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    Includes Expert Content
    Is Vectra 3D Safe? And how long does it take to fully dry?
    An_221274 posted:
    We recently got a husky and the vet gave us Vectra 3D for her and said it is better than frontline, which we were going to get. I've read alot of negative reviews, as well as some good ones. I'd like a professional opinion as well. We put it on her last night before bed and this morning it seems to have spread on her fur at the application spots and it still wet/greasy. We were told it should be dry by morning.. is this normal? How long does it usually take to dry and should we continue to not let her on furniture, pet her, have contact with our clothing, etc?

    Also, once this produce is fully dry...does is still pose a threat to cats or only when first applied and wet?

    Home2strays responded:
    most fleas have become somewhat immune to frontline since it's been around for awhile, most people end up having to apply it every 3 weeks. I havent heard any negatives from any patients and i use it on my 3 dogs, the only thing ive heard is one doberman owners says it leaves a white residue that he has to brush off. Is your dogs fur actually still WET from it? where you able to get it applied down to the skin ( husky have thick thick fur)? try just brushing down your dog and see if that helps.
    Husky_pup replied to Home2strays's response:
    We have brushed (and blow dryed on cool setting after more hours went by for a quick min) and it still looks the same. Its more of a gel feeling than wet I would say. When we would applied it was down to the skin, but when she woke up it looked like her fur soaked up some of it and it all matted up in the application areas and it still looks matted and "gel" like 24 hours later. Is it still considered harmful at this point like this, to humans (if we pet her or if she comes onto the furniture etc), herself(grooming), or to cat exposure?
    thank you!
    Home2strays replied to Husky_pup's response:
    At this point maybe water her fur (no soap) and see if that helps? If it is still coming off onto your hands when you pet her I would not let her around any cats and don't let her lick at it. Perhaps you could call the 1 800 number and see if they have any other ideas or maybe they had a "bad" batch go out?
    Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
    The volume of Vectra can make the fur look 'wet' for an extended period of time but the company considers the area dry after a few hours. You are correct that you should not apply the canine Vectra on a cat. For those that want to use Vectra, there is a large population of veterinarians who use Vectra on their own dogs who cohabit with cats and have not had problems. They do practice safety measures of not allowing the two species to be with each other for 8 to 12 hours after it has been applied to the dog.

    We are so fortunate to now have several very safe and effective flea control medications for dogs and cats. If you are feeling uncomfortable with using Vectra, you may want to ask your veterinarian for an alternative.

    Don't give up on flea and external parasite control. You are safeguarding the health of your pet and your family.

    Dr. Bernadine Cruz
    ohdannyo replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
    I may be behind the times,, somehow I feel uncomfortable with that kind of med,, seems to me nothing directly on the skin is a better thought
    I just use the old fashioned flea collars,,
    Do you think I need to readjust my mindset?
    An_221275 replied to ohdannyo's response:
    I've been staying away from the "old fashioned collars" because my two German Shepherds like to play by grabbing each other's collars and pulling. I didn't want to take a chance on chemicals in their mouths. I've used Frontline and used Comfortis once -- a little pricey for my 2 big dogs. I'd not heard of Vectra til now. I had a bad experience with Advantage when they were pups -- They laid down, like they were sick, and their hearts just pounded way too fast. Never tried it again.
    billbpeters replied to An_221275's response:
    Comfortis is pricey, but available from overseas at a reasonable price and without a prescription.
    Home2strays replied to billbpeters's response:
    buying medicine of sites like petmeds or overseas is risky- they usually arent shipped in temperature controlled quarters and sometimes the drugs are expired! I would not risk it- at best you're wasting your money on an innefctive product, at worst (depending on the med) you could hurt your animals saving a few bucks.
    flea collars- depending on the size of the dog also arent effective, it'll keep them off the head and neck but if its a med-large dog they just are too big. and I have heard of them causing cancers in cats- not sure about dogs though.
    I actually just put my dogs vectra on a few days ago and it did make them look greasy about 4 days, but i got a paper towel and none was coming off onto it.
    tx2GSD replied to Home2strays's response:
    I've been purchasing Frontline from a vet's website in Australia for the past year. It's less than half the U.S. price, and I've never had a problem. (It's sent Priority Mail.) I'm on a "retiree's income" and the U.S. price is just too high for me with 2 big dogs.(100 lbs).
    I may try Vectra -- does the "oiliness" rub off onto upholstery (sofa), etc?
    KaylSher replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
    Do you know if it's safe for a pregnant woman to apply to her dog? I just applied it to my dog two days ago, not thinking, and now my fiance won't let me near the dog. Is it safe to be near him two days after the fact? Could I have harmed my unborn baby? I can't seem to find a lot of information.
    Home2strays replied to KaylSher's response:
    after the inital wait time (usually 2 hrs) it shouldnt rub off on anything, my bichon hates anything on her and immeidatley tries to rub it off on the couch and ive never noticed any staining.
    As for the pregnancy question- i would ask your vet/ try going on their website maybe? I cant remember at the moment if its the one that wicks through to each hair or if its absorbed in the oil glands...
    stayfit85 responded:
    We had same problem with our Wheaten Terrier after first month's application. It remained greasy looking until we bathed him the following week. Yesterday we applied the second month's dosage and did a better job parting the fur and this seems to have helped although there is still a residue twenty four hours later.

    I have the same question (concern) about when the area becomes safe for human contact.
    karabball replied to tx2GSD's response:
    What is the site you are using to get your meds overseas in Austrailia? I too, am on a tight budget, but will never be able to live without my fur babies!
    davnlei replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
    I have just applied Vectra 3D to my dogs for the second time, and I am concerned because my Jack Russell has a white coat and on his white coat this product "dries' ovenight to a sticky looking red color. I was concerned he was bleeding....doesn't look like it is blood, however, his skin under the fur in the application area does seem to look somewhat red and inflamed. I would like a little more safety information, and an explanation for this weird coloring that looks like red clay, but only in the area it was applied.

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