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    44 and pregnant OMG
    julred posted:
    I just took a preg test this morning to find that I am pregnant. Although we were trying I really didnt think it was possible. This is my 5th pregnancy, my first with my husband. Any other moms out there close to my age who can share their experiences with me?
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Julred,

    Welcome to the community! At times this community can be a bit slow to answer but very supportive. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    WebMD has a 1st trimester community if you are interested, many members will join a few communities to get the maximum benefit. Please feel free to reply in any thread or post whatever you would like to talk about.

    Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy,

    wendywash40 responded:
    Hi Julred. I am 39 and my first child(John) is 14yrs old. I didnt think I would get pregnant but here I am. I am so scared and excited. I've had no morning sickness which has been great. This pregnancy is TOTALLY different from my first one. I'm just 8weeks and 1 day so I will let you know in 19 more weeks. LOL!! Take care of yourself.

    Janna1016 responded:
    Congratulations! I have 4 kids, and just had my most recent baby 4 months ago at age 40. My previous deliveries were at age 27, 30, and 36. Pregnancy was a little harder on me this time around, more aches and pains than I remember from before. I definitely had to rest more. Delivery was also harder--she was about a week overdue and I was induced. Previous babies were all born before their due date by a few days. It was also more stressful due to bad screening results for Down Syndrome (I ended up having an amnio and found out all was well after a stressful few weeks).

    Even though I made it sound bad, I can't complain. My pregnancy at age 40 was just as healthy as previous ones with no complications. My daughter is healthy and beautiful, and I feel so lucky to have her! Like you, I wasn't sure I would be successful getting pregnant at 40, so every time I look at her I feel so blessed. Also, being an "experienced" mommy, I know just how fast this time goes, so I'm mindful to enjoy every moment.

    I wish you the very best, and again, congratulations!!
    Janna(41), DH(41), DS(13), DD(10), DD(5), DD born 11/8/10
    scotlandyard responded:
    I am 43.
    1st child
    37 weeks.
    We are so very excited.
    We did not do the amnio or CVS due to the higher risks of miscarriage at my age.
    My husband is a scientist and for us, the risk of losing the child was too great.
    My tests for Down's by the chart was 1 in 35. My blood came back at 1 in 99.
    The risk is still there, but we will love this little child with all of our heart no matter what God sends.
    You are in the "blessed" category too as getting pregnant over 40 is only 10 % chance and carrying a child to term over 40 is only 50 %. These are directly from the Director of the Reproduction Center at the University that we had a consultation with.
    Congratulations !!!!
    44onthefloor replied to scotlandyard's response:
    I am 44 and this is my 4th. This was not planned and I am happy and scared at the same time. My husband is happy but nervous for us both.
    skimom41 responded:
    Congratulations! I am pregnant with number 6 at age 41 and the first with my husband. We lost our first one when we first got married 2 1/2 yrs ago and didn't think we would have another one. Now surprise, here we are at 30 weeks. I would love to hear how things are going for you now.
    ConsciousMama responded:
    Hi julred,

    I'm 45 and in week 34 of pregnancy with my first child! The pregnancy was a surprise, and I feel grateful and blessed to have this boy coming into my life! Wow!

    I do hope, however, that your pregnancy has been better than mine. My challenges have been immense. Sick most of the time, had the flu, apparently an on-going sinus infection that I'm still trying to battle naturally, recently back/nerve issues, and of course the ol' psychological obstacles that are probably the cause of most of my strife.

    I have been healthy all my life, so I guess I haven't quite known how to deal with this. The biggest problem has been extreme fatigue, and it is still unresolved. The recent addition of B-12 shots every 2-3 days and 15,000 IUs of D daily seemed to help for a couple of days, but today was about the worst, so it's it's not working. I have not been able to exercise throughout the whole pregnancy because of the fatigue. So sometimes I get fearful about the birth. But I always feel good about the health of the baby. I have that at least.

    I don't want to scare other older pregnant women who may be at the beginning or trying to get pregnant, but this is my story right now, and I'm calling out for help if anyone has any ideas or experience here.

    I think a big aspect of my condition is being single and not feeling emotionally supported the way I need to be. The father, also a first-time parent at age 52, surprised me and turned infantile once he found out I was pregnant (though he claims to be ecstatic about it). He has not been able to offer much support, and says he in fact needs support.

    My mom has been scratching her head the whole time and repeating over and over how all HER pregnancies were so perfect! Every day she wakes up and seems to have forgotten I'm about 25 years older than she was when she started.

    If someone could tell me one little thing that might help my energy, I would be eternally grateful. Much love and hope! Thanks~
    flyingfree3 replied to ConsciousMama's response:

    I'm new to this site. I'm 44 and heading into week 15 of my pregnancy.

    I'm not married but am dating the dad. I have 2 children from my previous 20 year marriage. Is there anyone out there in anything at all like this situation?

    How are you doing, Conscious Mama? Were you able to find help with energy?

    All the best, courageous moms!

    All the best.
    allwillbewell replied to flyingfree3's response:
    Congratulations to you! I'm also new this site - and new to the journey of motherhood. I'm 44 -- and expecting my first child in January! Yes, good things can and do come to all who wait.

    My husband is 50 -- with two children, whom he loves dearly, from his first marriage, aged 19 and 15.

    Miraculously, I have had no problems during my pregnancy -- except the to-be-expected exhaustion (which continues) and nausea (which lasted throughout the day, but let up weeks ago). I don't recognize my body with such little energy -- and struggle giving into it, and agonize about all the things I want/need to get done and just don't get to in a day. So, the baby is already teaching me patience, acceptance, and to focus on what's truly important. A very good trade-off, I think.

    I'm currently loving every minute of being pregnant -- having thought for years that this day would never come. Hope you're doing well, too -- and that some energy is returning. We're clearly going to need it, no?!

    All the best to you -- and your little one on the way.
    flyingfree3 replied to allwillbewell's response:
    Hello, Allwillbewell and Other Readers,
    I love your name, by the way. Thanks for your reply. You have such a positive attitude--thanks for sharing that!

    I go for my ultrasound today. I imagine you've had yours already? I'm due in February.

    I told my 14 year old and 11 year old a few days ago about the pregnancy and my older child is furious. My younger refuses to talk about it. It's been really challenging, but good that it's no longer a secret.

    I do have more energy now, and getting through my days at work isn't as hard as in the first trimester. Sleep barely exists. Is that an issue for you?

    Enjoy the ride!
    sabailey08 replied to flyingfree3's response:
    Hi. I have a similar situation as you. I am 34 (will be 35 when baby born) and I was married for 10 years, had 2 girls (13 & 9), divorced, dating the Daddy for almost 2 years and we are having a baby...

    Have you found that your older children don't like the idea of you having another baby with someone other than their Dad? My oldest is having a horrible time with that.

    Best of luck to you on your pregnancy.
    44onthefloor responded:
    I am still lurking around and in my 32nd week. Things are well and I am dealing with GD but my numbers are good. All set for my little guy to arrive. Hope all you ladies are doing well. Any updates?
    JEANETTE0818 responded:

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