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    Includes Expert Content
    Ellie is not feeling well
    KReedCo posted:
    We have been taking Ellie (German Shepard), 5 years old to the vet all summer with chronic diarrhea. It has been foul smelling and frequent and uncontrollable. She does better when she is on a prednisone and antibiotics. We have had lots of lab work done and her pancrease and thyroid are fine. She has lost about 20 pounds and looks anorexic. Food allergy testing includes allergies to fish, rice, corn, and chicken. Tried her on Natural Balance duck and potato - did better for a brief period of time but now refuses to eat it. Tried Bison and potato and the diarrhea is back. Any suggestions?
    Will Draper, DVM responded:
    KReedCo- sounds like it's time for your vet to refer you to a specialist. I'm not sufre if "lots of lab" included x-rays, ultrasound, and/or an intestinal/colon biopsy, but it certainly sounds like it's time to strongly consider such if not. Talk to your vet about these diagnostics, and the best place to have them done. Best of luck to you...please keep us posted.
    Dr. Will
    gailh responded:
    My bernese mountain dog had chronic diarrhea when she was a pup, found she could not eat alot of foods (any type of poultry, etc). She does well though on a beef based food. I feed her solid gold dry beef based food and have recently found a beef based food from natures logic. You would have to check the ingredients as to the other items you mentioned. I think Evo might have one as well. Just a thought. You might also want to ask your vet about Slippery Elm. They sell it in health food stores. My vet who believes in a holistic apporach told me about it years ago for animals that have a bout of diarrhea. You take the capsule and empty it on their food. I don't know if its good for long term use. Although I know someone that gave it to her kitten daily who had chronic diarrhea. She took it for years and then finally seemed ok without. Again check with your vet.
    pookismom responded:
    I know exactly what you are going through because I went through the same thing with my dog. The first thing I did was completely eliminate grains from my dogs diet, opting for a grain free, high quality dog food with venison which is particularly easy for dogs to digest. If the diarreha is really bad, you could use Imodium (crushed and added to food), Pepto Bismal or Kaopectate to your dog's diet or given by mouth.

    You could also add rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes to Ellie's diet too, all of which are great for ending the trots.

    Please don't let Ellie get too far down because my Pooki ended up having damage to the thyroid and as a result, she has literally wasted away to bones! My Pooki is 15 years old and I realize she is at the end of a long and great life but you never want your dog to suffer and believe me, if they have diarehha, they are indeed suffering.

    The food I have Pooki on is Nutro Grain Free Venison with sweet potato.

    The worse thing you can do is change back and forth from one brand to another often because it takes a while for the dog to adjust to any food. You might want to just boil chicken and rice with potatoes for a while while her system settles down.

    Good luck!

    Sandi and Pooki
    starjane1 responded:
    I have a cocker spaniel that would have intermintant soft,
    mucasy stools. I started using canine probiotics and saw
    a difference immediately. Please do a search and you will
    find many problems probiotics can solve.
    KReedCo responded:
    Thank you. I appreciate everyone taking a time to respond. We took Ellie to another vet who believes she has a bacterial parasite. He gave her a shot that would assist in drying her up and an antibiotic. She has not had any diarrhea and has gained about 8 pounds. Two more weeks and we follow up with the vet.

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