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    What makes your cat unique?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    We've all heard the talk that cats are not as smart as dogs. That they are aloof and not as loving.

    Cat's time to set the record straight.

    What makes your cat unique? Is she funny? Loving? Smart?

    Tell us all about your kitty!

    jselleck responded:
    We have two kitties, 11 year old Jack, and year old Peabody. Jack is unique In that he likes to eat things. Everything from carpet to cardboard circles. Peabody likes to play fetch with his furry mice and burrow under covers with my husband. He's adorable when he does that. I came home one time and he was half under the covers with his head next to my husband and it looked like he was hugging him. He's both a sweetie and a monster at times. When Peabody gets excited he'll run laps through our apartment which can be aggravating. But we love both of them. They're our furry monsters.

    d_caitlin responded:
    I have two kittens, Mac(brown and white tabby) and Lily(lynx color point), who are brother and sister. They are now 8 months old and Mac is getting to look like a wild giant, while Lily is staying the petite princess she always has been. Lily is the type that wants you to pet her when she wants you to pet her, and you better give it all you got when you do. She sleeps like a baby in my arms- or in whatever position she can smash herself into to be on top of me. She'll throw her head back against me in a not so subtle plea for me to scratch her neck.
    Mac thinks he's the boss, sleeping up on the highest shelf and playing king of the mountain whenever Lily tries to intrude, but when he sees her getting attention, well he melts into the biggest softie and wants some for himself. They easily become jealous and will gladly sit on each other just so they can both be in my lap at the same time. For that reason, they also hate my phone and my computer.
    They take turns sleeping under the covers with me, pawing at the blanket until I lift it up and let them in. They also steal my electric blanket if I ever make the mistake of leaving it for two seconds. Mac can wrap himself up in that thing like any good catipillar. He is also the one that takes to slapping me in the face in the morning so he can get his food. He knows where the drawar with the treats is and can easily open it and proceeds to pull everything out and chew on it.
    If Lily is ever caught in a room without Mac, she will cry and cry until someone comes to rescue her. Mac abuses his poor sister, but she follows him everywhere.
    Sunni responded:
    My kittie who is actually a 25 lb CAT comes when he is called. He likes to go outside and walk around in the yard and do his business but comes running back to the front door when we call his name. He checks in at least once per hour if he hasn't been called, it's almost like he has a watch.

    He also knows when I am sick and what is bothering me. If it's a headache he lays at my head with his head reasting against mine. If it my stomach he lays across my abdomen. Most recently I started suffering from severe sinus problems. He has started sleeping facing me with his paws on my face.

    Now, This guy is SMART! or intuitive.
    Marshallm responded:
    "Misha" started out as an abused kitten. I answered an ad for a Siames kitten. When I got there the cat was in a pillow case with rubber bands. There was a threatening dog there. The lady took the kitten out for me to hold and she leaned into me. She is a brown point siamese with maybe a mix of something else. I paid for Misha ($160) and the next thing I knew she was in a pillow case again.

    I took her out to the car and left her in the pillow case until we arrived home. Then I gave her freedom. I had the cat box, the cat food and dishes for her. It took two months before she settled down. Love conquers little kittens too. I am a writer and Misha would get in my lap every time I started writing.
    cwm3364 responded:
    my kitty gemma is hysterical.she steels items such as lighters , loose change and pill bottles and hides them in various places. and she will follow me in bathroom at all times that seems to be her favorite spot .keep a lock on door and when ever she hears it open shes up and running for the door doesn`t matter if shes in a deep sleep or what time a day it is. shes very loving sometimes i fall asleep on my lounge chair and she will sleep on the arm of the chair all night with me;
    chas82 responded:
    My (late cat) was a female calico domestic short hair named Neko, and she was a pistol! For the first few months I had her, she had an infatuation with dish sponges and if you turned your back on a sinkful of dishwater, she'd fish out the sponge and eat it! Her way of getting me up every morning was jumping on top of a dresser or nightstand and slowwwwly scooting an object across its surface. I'd sit up and fuss, she'd stop. Once she realized I was drifting back to sleep, she'd resume her evil machinations, and we'd parry back and forth until I finally conceded and arose from bed.

    When I moved in with a boyfriend who had two cats of his own, she quickly established herself as the dominant by perching herself up on the back of the couch in the living room. If either of the other cats dared to enter her domain, she would quickly chase them off. She slept in bed with us, actually UNDER us. I remember becoming almost hysterical when I saw that my boyfriend was laying on top of her, until he pointed out that she burrowed underneath him. When she and his female cat had kittens, she nursed both litters. His cat's previous litter had pretty much died from starvation.

    After the boyfriend and I went our seperate ways and I lost my job, I moved back in with my parents for close to two years. And once I was able to find another job, she would wait by the door for me to come home. It was the same when I went back to school. She would sit behind my laptop every night as I did my homework. She was my constant companion. Even as she was dying from kidney failure, she never left my side, sleeping on my pillow every night the last few weeks of her life. It was over a year ago that I had to finally have her put to sleep. I still grieve hard for her.
    rohvannyn replied to chas82's response:
    Mouse (the calico in my picture) is pretty neat. She greets me at the door each night when I get home from work. She kicks up a fuss when I'm late. She also makes sure I go to bed and get up on time. She never used to do that till her "brother" died and then she took over his duties. She fetches and will throw her stuffed mouse at me when she's ready to play. She also knows the difference between a pen and my pen-shaped laser pointer and gets excited when I bring it out because she wants to play.

    Her "brother," and somewhat adoptive father, was awesome. He'd give hugs to his favorite people and was something of a disciplinarian to other cats. He had absolute trust in me and used to sleep ned to me stretched full length with his head on the pillow. I miss him terribly. I had another cat who used to pick food up in his paw to eat it and would also carry toy balls in a bottle cap, using it as a container!
    janerain responded:
    my cat is very smart--if i am playing on the computer and she wants me to hold her if i don't respond by the second meow she takes her paw and bats my computer mouse across the room
    My precious cat Mello was exactly like his name. Completely Mellow! LOL
    He died 5 mths ago today and let me tell you he was the most precious cat Ive ever encountered. He loved my daughter so but knew I was the one that fed him and cleaned his litter box so he was just as loving to me as well. He knew exactly the time I was coming home and then he would stretch up so I can pick him up, he loved hanging off our shoulders holding him practically on his hind legs..
    I would cook and he was just lay in the kitchen and watch me and when I was done he would follow me to whatever room and lay right at my feet the whole time!
    My friend would call him catdog, because he just didnt act like the "normal" cat, as people would say. He loved every attention and by a wonderful MIRACLE my husband found 2 kittens on the 1month anniversary of mello's passing. Baby & Egypt have become the love of our lives, they each have certain characteristics of Mello, its as if he came back in both of them. They are just as loving as he is, and funny enough, Baby loves my daughter tremendously and Egypt is my lil compainion as well. As soon as I sit, Egypt runs into my lap and curls in it or just throws herself on her back and lays there so I can rub her belly. I love them!!!!
    rohvannyn replied to SOFISTICATED40SUMTHIN's response:
    These tales of our wonderful cats lead me to wonder, why are cats considered aloof? I think it's because cats have a strong sense of their own personhood and aren't too likely to put up with bad treatment. A friendship with a cat seems to be more of a partnership to me, and not a master/slave relationship. Sometimes I will look at my fluffy little calico tagging along wherever I go, and say "yep, that's one aloof, standoffish cat right there," and laugh.
    butterflygarden responded:
    So glad to find this discussion!

    My kitty's most amazing trait is her goofiness.

    She isn't the least bit aloof. You can often find her hanging half off/half on the couch sleeping upside down. She loves to run in front of you and then flop on her back to be petted on her belly. And, she has this toy...circular with a ball that moves but won't come out...that she literally lays on top of to play with...upside down.

    She loves her brother, the dog, and enjoys a good game of chase. Usually she teases him into chasing her, and then he comes racing back around the house with her in hot pursuit!

    She lets my neighbor's 5-year-old carry her around like a cat rag doll, and just eats up the attention.

    We often just call her Flop Cat.

    She's such a sweet, wonderful part of our family. So glad we adopted her.

    Cats do get a bad rap sometimes, but I think their behavior depends on a lot of things, like their personality, how their owner treats them, and what may have happened to them in the past. Cruelty and trauma is hard for cats to get over.

    4daysoff responded:
    I had a beloved cat, I had to put her down the end of October. She was part persian and part?. She had the body and attitude of a persian but the face of a beautiful pointed nose cat. She was all white, long haired, with her blue eye on the left and on the right was her yellow eye. She had had several surgeries on her ears, so her ears were a little crinkled. She was going on 20 years old. She was my best friend, she saw me thorough so much. I thank God for the time I had with her everyday. Charmin was there for me to cry with, to celebrate with and to be quiet with. All my good and bad times she was there. I miss her so much!


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