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    Weekend updates for 10/11
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Morning Mommies!

    How was your weekend?



    Goals for the week?
    kay_kay75 responded:
    25 weeks 5 days or 100 days left!

    How was your weekend? Weekend was pretty good... got some things done in the house, got some more stuff put in storage, spent some time with a friends kids who just need adult guidance and aren't getting that at home.

    Pros? Feeling pretty good, not as much stress, glad that the anatomy scan is finally finished and everything looks good. Was a bit stressed about that since this is my first and I am over 35, I don't know just stressful until l heard the all is good.
    Cons? Had to have the 3 hour GD test on Friday, hoping all turns out well and I pass this one. I really don't have much I can modify in my diet, I have cut out most carbs, almost all sugar, drink very little of anything other than water, so really just not sure what else I can do.

    Goals for the week? Get more done in the house, have a good time saturday for DF's birthday. Continue to get things ready for the baby shower at the beginning of the month.
    cheri320 responded:
    Hello all!

    19 weeks and so far so good. I am not really looking pregnant yet, just feeling fat and bloated :) Feeling the baby move pretty regularly, so that is exciting. We are looking forward to our "big" ultrasound on Friday!!!

    Have a great week everyone. Please stop by and check the due date list - it is my first week with it, so there may be some updates I have missed. Just reply to that post and I promise to make the updates for next week.
    Cheri (37) DH (40) DS (1/30/09) Baby 2 due 3/9/11!
    QueenOfStarWars replied to cheri320's response:
    39 WEEKS!!!!

    I have to say that I really thought my LO would come this weekend. Thursday was a horrible day - lots of shooting pain from "down there" no matter what I did - sit, stand, walk, etc.

    Since then, though, I've felt really great. Lots of energy, etc. I feel ready to go (work-wise).

    I'll say has become very uncomfortable and the swelling is bad, but other than that, just waiting.
    Jeannie [Me (37); DH (41); DD 22mos (EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008); EDD for 2: 10/18/2010 Pink Team]
    Scoutabout replied to QueenOfStarWars's response:
    Go, Jeannie, goooooooooooooooooo!!!! I just "stopped in" to check on you!

    Sending you {{{easy labor}}} vibes. I know it's really uncomfortable right now, but she'll be here soon and you'll forget all about it then.

    The waiting stinks, though, doesn't it? And the swelling. And the discomfort. And t-r-y-i-n-g to haul your butt up to pee every 5 minutes! heeheehee

    Congrats on getting all the papers graded -- that's a huge accomplishment you can check off your list!

    I'll be checking both here and FB for news...

    (((((HUGE HUGS)))))

    QueenOfStarWars replied to Scoutabout's response:
    Lisa, Good to hear from you. I'll post both here and FB when something happens.

    I have to say that I'm really happy I've gone this far. I've been so nervous this whole pregnancy. I think that's partly why I didn't want to be induced. I think I told the doc that if she wants to stay put and cook a few more days, let her :)
    Jeannie [Me (37); DH (41); DD 22mos (EDD 12/23/2008 but born at 33 wks on 11/9/2008); EDD for 2: 10/18/2010 Pink Team]
    Janna1016 replied to QueenOfStarWars's response:
    Hi Mommies!

    3 (or so) weeks to go!

    I had a DA yesterday and got the very welcome news that baby is now head down! This is a huge relief since s/he had been transverse for months. Everything else was fine too. I got my flu shot, so I should have some immunity by the time I have to head to the hospital. The baby has also dropped some, which is making me have to pee almost constantly, but I can still walk fairly normally. Maybe a little waddle....;-)

    Pros: all of the above plus the crib is now up and ready and I stocked up on basics at Costco over the weekend. With DD#1 I was trying to make one last Costco run and stopped for gas on the way. My water broke at the gas station! Needless to say, I never made that trip. All I really have left to do is pack a bag for the hospital and wash the car seat cover.

    Cons: Normal stuff...tired of getting up 3 times every night to pee, BH contractions are starting to hurt, Feet are really hurting - I've never had foot pain during pregnancy! They are a bit swollen at the end of the day but really not bad. No swelling anywhere else. They just hurt (the soles) all the time. I'm down to 3 pairs of work-appropriate shoes that I can wear without making the pain unbearable, and it's all about sneakers on the weekend.

    Goals: pack a bag, wash car seat cover, relax and rest!

    Have a great week everybody!
    Janna(40), DH(40), DS(12), DD(10), DD(4), Due 11/2/2010, Yellow Team

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