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    37 & trying...
    Tfehrenbacher posted:
    Hi Everyone... I'm just looking for a little support here.
    I'm 37 and just got married in December. My husband is younger than I am. (he's 29) I already have a 20 yr old in college, but he really wants a child - so I am all for it after some persuasion. lol
    We've been trying since the end of December... and nothing yet. I'm freaking out a little. I'm not fully 100% sure how the whole telling when you ovulate works... it wasn't this hard when I was 16 :)
    Any advice? I know I'm probably just being whiny and it's really NOT time to freak out yet.
    Any feedback or stories on how long it took you all would be appreciated. I would love to hear the stories... to keep my mind off my own!!!
    Thanks :)
    phoenix31674 responded:
    Well, I got pregnant with DS just shy of 36. When you get older you don't ovulate as regularly, which can make getting pregnant more difficult.

    Some advice:

    1. If you haven't seen your doc for a pre-natal check to make sure you are up to pregnancy, I would do so.

    2. We went the route of every 2-3 days to make sure there were sperm waiting for the egg rather than going through the stress of charting temps or using an ovulation kit. of course we also took the stance if it happens great, if not it wasn't meant to be, so that further reduced my stress. Though you may want use an ovulation kit if you are stressing over whether or not you are ovulating. Remember, once you ovulate, if you haven't had sex in a few days it's too late. The egg only lasts about 12 hours from ovulation and it takes longer than that for sperm to get there. It's best to have sex 1-3 days before ovulation - thus the every 2-3 days method.

    3. Once over 35 it's recommended to see a doc about fertility issues for you both once you've been trying for 6 months

    it took us 4 months from the time I went off the pill until we conceived, so even using every couple of days (not every day because you need to give his sperm time to build back up), it didn't happen right away.

    So please, don't freak out. Doing so will only reduce the chances of success. I know relaxing is hard, but maybe yoga or pilates can help you with that. Best of luck.
    Tfehrenbacher replied to phoenix31674's response:
    Awesome advice... Thanks :) And the 2-3 day method. Great idea!! It's worth a shot.
    I've been using those little ovulation sticks - every morning and I sware I've been ovulating everyday since i've been using them - the colors always look the same to me. And the temp taking. I did buy a thermometer and will start doing that after my next cycle if it didn't work this time.

    I did see my doctor before hand, because I had been on the pill for almost 16 years and wanted to make sure that wouldn't cause any issues. She said I'm healthy and ready to go. So, that made me feel much better about trying.
    phoenix31674 replied to Tfehrenbacher's response:
    I wish you the best of luck. i know how anxious it is as the period date arrives. I never used the ovulation kit so I have no idea how that works or what it should look like.

    Keep us posted and please do try to relax about this whole experience. Stress won't help. Which always struck me as funny since the whole process of trying to get pregnant naturally seems to get stressful.
    cheyenne828 replied to phoenix31674's response:
    I got pregnant when I was late 36 and will deliver shortly at 37, so it's possible!! Check out a site like Fertility Friend - or read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Both have a wealth of information. I needed a little bit of help (clomid and progesterone) but otherwise it took me about 16 months to get pregnant. I did have one miscarriage at 10 weeks and a chemical pregnancy in that time, and whiletraumatic, it is not uncommon for ladies of any age and my RE did not think it was related to my age. But this last pregnancy came relatively easily and so far the pregnancy itself has been uncomplicated. Best of luck to you!!!
    Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, will be taking this one day at a time....
    Tfehrenbacher replied to cheyenne828's response:
    Thanks Cheyenne... I've heard about Clomid. I had a few people tell me that you don't need a script for that even and you can buy it off the net. I thought about buying it and giving it a try - but not sure if I should w/o my doc telling me to?

    I will check out this website. Thanks for the input. I love hearing the success stories.

    Janna1016 responded:
    Congratulations on your marriage!

    I do think you're freaking out a little early :-) but I understand--I was the same way with my most recent pregnancy. It took me a long time to make the decision to try (DH wanted another one but left it up to me), but once I made the decision I wanted it to happen now or sooner!

    I have 4 kids. With my first we tried for 2 months (I was 27). #2 took us 1 month (I was 30), #3 was unplanned, so no trying at all (I was 36), and #4 took 7 long months of trying (I was 40). We didn't use ovulation predictors for any of them, just DTD every other day or so.

    So try not to worry yet! You're still young, you've only been trying for a little while. No reason yet to think it won't happen.

    Best of luck!
    Janna(40), DH(40), DS(12), DD(10), DD(4), Due 11/2/2010, Yellow Team
    Tfehrenbacher replied to Janna1016's response:
    Thanks!!! We went to the Dominican - it was wonderful :)

    And Again, great story. Thanks :)
    This website really is pretty awesome. I haven't thought about "IT" since I've been talking to all of you. Which I think is exactly what I needed.

    And yeah, I hear more and more about the every 2-3 days method. Doesn't seem like you can go wrong with that.
    Anyway... my next cycle is supposed to be here around the 8-9th of March. So we will find out soon how this month turned out ~ Cross your fingers!!!
    Tfehrenbacher replied to Janna1016's response:
    Thanks Janna!!!

    My cycle is due to be here around March 8-9th, so we will see how this month went. Cross your fingers :)

    And Congrats to you!!

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