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    slmo833 posted:
    Our little 13 yr old poodle has fleas for the first time. He's wearing a flea collar and we've sprayed him with flea spray and given him baths with flea shampoo. I killed 5 of them yesterday evening, got up at 4am and gave him a flea bath. Eight went down the drain, killed 5 more on our bed. I've put flea powder on the carpet and there's still fleas.
    We have 2 parakeets and a child in the house, so we have to be careful of all the chemicals. Can anyone help me??? We're also getting ready to leave for vacation and have someone house sit and dog sit.
    kiraven responded:
    Your dog needs to be treated with Frontline, advantage or given comfortis. These will kill the fleas so they can not reproduce. If weary of all the chemicals, give him a bath with dawn dishwashing liquid (blue original) followed by baby shampoe. Then vacuum, vacuum, vacuum your entire house (2-3 times a day if possible) and throw out the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and keep away from the house. It could take as much as three months to toally get rid of the fea infestation in your house. You should spray all the areas where the dog is. There are natural flea spray out there that do the job without all the poisons. Good luck. I was just where you are a few months ago. This worked for me with my dog and two cats. The Comfortis pill worked best for me and was Vet recommended.
    slmo833 replied to kiraven's response:
    Thank you. We've never had a pet with fleas and just started buying stuff off the shelf at Wal-Mart. When our poor little guy starts crying in the middle of the nut we really knew he was suffering. Guess we're in for a long haul till they are gone.
    Thanks again!
    Puddintat123 responded:
    I agree with Kiraven. Just keep in mind that adult fleas only make up 5% of the flea population so that means there are a lot more larvae, eggs, and pupae in the environment. Even with properly treating your poodle, it may take up to 3 months to get rid of the fleas completely. With that said, I recommend flea control year round. Good luck!!
    peachychick54 responded:
    A little trick we've used before is to fill a bowl with water and add dawn, then set it in the floor with a light shining on it. The fleas will jump right in and drown. They're attracted to the light. Also try K9 Advantix on your dog. I believe it kills fleas in all stages such as eggs and larvae.
    slmo833 replied to peachychick54's response:
    We've been doing the Dawn trick and depending on which room we put the dish & light we have been lucky and caught fleas. Probably total over a 2 day span was about 50 fleas. We took our dog to the groomer and got a bath & flea dip and a very short haircut. I still found 4 fleas last ight, but he is no longer itching. I vaccuum daily and first vaccuum up flea powder and then do the carpet & furniture. We are washing his bed every couple of days too. He wears a flea collar and we have treated the yard. We are not the only ones with a flea infestation this year. It's a work in progress.
    pkelchner responded:
    I have been using Frontline and it doesn't work as well as Comfortis does. Comfortis is a tablet they eat and within 30 minutes you can see the fleas falling off the body! I'm waiting till I get my check at the end of the month to get some more. It has to be prescribed by a vet but I have found some online that is a lot cheaper and no prescription required.
    An_241610 replied to pkelchner's response:
    Can you provide the name of the comfortis substitute you found online please?
    GoldenGirlMiami responded:
    WE had amazing flea infestation for many months no matter what we did, believe me, we did everything know to man, everything. Then a vet teck at our vet's office told me about Comfortis and how impressed they were there. I called Pet Meds on the spot, had them call for a px right then, and ordered some. It is a miracle product. We used it the first month and could not believe that it was totally effective, both to our dogs inside and out. We did not see another flea until into the second month so then we gave our pets another dose of Comfortis. No fleas, We have 9 dogs, 5 inside and 4 outside, and several cats. We gave them Revolution . We had never used either of these products before so this has been like a miracle to us. We have not had any fleas since and this, December, 2011 is now the 3 rd month so far that our pets are totally Flea Free and without having to use another dose of Confortis. It is expensive at first but not as expensive as we were spending money on professional yard sprays, our own yard sprays, topical medications like Frontline, etc etc, and flea baths, all very toxic by the way, and professional inside exterminators also for our house and car. All our dogs are healthy and well and NO FLEAS, I am so grateful . We got a gift for that girl at our vet for telling me. We also had been daily combing our dogs inside and almost always finding a flea or several, It was one of the most frustrating times of my life before the Comfortis. They tell you to use it each and every month but we did Not. We had no fleas in October, nor in November at all not either month, and here we are about to start December. At the first flea, we will give every pet another dose, but meanwhile, they have been saved from so much toxic products like flea baths, and take that flea collar Off Your Dog. Please. Just buy Comfortis asap.
    GoldenGirlMiami replied to kiraven's response:
    I was also told to vacuum every couple hours, and we even vacuumed our mattresses, but until the Comfortis, nothing worked,
    GoldenGirlMiami replied to pkelchner's response:
    We got our Comfortis at Pet Meds and had to have a prescription, but I didn't care - we were so sick of fleas we were ready to do anything. Are you sure it is the same and same quality on line if it is cheaper ? I'd love to save what I can, with 9 dogs and several cats, it is costly.
    Nothing else did work for us , nothing, but now we have been free of fleas for over 2 months using Comfortis and we have not had to use anything either. Comfortis must have a residual quality. I pity anybody who went through what we did with fleas on our pets. It was horrible.
    GoldenGirlMiami replied to An_241610's response:
    If you find a Comfortis substitute that works, also has a residual quality please share the information. So far for us, Comfortis has been the most economical product we have ever used be cause of the now 2 months residual protection our pets do have. I am still in awe, 5 dogs inside and 4 outside and not a flea now for 2 months without using anything. And no toxic flea baths. By the way, Dawn does work for a flea bath as well as anything, or liquid Ivory dish soap. A woman who works with the Miniature Pinscher rescue and has 18 dogs at her house, told me that and it seems to be so, Our dogs are fine, nice coat and shiny, no itching no scaly skin either.
    GoldenGirlMiami responded:
    We have 5 small breed dogs inside our home, 4 larger dogs who mostly live outside in our yard, and a few cats we inherited over the years. We are life long pet owners and always controlled fleas, ticks, etc pretty well until last year. We went nuts trying to get rid of a flea infestation on our pets, literally tried everything in the book vacuuming the house and beds twice a day, sprays, topical flea applications. you can not imagine.

    We had professional yard sprays, professional spray inside and we also did our own, still, fleas. I was beside myself about it. We used flea combs also several times a day on our inside pets and almost always, a flea or two. UGH

    Then one day I was at the vet and the vet teck told me about Comfortis. I called on the spot to order some, our vet had to send them a prescription, and it was like a magic wand just eradicated all of the fleas. We used Revolution on our cats - no more fleas, no more scabies. We used the Comfortis for the first two months, then we were waiting to see if and when any fleas returned.

    That was 3 months ago and still to this day, we have not seen a single flea on any of our pets inside or out. Just try this product. I am so grateful to that vet teck who told me about it. I checked prices on the internet then called a company and it was sent to me using the prescription of our vet. I bless that day it arrived. Frontline had stopped working as had every other flea topical, besides we dislike toxic stuff on our pets.
    baileybunbun replied to slmo833's response:
    I would never buy flea meds off the shelf unless they are the oones your Vet sells! These meds have killed pets.

    I would only buy off shelves ones like, Frontline, Advantage, Revolution! Good luck.
    tammyjean replied to pkelchner's response:
    Could you tell me where you found the Comfortis online without a rx because my vet will not give me a rx for it.

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