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    Includes Expert Content
    Cat Will Only Eat Treats
    EBAtlanta posted:
    My 15-year-old male cat has kidney disease and has just recovered from a UTI. We're giving him potassium and are supposed to be feeding him a special diet. The problem: He'll only eat treats and a few bites of canned food (not KD). I've tried all sorts of tricks and none are working.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
    Home2strays responded:
    Some of the tricks Ive used are warming it up, putting half prescription food/ half food he loves, putting kitty in a small area (crate or bathroom) with only the food, valium (ask your vet first!), syringe feeding until they feel better- or use a tingue depressor to get it in. Have you tried the dry version? Not ideal because you want him to get as much water as possible but better than nothing. The cat I had the most issues feeding was a clinic cat that I had to force feed 3 times a day and give fluids every day. I ended up having to make him his food and he loved it til he passed. Im sure if you ask your vet to give you a recipe that would fit his needs (and you can hide medicine in too) that maybe he would like that?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hello EBAtlanta!

    I see Home2Strays has made a lot of great suggestions you can run by your vet to see if they might work for your kitty. A couple of other suggestions are to try blending some of the treats in with KD or whatever he's supposed to be eating. You may even want to try the blender to make it smooth.

    You may also want to keep some of his approved dry crunchies in the pouch or container the treats came in, so they'd smell like it. You may also want to ask your vet about an appetite stimulant or other options.

    Let us know how you and your kitty are doing,

    Every dog has his day - but the nights are reserved for the cats ~ Unknown
    Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
    All of the suggestions above are good ideas but there's an important underlying principle for nutrition in sick cats: the best food is the one they'll eat. In other words, they need calories. Which kind of calories are not especially important until they're eating well. Once they are, you can feed them the best kind. Since your cat has kidney disease, kidney diets are the ideal but (as you probably know) they're not especially palatable since they're low in protein (and cats, being carnivores, like protein a lot!) So I'd go with what works for now, then gradually switch over to kidney diets when he's feeling better. Incidentally, there are different brands of kidney diets, all of which taste different so if he doesn't like one, try another. I also find that most cats like the dry versions better than the canned form.

    Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
    The Cat Doctor
    Board Certified in Feline Practice
    BluntBill responded:
    only feed it treats, my cat has only eaten treats since i got her 4 years ago as a kitten... i strictly order "Pounce Moist" by the case from my local pet store and fill up a bowl in the kitchen of them for her, whenever it runs low i just add another jar of the treats... i tried giving it food a couple times but it really only likes the treats so i hook her up... also i didn't tell the vet this (thought i may be reprimanded and its none of his business what my cat eats) but every time she goes the vet says she is in perfect health! Your cat is 15 yrs old... treat it to a lovely retirement and let it eat what it wants/likes (if you buy in bulk, its not much more expensive then good brands canned cat food)

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