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    preganant at 41
    aquamareen posted:
    Is there anybody who will give a birth at 42? I'm 41 right now but I'll be 42 at the time of delivery. R u going to do cvs or amnio? I'm 7-8 weeks now. It will be fun to communicate with someone in the same shoes...
    akagirl1999 responded:
    Hello, you're not alone . I've been lurking around for weeks but no one to communicate with, so its nice to meet you.

    I'm 41 and will be 42 in January. I'm 18weeks today. My delivery date is April 17th. I've decided not to do any invasive procedures. I'm high risk and don't want to bring on any unwanted problems. There are other tests that are as accurate as the cvs and amnio. Talk to your doctor and explore all your options.

    I had an amnio in 2009 and had a miscarriage after so I'm not a fan at all.
    ccgr14 responded:
    I'm 41 and 18 weeks pregnant with our first child. I will be 42 by the time I give birth. We did the quad test - ultrasound ( to measure the nuchal translucency) and two blood draws ( one in the first trimester and the second in the second trimester to measure hormone levels , etc). Our ultrasound was very good and our blood results were also great. We are having the anatomical ultrasound this week. Based on the quad test and the anatomical ultrasound we will decide whether we will do an amnio. We decided to skip the cvs because we did not like the odds of having a miscarriage in the first trimester. The best thing you can do is talk to a genetics counselor to go over the stats of the different testing options available. Our counselor was very informative and supportive of our choices. In addition, after whichever test you decide on, the counselor will explain what the results mean and guide you through further testing options. Because you are an older mom to be, you are considered high risk. Your insurance should cover any option of testing you choose to proceed with.
    I hope this helps and congratulations !
    twinmomplus1more responded:
    Hi...I'm 43 and will be 44 when I deliver in Aug 2012. I have 11 year old twins conceived with fertility help and I had a super healthy pregnancy. I found out today that I am 6 weeks along. This is going to be a long ride...glad to have some friends here on WebMD to share with!
    Hooahhuney responded:
    I'm 41 and will be 42 at time of deliver. I'm also about 8 weeks (I think - will confirm with OB next week) I don't think I will do any of the tests, it won't change the outcome and I wouldn't end the pregnancy any way. My other children are 13 and 16 so this one is a BIG surprise. Would like input as well from someone in the same boat.
    Beloved_nj replied to Hooahhuney's response:
    Congrat! am 41 and on #3 in the begining i was very tired and now am over tired. I have a 20&14. never thought i would be pregnant again afterv 3 miscarriages and an ectopic. I"m overjoyed. And i also have hyperthyroidism for 14 yrs now. So this really a Blessing for me. 10 wks to go just ready to hold my lil man. H&H pregnancy
    queenlor responded:
    hello i am 41 will just newly pregnant i worry alot having a baby at this age but i am trying to make sure my baby have a good chance by doing the right things
    Patlesha responded:
    I was 41 when I had my last child who is now 19 months old and am now pregnant at 43 which means I will be 44 when I give birth to this one! I did not have a amnio or cvs done on any of my children because my husband and I pray over my pregnancies and believe God for healthy babies. If we did test and something was indicated, we still would have the baby and believe God in the outcome.That's where our faith is, but you go according to where your "faith" is. Hope this eases your fears.
    lbc9112 replied to Patlesha's response:
    I am due in june, in my second trimester, and 39 years old. my oldest is 19 and i have a 12 year old and 10 year old. i feel like after 10 years, pregnancy is very foreign to me.

    The hardest part of being older and pregnant is the loneliness factor. without friends or anyone i know pregnant, Im left with my thoughts and my worries all alone.

    im up for any "friends", please help! heather
    Suejoy42 responded:
    Nice 2 meet U, aquamareen! I turned 42 on July 1st, and my baby girl is due on April 19th. The only testing I had done on the baby was an ultrasound, and everything looked & measured fine. I didn't do the other tests because they pose risks to the baby. Do U have your prenatal vitamins yet?
    jetskegrl responded:
    Hi Aquamareen - I just turned 41 in Jan and found out this past weekend that I am 6 weeks pregnant. We went through IUI & IVF last year and nothing worked. Then low & behold - we got pregnant on our own! So exciting! This is our first baby so I'm totally new at all of this. Would love to have a group of women to chat with that are going through pregnancy in their 40's - it's inspiring!!!
    imontane replied to lbc9112's response:
    Ibc9112- I have a question did you have a hard time conceiving? I am 38 and was pregnant in dec 09 and had miscarriage and have not gotten pregnant since had my hormone test results this week and all normal have taken clomid before but me and my hubby don't want anymore medical help. And people always tell me it's not meant be right now, or my AGE I shouldn't have anymore, just alot weighing on my mind. I do have one child which I thank God everyday for, but wondering if it will happen again
    Suejoy42 replied to akagirl1999's response:
    Thank you for sharing, You may be sparing someone the grief that you suffered. I am sorry for your loss & pray all goes well with this pregnancy. Please let me know when your baby arrives. My girl is due on April 19th & I am so excited and so tired of being pregnant!!
    Suejoy42 replied to Hooahhuney's response:
    Good 4 U! My other two children are 14 & 17. I did have a very early miscarriage last year, but the baby girl I'm carrying now seems to be doing fine. (She moves so much she keeps me awake at night!) She is due on April 19th.
    Suejoy42 replied to Beloved_nj's response:
    I'm 42 & 31 wks. pregnant. It is hard to get a good night's sleep these days. I'm uncomfortable, financially unprepared, and excited!

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