healing thots your way.

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