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    MSettle78 posted:
    My pitbull was diagnosed at the Animal hospital Er on Saturday . She stayed overnight on fluids and Meds and we got her back Sunday. We were told to SLOWLY introduce food and water back into her diet. She is doing good with eating but she never wants water and will only drink like a couple licks. She went to her water bowl like 3 times yesterday thats not alot. Im just worried about her not being hydrated. With her pancreaitis she is supposed to be on a BLAND diet with nothing fatty. Do you think it would be okay for me to put a popsicle in her water bowl to encourage her drinking more ? Or any other suggestions.... All she does is sleep thats all she wants to do
    Home2strays responded:
    I would not put popsicle in there. shy most likely is not thirsty because the fluids they gave her are still in her system. As long as she is urinating a few times a day she should be fine. You can check her hydration by pulling the skin between her shoulder blades up and if it stays tented more than 3 seconds she may be slightly dehrdrated (if it doesnt go back down take her in to the vet again) for her food if you are feeding her boiled chicken and rice (which is what we tell people) that has water in it also. In the future, do you know what you fed her to cause the pancreatitis inthe first place so it doesnt happen again?
    MSettle78 replied to Home2strays's response:
    No we have no idea and wish we did.... We keep our trash outside in the garage so she didnt get into that... Only thing we can think of is if she got something in the yard so we dont let her outside in the yard alone anymore
    amr4434 responded:
    My poodle also has pancreatitis. At first I didn't agree with the diagnosis because we never had her on a 'fatty diet'. The vet asked us questions like - does she get people food. Of course she ate people food, but what dog owner doesn't share a morsel of this or that from time to time. I felt like he was insinuating that we were bad dog owners or our negligence caused it.

    I did as much research as I could and realized that her aging body couldn't handle certain foods like it did in the past. Her old dry dog food looked pretty and nutritious, but actually wasn't. It wasn't about blame or finding a cause - it was about keeping her healthy.

    The diagnosis was many years ago and we manage it quite well with pancreazime and diet. The diet was challenging, especially with her other issues and being a picky eater. We currently use prescription canned food, cottage cheese, and very lean (96%) ground beef. Boiled chicken and rice are also very good, but she got satiated on it after a while.

    As for water, I read about freezing chicken broth in ice cube trays and offering it to dogs as treats. I haven't tried it yet. Perhaps you could dilute it and definitely stick to very low sodium brands. It might entice your gal to drink.

    Worst case scenario - you could do the sub-q fluids at home. We do this several times a month. It really isn't as bad as one might think.

    Best of luck!
    Home2strays replied to MSettle78's response:
    well, you can always use a basket muzzle if you want to leave her outside a bit unattended. Its not something that will cut off air, or anything like that, just keeps them from picking stuff from the ground.
    RocketsMommy responded:
    I have a 5 year old toy poodle who was diagnosed with pancreatitus when he was only a year old. He because very very sick and ended up in the hospital for several days. Once he was released, we fed him Royal Canin Low Digestive canned food my hand and hydrated him by hand using a dropper. He got better pretty quickly. He NEVER ate people food so I guess he was just prone to it. He is currently on Royal Canin Low Digestive dry food and that's ALL he eats. You can buy the canned food and actually cook it in the oven and cut it up for special treats for your puppy, they will love it. Rocket has remained great without additional medications, strictly diet has helped him. I would not give your puppy popsicles as they contain so much sugar which turns to carbs. Watch her closely until you know she's on the road to recovery. Good Luck and I feel you're pain.

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