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    74MyCrazyLife posted:
    SO i'm 37 and found out i'm pg. About 6 wks. I was not planning on having anymore we have two sons 12 & 7. I'm not really happy about this & have considered ending this pregnamcy. As hard as that might be. I just feel there r too many risks....first i am over 35, i was recently dx w/ MS. Doing well tho. Downs runs in both my side & my husbands side. 1 child each side, or case if u will. My first son was healthy but my second son was born with a birth defect which we didn't see until almost six months through an us. It was his wasn't attaxhed to his stomach so he had to have it repaired 1 dau after he was born. Stayed in the hosp for six wks. He's all good tho. But don't u see all this makes me think that that makes the risks go even higher for me that something will go wrong. And if I wait and do the first trimester tests how accurate is that and then i would have to wait for the second trimester tests and amnio so thats what not knowing anything for sure til about 12-15 wks??? I don't think i can wait and want to go thru all that? Especially because we didn't want what i''m trying to figure out is do i go thru all that or just stop it now? I have an appt on monday so i'm going to tell this all to the dr and then see if i come up with a decision. Does anyone have any advise or been in a similar position? I know for sure that i would not be able to care for ababy that is unhealthy some ppl are and i think thats great but i just can't. So very conflicted!
    74MyCrazyLife responded:
    What does everybody think about screening tests and cvs and amnio's?i'm thinking i want a cvs becuz its earlier in the pg and if anything is detected then i will know that i cannot go thru with the pg.
    phoenix31674 replied to 74MyCrazyLife's response:
    I refused that sort of testing (though it wasn't pushed because the u/s came out normal with no markers, but if it had, I still wouldn't have refused since I'm against abortion).

    If you are considering aborting a pregnancy with abnormalities, it is the way to go because as you said you can find out sooner. The one thing to keep in mind is that the invasive tests could cause abortion in even a healthy fetus (the reason why I would have refused the testing if some markers had come up) even though the numbers are pretty low.

    I know I had a 'scare' a couple of weeks ago where I thought I might have ended up pg because of some bcp not taken at the right time of day. Turns out it was my period coming back. Which is good because we have our hands full with our high needs (perfectly healthy, just needy) son who is almost 11 months and the thought of another baby who would be so close in age, with a big move coming up after the New Year and us both being 37 is a bit terrifying.
    ladycolt29 replied to 74MyCrazyLife's response:
    I have had both tests. In 95 I lost a baby and had to have a D&C They did tests on the fetus and said he had downs. When I got pregnant again in 96 I had the amnio everything came out fine. Fast forward to 2010. I got remarried. We decided to have a baby. We lost the baby Nov. 2010. We tried again. On April 8th I had a CVS done. On April 15 while in between school bus runs (I'm a special needs driver) I got the phone call that would change my life. My genetics doctor told me she wanted to see my husband and me ASAP to discuss options. She told me over the phone my baby boy down We were devasted and I did some posting on here and on coping with loss that go's into great detail what I went through. We choose to terminate. My 14yr has an unspeciefied muscle disease that was possibly caused by being exposed to a virus while pregnant with him. I also deal with special needs kids on a daily basis and knew I couldn't handle it. I had one person on here who tried to give me a guilt trip for terminating because she went through her pregnancy and kept the baby. It's not anyone's business on here to try to guilt you into making a decision they think you should. It's your's and your spouse decision to make that type of decision. My husband agreed with what we choose. He knew he couldn't handle it. I have a cousin who didn't get to make a choice. Her daughter who we adore has severe health issues nothing to do with downs. I watch the many times she had to wait and see if the child would survive the night. The daily stress! The child just turned 10 but the disease is so rare she is not expected to live past her 20's if she makes it that far. I see kids with downs today and get sad and cry. But I also know I made the right choice for me! Time will slowly heal my heart. We have since did more genetic couseling. I have something going on with my eggs that is rare. Your eggs are formed while your becoming a fetus. I have some good eggs which is my 19yr & 14yr. Then I have eggs that are called mosiac and through out random genes. No way to tell which ones are good or bad untill they are fertilized. It's like playing Russian Roulette for me. We have decided not to try anymore. Currently I am researching birthcontrol options because there are so many new ones. We are trying to prevent pregnancy with condoms till I choose. Not liking the two types the doctors told me about both are putting what looks like metal into my private parts. Anyways I came on here to lurk because in the heat of passion we didn't grab the condom and I still have been tracking ovulation patterns through an ap there is a slight chance I was slightly fertile that night for a girl if if also believe the yahoo calender. I stumbled across your post and wanted to try to at least help you while I freak out on our moment of weakness.

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