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    marcyg posted:
    My dog has allergies (I think), my vet keeps saying to try the OTC drugs, I've tried them all with no success. We've done the steroid thing, but she gets minimal relief from that too. Plus its not good for her from what I understand. I'm at my wits end! She seems to do it at special times of night, I can even set my clock to her scratching or licking. I thought it was OTC at first, but no. She seems to get alot of enjoyment (that sounds weird) out of her back rub or even massaged. I've been feeding her Blue, watching her diet (which she's lost at least 4 lbs, and for her size of 18 lbs that's not good), she seems to not want to eat when on all these drugs. I read on Chlorpheniramine (Which seems to help a bit, it makes her tired enough to sleep, but for only an hr, they up again) they could get a lack of appetite, so how do you deal with that too?? I also bathe her in special shampoo, but nothing. I thought it was seasonal at first, but no, but it does get worst in the spring. My Vet is nice and I like her alot but I'm (Boo, my dog) not getting the help we need.

    Any suggestion? I'm up for any help for my kid!
    curlyq912 responded:
    I have one word for you: Dinovite. I heard about it from some seriously cheesy commercials, and my husband was furious when I went online and bought some. But I was like you, absolutely at my wits end. My dog was miserable, and had been for years. His fur was dull, he shed terribly, and his skin would crawl when I pet him -- his whole back would scrunch up he itched so bad. My vet said he had allergies, and yes, it would seem to get worse in the spring/summer but it never really went away either. We went through all sorts of allergy meds and steroids, with minimal results.

    One day in the car I heard this commercial for Dinovite and it was describing my dog (and yours) exactly! I went online and bought the product, which is essentially a multivitamin for dogs. Their claim is that these symptoms are a result of malnutrition -- all dog food is cooked, and most of the nutrients the dogs need are cooked right out of the food. It does not work overnight, but within a month I saw a difference, by the second month he was a whole new dog. My hubby, who was extremely skeptical, was completely won over. The stuff works! Good luck!!
    marcyg replied to curlyq912's response:
    I will try it! Thanks
    marcyg replied to curlyq912's response:
    No, it not food, we've already ruled that out. Thanks anyway
    marcyg replied to marcyg's response:
    Nope, its not food, we've ruled that out a long time ago.
    An_257041 responded:
    when my cat had a bad unknown allergic reaction and a scabby sore due to it, the vet gave me a cortisone shot that cleared it up. it took awhile but improvement was seen immediately. i do not know if this applies to your dog but you could ask your vet about it.
    rohvannyn replied to An_257041's response:
    Good thought, but the original poster had already tried steroids which most likely means prednisone. I would have suggested benadryl or its generic, but they also said they had tried all the over the counter medications. The only other thing I would suggest is to check if anything new had happened in the environment just before symptoms began.

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