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    Fleas...Persistence or Resistance?
    Bernadine Cruz, DVM posted:
    Fleas....what a itchy pain in the bum! Some pets are so sensitive, that it takes only one flea bite to set off a vicious cycle of itching, biting, scratching and torment. Flea control is so much easier and safer than it was just a few years ago. There are times that no matter what a pet owner does, they just don't seem to be able to get on top of the problem. Understanding the flea life cycle is critical to optimizing the chances of keeping fleas under control and off you and your pet.

    Rather than trusting your neighbor, the kid at the pet store or some obscure internet site, browse the many articles at Companion Animal Parasite Council ( for everything you ever wanted to know about fleas (and lots of other bugs) but were afraid to ask.

    Fleas, ticks, internal and external parasites can spread diseases to your pets and family. Keep your entire family safe. Ask your veterinarian for safe and effective parasite control products.

    A health tip from Dr. Bernadine
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    missyotter2 responded:
    I just want to pass along a warning to cat owners to be sure and have your cat thoroughly examined by your vet before you administer any of those flea products like Advantage, or Revolution. My cat had transient diabetes from taking steroids for IBS. I did not realize he was sick because he was just beginning to show symptoms. I put some Revolution on his neck and two days later he was throwing up and running a fever. His liver enzymes were very elevated. We did not make the connection until it happened a second time a year later. This time he had a urinary tract infection. When I put the Revolution on, he started running a 105 temp and vomiting and had very high liver enzymes. After antibiotics, he was fine. Pkg. label warns not to put on sick animals. I didn't know he was sick. Be careful with these products. See the vet first.
    gogogrammy47 responded:
    This tip is helpful but why doesn't anyone discuss the mite
    called "Walking Dandruff" that can be spread amoung dogs,
    cats and humans and is as painful as flea bites, no one
    discusses it or has recommendations, other than our hairdresser that said try witch hazel, how about the vets comments?
    Walden 10, 5 humans, 3 cats, 2 dogs.
    laura2gemini2 replied to gogogrammy47's response:
    That kinda sounds like a type of mange.

    You may have to have the vet do a skin scrape to see what kind of critter it is and how to treat it.

    And definitly ask a vet before using witch hazel on animals, just in case thats one of those odd things that can be bad for them.
    Bernadine Cruz, DVM replied to gogogrammy47's response:
    Dear Gogogrammy47,
    Thanks for bringing this issue to the exchange. Walking dandruff is also known as Cheyletiellosis. It is a mite that lives on the skin. It can be a cause of itching and scaling. You are correct that it is contagious to other pets and people. It is pretty easy to diagnose by looking at the scales on the skin under a microscope. The insect is pretty easy to eradicate with good flea control. If a case is suspect, see your veterinarian and increase your flea control on all pets in the household.
    Dr. Bernadine
    domtauher3 responded:
    yes i have a bad problem.. but the other thing is i cant use anything with chemicals on my babies as lopez the cavie is highly allergic to anything..and i cant give him the flea he through up foam for days and diarreaha for days after he took it..(i gave them to him 1 month and then the next month and both times with one pill this is what happened..) with the topical stuff he goes mad... i mean mad.. biting licking scratching etc... i even tried that earth something Diatomaceous Earth.... i tried this and it made my dog completely horrible panting running in circles etc.. something has to be good to use for him that will not hurt my cat..last year i go so desperate cause he was pulling his fur out and ripping his tail apart..i used skin so soft bath oil from avon and it worked..i bathed him the put that on him for a day..watched him..(i got greasy and so did my but then i bathed him again and flea combed his hair and they were either dead or dying..and they were gone for a long time over 6months then the weather started getting great out and now he is back to ripping and tearing himself not knowing if the skin so soft thing is really any good for him..i am looking for soemthing else to daughter said try tomato paste..said it smothers the fleas and kills them but not sure tomatoes are any good for him willing to try anything its not bad yet but i want to get it before he is crawling with them again..
    domtauher3 replied to missyotter2's response:
    another reason why i tend to try and find all natural things to use on my cat.. and i use plain old litter for him now..and change his boxes every day.. as to not have a smelly house..yes i am a little anal about it..dont like cat smell..but i used to use freshstep regular scoopable little now with that they use herbs in it to stop any worked just fine before i scooped every day and i change changed it ever 2 weeks but they put the herbs in them and my cat started to have seizures and was very sick had to take him to the vets..and they gave him steroids and other meds..and i went to using just plain clay little.. granted it is cheaper but not really.. also for the fleas i tried the eart diato meaous powder and it made my dog wackier than he normally is..he was whining crying running around in circles and trying to bit and scratch 24/7 so after about 5 hours of this i bathed him 3 times to get the stuff off of him and then i also washed all his bedding and mine to get any of it off of him..and i have found he is also very allergic to any i have tried rosemary rinse when i bathe him..and i know its hard to bathe a cat and cats cannot tolerate some items like lemon juice.. which dogs can for fleas and fleas dont like it.. garlic will also help but i wont use it as it can be toxic to them.and i also find apple cider vinegar sprayed as a mist helps a little not a lot.. for vince its fine cause he doesnt go outdoors at all.. and he rarely leaves our area's of the house..he just smells like a but atleast he has no fleas.. but he is also not as allergic to things as my cavalier king charles spaniel is..who seems to be allergic to everything and anything..but myself lol..not really funny but it is..if u sit and thing about it..i need to find something to use that will work and not hurt him in any way shape oR form.. u know?? i have also gotten to the point where i am making their foods and treats.. cat doesnt eat treats but lopez i make his jerky and i make his biscuits.. and anyother thing i can think of.... thanks for letting me vent air or whatever it is am doing here...

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